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PMG Chapter 174: Beginning of the Battle

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The man in purple clothes walked towards the main seat thinking that it was definitely reserved for him.

The Yu Clan had a strong influence. Even though Vice-Principal Long wasn’t polite to them, he had to give them the main seat, otherwise he would make them lose face.

But at the moment when they were about to sit down, they heard Vice-Principal Long said: “Mister Yu, you cannot take that seat.”

“I cannot take it?” The man in purple frowned. He looked in the direction of Vice-Principal Long and said: “Long Ding, if I cannot sit here, who will?”

“I can only tell you that that seat is reserved. Whether you still want to sit there or not is your own choice.” said Long Ding impolitely to the man in purple while pulling up his sleeves. Immediately after, he sat down on the seat next to the main one. The man in purple clothes was hesitant.

If Long Ding had sat down on the main seat, he would have been extremely angry but Long Ding hadn’t. He had sat down on the seat next to the main one. That made the man in purple hesitant. Could it be that someone extremely important was going to come, to the extent that Long Ding himself couldn’t take the main seat?

“Could it be because of… him?”

A realization flashed in the man’s mind and a silhouette appeared in his thoughts. He surprisingly didn’t insist, groaned coldly and sat down on the other seat next to the main seat.

The members of the Celestial Academy calmly watched the scene from the viewing platform. They were wondering what was going on. It seemed like Vice-Principal Long and the Yu Clan were not on good terms. They were not friendly to each other and their conversation always sounded like an argument. It almost seemed like they hated each other.

The members of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue as well as the Nie Clan members were not sitting separately from the others. The crowd didn’t know if it meant something or not. The members of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue sat down next to Long Ding and the other members of the Celestial Academy.

“Vice-Principal Long, I heard that the Celestial Academy had ten extremely strong disciples. As the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue is now created, I was thinking that there could be a competition between the two institutions. What do you think?”

In the middle of the crowd, belonging to the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, the person took the initiative to ask a question which surprised many people belonging to the Celestial Academy.

The Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue had been created by selecting some of the most outstanding disciples of the biggest sects. Even two of the eight high officials, who were incomparably strong, had joined it. Even though the students of the Celestial Academy were extremely strong, how could they compete with the best disciples of the biggest sects?

The Hao Yue Sect, the Yun Hai Sect, the Wan Shou Men Sect and the Ice and Snow Mountain Village were all very influential in the Xue Yue Country. They had made some of their students achieve extremely high levels of cultivation and the strongest of them had moved to the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. The Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue was indubitably extremely powerful. If the Celestial Academy fought against them, they would definitely lose.

“My Celestial Academy is too weak. We still need to improve a lot to be able to compete with the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. We try to become stronger step by step, but you selected the best students from the best sects and put them in one place. There is no need for such a competition. We are much weaker.”

Long Ding said these words while sounding like he was making fun of the Holy Courtyard. The Celestial Academy was too weak, but it was improving step by step and relied on its own strength. The Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue had been extremely strong directly from the beginning, but it had taken its strength from other sects, that wasn’t a good method.

When the other person heard Long Ding, he immediately stopped talking.

At that moment, the crowd looked at the fighting stage. Hei Mo was still sitting there, remaining silent and motionless. Only one person hadn’t arrived yet.

Lin Feng!

Time was passing and the sun was gradually getting hotter. It was already noon.

What upset everybody was that Lin Feng surprisingly hadn’t arrived yet.

“Long Ding, your student is very audacious, making so many people wait.” coldly said the man in purple clothes as he grew impatient. Why had he made so many people come to wait for a child?

“Lin Feng and Hei Mo’s battle is planned for today. They haven’t agreed on a precise time.” replied Long Ding indifferently.

“Hmph, today? So many people came today to watch that battle. Even everybody in the Celestial Academy knows about it and he’s still not coming, what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well, how do you expect me to know? When Lin Feng arrives, you can ask him personally.” said Long Ding sounding as unfriendly as before.

The man in purple clothes wasn’t the only one who was getting impatient. The members of the Celestial Academy were also getting impatient. They were unceasingly whispering.

“Lin Feng is really arrogant. He’s surprisingly not coming.”

“Hehe, maybe that he cannot fight, because he’s not ready for the battle.” said someone while smiling indifferently.

