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PMG Chapter 1740: Revenge

PMG Chapter 1740: Revenge
Ye Wen died, too! That guy might pass the exam in the end. Of course, it all depends on Yu Wen Hou now, thought the crowd. They were dumbstruck. Ye Wen understood Tengen Qi and was extremely strong, but Lin Feng had still killed him.
Lin Feng had humiliated Yu Wen Jing, then he had killed two people. Yu Wen Hou wouldn’t want him to become a student. Some people were joining hands to eliminate Lin Feng. He was too strong!

On the outside, Yu Wen Hou looked calm and serene, but his heart was pounding. Dan Meng was a chief examiner. Everything he did was for Ji Chang’s Club. Bai Qi and Qiu Ming had disobeyed Dan Meng. Those guys were proud. Being proud was good, but it also depended on what people did with it.
“Bai Qi and Qiu Ming are talented and strong, I don’t want them in Ji Chang’s Club then,” Yu Wen Hou stated. People around him sensed his cold energies.
“Yu Wen, should I bring them to the front?” asked someone next to Yu Wen Hou. He remained silent.
“Ye Wen initially paid attention to someone. If we can get him, that’s good, but if they get killed by someone new, then that new person must be strong, too. Also, that idiot is quite strong. Dan Meng can’t defeat him alone. If the one who killed Ye Wen attacks Dan Meng, then Dan Meng will be in danger, too,” said that person. Even though Dan Meng had become a student a short time before, he was also a member of Ji Chang’s Club after all, he couldn’t die against newcomers.
“Remember, we’re examiners. If anyone is talented, they should go to the castle,” said Yu Wen Hou, his eyes were twinkling.
His interlocutor nodded, “I understand!”

Lin Feng and the others didn’t know what was going on outside. At that moment, someone shouted out “Examiners, back! The new students have thirty minutes to get into the castle, otherwise we’ll close it!”
That voice was extremely loud, and everybody frowned.
Dan Meng was surprised. Yu Wen Hou didn’t hide his intentions at all. He stopped dispatching people, instead he told them to leave.
Surprisingly, Yu Wen dares resort to such methods to protect me, Dan Meng thought,  pulling a long face. Of course, he knew that Lin Feng and the others wanted to kill him. He looked at Shang Yu and said using telepathy, “Shang Yu, go back, forget it this time.”
Then, Dan Meng looked at Bai Qi and Qiu Ming and ordered, “Bai Qi, Qiu Ming, come with me.”
Then, he moved back at full speed. Tantai was furious and wanted to chase him. However, Lin Feng shouted, “Tantai, stop!”
“Hmph!” Tantai groaned angrily, but stopped chasing them. Dan Meng was an examiner, they couldn’t really kill him, but he had also tried to kill them, so the situation was different.
However, when everybody heard that the castle would close thirty minutes later, they started fighting again. The battles were quite cruel and intense.
Shang Yu pulled a long face. He had wanted to humiliate Tantai and the others, but in the end he ended up humiliated. It seemed like he would have to come back three months later.
“Don’t forget me, we’ll meet again!” called out Shang Yu as he recalled his demon blade, lacerating one of Huang Fu Long’s illusions before running away.
“We won’t meet again,” Lin Feng replied icily. He was talking to Shang Yum as he released wind energies. He was extremely fast!
“Lacerate!” Shang Yu was startled, he hadn’t thought that Lin Feng wouldn’t let him go. Pitch-black blade lights reappeared.
Bzzz! A strong wind started blowing, Shang Yu grimaced and a gigantic demon blade appeared again. Nobody could get close to them.
However, Shang Yu saw Lin Feng punch the demon blade! It broke apart and dispersed into ashes as Lin Feng’s energies penetrated into his body.
Shang Yu’s expression changed drastically. A gigantic demon blade reappeared, he was in fusion with his blade as it descended from the sky.
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously and punched the atmosphere again. That punch looked like the punch of a god, completely overwhelming and containing terrifying cosmic energies. Even though Shang Yu’s energies were terrifying, Lin Feng didn’t hesitate and continued moving forwards. He punched Shang Yu’s head, which exploded messily.
What an incredible guy!, thought Qiu Ming, who was observing. He had already moved away. He was stupefied. Lin Feng was strong and merciless. They wouldn’t meet again, because Lin Feng hadn’t let him leave!
Bai Qi knew about Lin Feng, so he wasn’t surprised. However, he was wondering how Shang Jun, a friend of his, would react now that Lin Feng had killed Shang Yu. Even if Lin Feng became a student at Champion University, it would be difficult between the two of them.
Dan Meng was far away in the distance, completely furious. Lin Feng had killed Shang Yu!
Lin Feng ignored both of them. He just glanced at Dan Meng, then turned around. He had to get talismans.
“Tantai, Huang Fu Long, come with me!” said Lin Feng, moving like the wind. Huang Fu Long and Tantai didn’t have time to think about the reasons why Lin Feng was so strong, they had things to do.
They had to hurry, they didn’t have much time. Less than one fifth of them would go into the castle!
“Talisman!” shouted Lin Feng landing before someone and releasing demon energies. Tantai and Huang Fu Long blocked their path, and that person just handed over their talisman. Lin Feng and his friends promptly left.
On the other side, Lin Feng punched someone, that person was propelled away, his mouth  bleeding. The man just threw their talisman at him.
Lin Feng couldn’t waste time, he didn’t have the time to fight for too long. He had to hurry and get as many talismans as possible. In a short time, he obtained more than ten talismans. Tantai and Huang Fu Long shared half of them and ran towards the castle.
“That castle contains a terrifying strength, we might get teleported to different places. It could be dangerous. Use your roar in case of danger,” Lin Feng told them. Then, they activated the gate with talismans.

Lin Feng appeared inside a mountain.
“As expected, a strange small world. The examiners will probably come in and look for me. They must be watching me.” Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered, and he moved like the wind. He didn’t need to hide since people were already observing him, so he decided to fly.

Huang Fu Long landed in a forest. He sensed a terrifying Qi descending from the sky, it was as terrifying as a mountain. Huang Fu Long sensed a strong wind.
“How strong!” Huang Fu Long was shocked, then something descended from the sky and bombarded his body.
“Argh!” a dragon roared.

Tantai was also struggling. He had ended up in a depopulated place, and was in danger. He was furious as he retreated and shouted, “Son of a bitch, he wants to get his revenge!”
He released lion energies and rose up into the air.

Lin Feng stopped.. The dragon and the lion were roaring furiously, Tantai and Huang Fu Long had used the signal at the same time.
Lin Feng was annoyed. Huang Fu Long and Tantai were in two different places. He could only save one person!

Outside, Yu Wen Hou was watching everything. “That person is talented and strong. He could become a student at Champion University, but we need to see if he can be stronger than that. Who wants to go and check his full strength?”

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