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PMG Chapter 1741: Explosive Attacks

PMG Chapter 1741: Explosive Attacks
Wind and empty space cosmic energies surrounded Lin Feng. His eyes were filled with death. Deva-Mara Kalpa strength was flowing in his fists. Thunder and death cosmic energies were exploding.
Slash! A terrifying light moved towards Lin Feng suddenly, pressuring him.
“Die!” Lin Feng was well prepared. He shouted furiously and death energies moved towards his enemy at full speed.
Bzzz! Lin Feng jumped forwards, and a light beam appeared. Qi whistled. The atmosphere shook violently.
Deva-Mara Kalpa strength streaked through the sky at full speed and destroyed the enemy’s energy. He raised his hands to block the attack, but his energies were destroyed. A terrifying strength surrounded him, and blood gushed out. The face of Lin Feng’s foe turned deathly pale, and he ran away.
Lin Feng raised his head and said, “If you try to block me, you’ll die!”
He continued flying, ignoring everyone else.

In the university, Yu Wen Hou and the others stared at Lin Feng. They were shocked by his behavior.
“He’s so arrogant, with such a strength, he dares provoke everyone…” Yu Wen Hou observed.
“I wouldn’t have thought that such a cultivator would take the exam of Champion University. He’s so arrogant, but he is a genius. We need to make him use his full strength to be sure, though,” he continued. He still sounded angry. “Who wants to go and try?”
“Even though many people are stuck outside the castle, quite a few still have entered. A few dozens. Even though we’ve still got more people than them, it’s dangerous for us to go in.”
“Indeed, Yu Wen, we’re good for now.”
Two people had answered him. They didn’t want to fight and they hoped that Yu Wen Hou wouldn’t send them. They had come as examiners, they didn’t want to fight against candidates, especially if they could be humiliated.
Yu Wen Hou looked at them and smiled indifferently. “I just want the exam to be perfect. Since you think it’s not necessary, then why not. Let’s do things according to the plan. You choose someone you want to fight, then you go into the crowd, and no matter who wins, after that person goes to the valley, they’ll be sure to become students. The more we attack, the better the students we’ll take we’ll be. For the rest, no objection.”

Outside, Lin Feng didn’t know about that. At that moment, he had already arrived at Huang Fu Long’s location. The young man who was attacking Huang Fu Long was incredibly strong, at least as strong as Tantai. Energies rolled in waves in the air. Huang Fu Long was being bombarded by his enemy!
Lin Feng arrived and used his Deva-Mara Kalpa strength as well as cursing energies. That person immediately gave up and left. He knew he couldn’t defeat Lin Feng.
Lin Feng didn’t chase him either, saying to Huang Fu Long, “Are you alright?”
“I’m alright,” Huang Fu Long answered. “Let’s go and find Tantai! He’s in trouble too!”
Lin Feng nodded and carried Huang Fu Long away. Tantai had chosen a path of virtue in his tribe. Their knowledge of medicine represented an extensive knowledge and profound scholarship. Tantai was very strong, even if he didn’t admit it. even against Dan Meng, he couldn’t die.
At that moment, the person who was fighting against Tantai wasn’t weak, but he couldn’t injure Tantai. Therefore, when he saw Lin Feng and Huang Fu Long arriving, he didn’t hesitate to leave. Tantai swore furiously after him.
He said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, you bastard. He wanted to get his revenge!”
“I made them leave on purpose. Let’s go. We don’t need to care about such people,” Lin Feng told Tantai. The three of them quickly left together.
However, Lin Feng was surprised when he realized that nobody else was attacking them. He didn’t understand. Some people could certainly compete against them. Lin Feng was surprised because some people had attacked them, and now it had stopped.
After a long time, Lin Feng and the others found out that the small world was closed on the left, and on the right were mountains that couldn’t be crossed. In the front, there were forests which were connected to the skies. They couldn’t leave as they wished.
Some whistling sounds spread in the air, Lin Feng and the others saw someone getting bombarded by someone in the mountains, and blood splashed. They frowned and their facial expressions changed.
“Lin Feng, that’s our destination” Huang Fu Long told Lin Feng.
“The real exam is going to start. That mountain is the exit, but getting out won’t be that easy.”Tantai was gazing into the distance.
“We can break our way through!” declared Lin Feng. His facial expression looked sharp.
“Lin Feng, there are too many strong cultivators here. If we can’t get out together, you can try and leave alone, we can try next time again” Tantai said him.
“Don’t worry. The three of us will get out. I can lead the way, Huang Fu Long is injured. You, Tantai, help me crush our opponents,. When we see someone, we crush them.” Lin Feng started walking forwards. His eyes were pitch-black, and he looked like a demon. An indistinct Stream of the Nine Netherworlds appeared behind him..
“I understand, we can destroy people on our path!” agreed Tantai, releasing aggressive lion Qi. He looked like a scary beast.
The three friends walked forwards, destroying the trees, grass, and anything on their path. Lin Feng saw one silhouette in front of them, that person looked like a beast.
Bzzz! Lin Feng moved like the wind, releasing Deva-Mara strength which bombarded the beastly cultivator. That cultivator looked at Lin Feng ferociously, but when he saw the Source of the Nine Netherworlds, he was hypnotized, and started drowning in Lin Feng’s eyes.
He also heard the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song, demonic will rolled in waves towards him, and he started turning into a demon. Back then, the demon emperor had used the Demogorgon Seriatim Symphony.
“You’re under my control!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He released even more demon energies. At the same time, Tantai released even more lion energies. The enemy’s determination and physical body were put under extreme pressure.
Boom! The man bombarded the atmosphere, his fist collided against Tantai’s fist. However, he was pushed backwards and groaned coldly.
Lin Feng got closer and released demonic will, but he didn’t attack. They would fight again later maybe.
The other remained silent for a few minutes before saying, “Please, gentlemen…”
“Thank you very much,” said Lin Feng, seeing the other off.
Tantai smiled appreciatively. “Lin Feng, you’re strong.”
“If anyone stops me…” said Lin Feng. The three friends moved forwards, meeting many strong cultivators. Each time Tantai couldn’t resist against them, Lin Feng fought against them. Nobody could stop them.
However, at that moment, Lin Feng saw three people in front of them. One of them looked at Lin Feng and told him, “With your strength, if you continue alone, you’ll pass the exam, but if you bring those two people, you won’t pass because the three of us will attack.”
Tantai and Huang Fu Long were stupefied. Those people were really strong. If they joined hands, then they’d be impossible to defeat.
“I hope I can become a student at Champion University, but with my friends.” said Lin Feng releasing demon energy. They were almost done!

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