“Impossible. Even if he doesn’t fight, Hei Mo will not let him off. Whatever happens, Lin Feng will not be able to hide, so this battle would be the best solution.”

“Maybe he already ran away. Who knows?”

People in the crowd were all trying to guess what had happened with Lin Feng. No matter if they were right or not, only they could choose whether they wanted to stay and wait or leave.

Unexpectedly, Hei Mo was still sitting there as if nothing could disturb him.

The evening sun, floating in the west, had already appeared and was shining down upon the fighting stage, on which there was still only one person.

How exaggerated! He had made them wait whole day.

The crowd was getting more and more impatient. Besides, they were starting to get convinced that Lin Feng was scared and didn’t dare come.

“Long Ding, will you not do anything about it?” said the man in purple clothes a little coldly. Lin Feng had made them wait the entire day.

“The day is not over yet.” calmly said Long Ding while looking at the sky.

On his side, the members of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue looked impatient as well. How could a simple student of the Celestial Academy be so arrogant that he would make them wait so long?

“Lin Qian, you said that Lin Feng was your cousin?” asked a handsome man to Lin Qian who was in the middle of the crowd.

“Maybe it’s not him.” said Lin Qian while frowning. On that day at the Prisoner Arena, Lin Feng was wearing a silver mask so Lin Qian still had doubts. She had, since then heard that the man who was wearing the mask was called Lin Feng. She had been stupefied upon hearing the news. Therefore, she had come to the Celestial Academy to confirm with her own eyes.

“Even if it is, there is absolutely no problem. He is just a little kid of the fifth Ling Qi layer, nothing more. If I want him to die, he will die, if I want him to live, he will live.” said the handsome boy in a cold and aggressive way.

Lin Qian slightly smiled to the handsome man and said: “Thank you, Chu Zhan Peng.”

That man was precisely Chu Zhan Peng, the genius of the Hao Yue Sect. He was one of the eight high officials of the Xue Yue Country. At that moment, though, he had joined the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue.

At that moment, the crowd became extremely loud. The crowd moved aside and a path appeared. On that path, a silhouette was walking slowly.

“It’s Lin Feng, Lin Feng has arrived!”

Many people were surprised. They were really starting to think that Lin Feng didn’t dare to come. They wouldn’t have thought that Lin Feng would arrive so late in the evening.

At that moment, Lin Feng was wearing a white robe. He had a sword on his back. He looked clean and calm. Each of his steps was filled with determination. If one paid to attention to his steps, one would notice that each of his steps was of the exact same distance as the one before.

On the five-meter high viewing platform, everybody could clearly see Lin Feng’s silhouette.

They could see that clean, handsome and familiar face. Lin Qian’s heart was pounding. She was shaking from head to toe as she stared at the person.

Lin Feng, as expected, it really was Lin Feng. That was really him.

Lin Feng used to be a piece of trash. However, at that moment, he had already acquired a great reputation so many people had come to watch his battle. The Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, the Mie Clan and even the Yu Clan had all personally come to watch his fight.

Lin Qian used to enjoy the same kind of prestige before inside the Lin Clan. Everybody attached so much importance to her that they had even expelled Lin Feng and his father from the Lin Clan. Although she wasn’t very famous, she had become a student of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue… but Lin Feng was already able to defeat cultivators of the sixth Ling Qi layer; unlike her who had only just broken through to the third Ling Qi layer and was even very pleased with herself for doing that.

Lin Qian’s eyes revealed a complex mixture of expressions containing envy, jealousy and coldness. She had to kill Lin Feng. She couldn’t let him go back to Yangzhou City.

Otherwise, in the future, the Lin Clan wouldn’t have her as head of clan, but instead it would be Lin Feng.

Hei Mo opened his eyes as if he had sensed someone coming. A piercingly cold Qi and force emerged from his body. He was staring straight at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was looking at Hei Mo with the same cold glare. He was walking steadily towards the fighting stage. A cold and oppressive energy fell onto his body. Even though Hei Mo was still a far away from him, Lin Feng could already feel the oppressive energy on his body.

Following suit Lin Feng released both Qi and force from his body. It was extremely sharp. His Qi and force were already rushing straight towards Hei Mo. Even though Lin Feng was still far from Hei Mo, Hei Mo could already feel the sharp energy piercing him into his skin. Lin Feng hadn’t even arrived on the fighting stage yet and they were already fighting a battle of Qi.

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