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PMG Chapter 1739: Tengen Qi

PMG Chapter 1739: Tengen Qi
Dan Meng glanced at the crowd, and at two people in particular. “Bai Qi, you haven’t been a student for a long time, you need to practice. Qiu Ming, you come with me, too.”
Bai Qi looked startled, but smiled. Then, he followed after the young man on the map. After all, Lin Feng was there.
“Let’s go!” Dan Meng ordered. Bai Qi and Qiu Ming followed. With him, there would be no problem. They all jumped off the map.

In the world of the exam, everybody was staring at Lin Feng. They were all stupefied. Lin Feng had killed Prince Hua and had told Princess Yu Wen to get away from him.
“Die!” shouted a voice furiously. Tantai bombarded the atmosphere in Shang Yu’s direction.
However, at the same time, a gigantic hand suddenly appeared and moved towards Tantai at full speed.
“Be careful!” suddenly shouted Lin Feng. At the same time, pitch-black Kalpa swords bombarded the atmosphere and moved towards the silhouette.
“Argh!” shouted Tantai furiously. He suddenly turned around and threw himself at the one who was attacking him by surprise. Explosion sounds spread in the air. The hand then landed on Tantai’s forehead. He was pushed backwards and a trail appeared in front of him in the ground.
Dan Meng rose up in the air and gazed into the distance. He smiled and said, “Continue.”
“Examiners?” The crowd frowned. Those people had just appeared. It meant that they could decide who they wanted to eliminate. But how could they do that in front of everybody?
“What is that supposed to mean?” Tantai asked Dan Meng grimly.
“The exam has already started, what does your question mean?” asked Dan Meng calmly. Lin Feng glanced at Bai Qi. Bai Qi came from the Vast Celestial Ancient City. He had become a student at Champion University. He was probably very strong.
“Tantai, continue. I’ll help,” said Lin Feng. He landed before them, then he looked at Dan Meng and said calmly. “Since it’s part of the exam, we have to adapt.”
Tantai looked at Lin Feng and nodded. “Alright, you guide, we kill people.”
“Guard?”Someone who was next to Yu Wen Jing ran out, he had been protecting Yu Wen Jing the whole time. When he heard Lin Feng, he looked furious and released a terrifying Qi.
“You dared humiliate Princess Yu Wen, so now you’ll die!” snarled the man. He then released a terrifying, explosive will attack.
That guy offended Yu Wen Jing, he’s scary. Ye Wen is very strong. He’s one of the candidates with the most potential. He understands Tengen Qi. His Qi is perfect for battling, thought the crowd. In any case, because Lin Feng had offended Yu Wen Jing, there would always be someone against him.
Besides, Yu Wen Hou was in charge of the exam. Even people like Dan Meng had to obey him. They had to help Yu Wen Jing and Shang Yu. Shang Yu was Shang Jun’s brother.
Since he was in charge of the exams, Lin Feng would pay for what he had done, he had offended Yu Wen Jing!
Dan Meng smiled. Dan Meng considered Huang Fu Long and Tantai to be weak. They couldn’t defeat Shang Yu. Shang Yu even smiled slightly. Even if Champion University hadn’t helped him, it wouldn’t have been a problem, either. After all, he was incredibly strong.
“Princess Yu Wen, please go into the castle,” Ye Wen said to Yu Wen Jing calmly.
Yu Wen Jing looked at Lin Feng icily and said to Ye Wen, “Take care of him.”
She proceeded into the castle. Ye Wen was very strong, and could deal with Lin Feng. She didn’t need to do everything herself. It was better to get help from Champion University.
“Bai Qi, Qiu Ming, whom will you fight?” asked Dan Meng.
“I didn’t come to fight against those people. I am here as an examiner. Sorry, I’m off,” said Bai Qi calmly before he left. Suddenly, a terrifying Qi appeared in the sky and rolled in waves through the air. The Qi moved towards someone. He was there as an examiner, he didn’t need to enter the castle.
That person was stupefied, he had been attacked by surprise!
“Die!” shouted Bai Qi furiously. Qi dashed to the skies as well as willpower.
The crowd was dumbstruck, while some people smiled coldly. Bai Qi knew what to do.
Lin Feng was surprised, too. People from the Vast Celestial Ancient City had underestimated Bai Qi.
“He’s not listening to orders.” Dan Meng felt humiliated. Bai Qi had disdained him in front of everybody.
Dan Meng looked at Qiu Ming and smiled. “Perfect, two on two.”
However, Qiu Ming moved towards someone like Bai Qi had. They were examiners, after all. Dan Meng pulled a long face.
“What is that supposed to mean?” asked Dan Meng clenching his fists.
Tantai burst into laughter. “It seems that people who are students at Champion University aren’t as despicable as you!”
Lin Feng laughed too. Talented people were obstinate and unruly, proud and arrogant. Some people were like Yu Wen Jing, arrogant and proud, and some people were like Bai Qi and Qiu Ming, obstinate and unruly. Dan Meng couldn’t control such people. Such people relied only on themselves. They were examiners and did what they thought an examiner had to do.
At that moment, Dan Meng realized he couldn’t control them. As expected, people who weren’t members of the Ji Chang’s Club didn’t have the same views as them. He coldly glanced at them and thought, This time, Ji Chang’s Club is in charge of the exam and surprisingly you dare disobey? In the future, progressing in Champion University will become difficult for you! You will see how powerful Ji Chang’s Club is!
“Huang Fu Long, you fight against Shang Yu, I’ll fight against that despicable bastard. I don’t give a shit whether people are examiners or not!” swore Tantai, throwing himself at Dan Meng like a dragon.
“Alright!” answered Huang Fu Long, rising up in the air and moving towards Shang Yu at full speed.
“A stupid group wants to have influence?” said Ye Wen in an ice-cold way, releasing energies which pressured Lin Feng.
“How strong. Ye Wen’s Tengen Qi is powerful and oppressive.”
“Fight!” shouted Ye Wen furiously. A terrifying pressure descended from the sky towards Lin Feng. A gigantic symbol, “BATTLE”, appeared and bombarded the atmosphere in Lin Feng’s direction.
Lin Feng was furious and released his Deva-Mara Kalpa strength. His eyes were filled with demon willpower.
Boom! A gigantic word also appeared in front of Lin Feng, “DEMON”, and Deva-Mara Kalpa strength was flowing through it at full speed. It collided against the “BATTLE” word and the atmosphere shook violently.
“Who could resist against such attacks!” swore Ye Wen, jumping forwards. A terrifying Tengen Qi descended from the sky like a waterfall.
Lin Feng bombarded the atmosphere with demon Kalpa strength.
“Evolution!” Lin Feng released his godly awareness. He modified his Deva-Mara Kalpa strength, which turned into a demon map which could destroy the land. On the demon map, there was Deva-Mara Kalpa strength, Ye Wen’s attack dispersed and disappeared.
What kind of strength is that?, thought the stupefied crowd. Such destructive energies!
Dong! The atmosphere shook above people’s heads, Lin Feng shouted,“Die!” as his Deva-Mara Kalpa strength turned into a destructive light beam.
Ye Wen’s facial expression changed drastically. The Deva-Mara Kalpa energy made his own energies disappear.
“Battle Spirit!” shouted Ye Wen furiously. He was convinced that he could defeat Lin Feng, because Lin Feng was a Zun cultivator and even if he had level three or four cosmic energies, he couldn’t possibly be stronger.
“Die!” Lin Feng raised his hands again and released even more Deva-Mara Kalpa energy, which dashed to the skies and surrounded Ye Wen. His face drew out in desperation, he didn’t want to die! However, he disappeared as if he had never existed.
Ye Wen had been killed. All the talismans he had taken now belonged to Lin Feng.

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