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PMG Chapter 1742: New Student

PMG Chapter 1742: New Student
“Since it’s an exam, you have to rely on strength to pass the exam, you can’t take your friends in,” said that person again. Terrifying energies surrounded Lin Feng.
“I’m not going to wait for ages, since we’re here, we’ll become students together,” Lin Feng took a step forwards, marks appeared around him and golden lights appeared indistinctly under Lin Feng’s feet.
Holy marks spell?, thought the three cultivators, looking at Lin Feng. His holy marks contained empty space energy, and looked terrifyingly powerful!
Bzzz! Lin Feng took a step forwards, the marks moved towards his opponents and intertwined. The men were stupefied. Those holy marks were complex, Lin Feng was casting a deployment spell!
“Go!” said Lin Feng, jumping forwards. A tree appeared and leaves flew in every direction. Golden lights invaded the atmosphere, while the three cultivators frowned. Lin Feng was strong! Those three people were already stuck in an empty space.
“Block!” One of them shouted furiously and released energies which moved towards Huang Fu Long on Lin Feng’s left. He bombarded the atmosphere and a terrifying and gigantic golden cauldron descended from the sky. Huang Fu Long could feel the pressure from it!
Cauldrons were heavy, swords were sharp, that cauldron was truly mighty!
No wonder that cultivator is a student of Champion University!, thought Huang Fu Long. Dragon chants started spreading in the air, and waves of Qi flowed out. At the same time, Lin Feng jumped forwards, a million golden lights appeared and surrounded him,containing destructive death Kalpa strength.
How fast. I have to dodge!, thought that strong cultivator, scared to receive the attack.
Lin Feng rose up in the air as the cauldron bombarded the atmosphere, and at the same time, Huang Fu Long released his dragon Qi. But in the end he was pushed away and groaned with pain. His face was deathly pale.
How strong!, thought Lin Feng with a shiver. Surprisingly, the attack had made his muscles shake. However, he didn’t stop moving, and continued attacking. Tantai was also getting attacked!
Golden lights surrounded Lin Feng, it was as if the atmosphere was going to explode. Lin Feng disappeared, and then reappeared in front of the cauldron summoner. He released Kalpa strength which looked like a snake. His attack was almost as powerful as the cauldron, but Lin Feng wasn’t strong enough yet.
That person turned around and shouted furiously at him.
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously, releasing cursing strength and destroying his enemy’s willpower. His Kalpa energy was too oppressive, and his opponent was forced away.
Tantai was fighting against the other one. That battle was difficult, too.
The atmosphere was shaking. The three people were still fighting. Lin Feng had incredible attacks, and he was moving incredibly fast, too.
“With your strength, your already passed the exam. Concerning him, he’s not bad, but he’s not done.” said one of the examiners to Lin Feng and Tantai. In the end he looked at Huang Fu Long. “That guy, with his current strength, he can’t join us.
“It’s important to travel. Practicing within Champion University is the best, though, and I want my friends to benefit from that opportunity too,” insisted Lin Feng. “Please just move, you can’t stop me.” Lin Feng started releasing many cosmic energies in a dazzling manner. The three cultivators were stunned, Lin Feng controlled seven sorts of cosmic energies!
“If you can destroy my attack, then you can go!” said the strong cultivator who had the cauldron to Lin Feng.
“Alright!” agreed Lin Feng. “I will destroy your cauldron!”
“We’ll see!” That cultivator condensed his strength, the ancient cauldron appeared in his hand and energies rose to the skies.
“This technique is the Great Celestial Nine Cauldrons Skill. If you manage to learn it at a high level, you can absorb the strength of the earth and the sky and turn it into a terrifying Qi which will turn into nine cauldrons. It’s a special spell from Champion University!”that cultivator told Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked at him respectfully. Champion University transmitted skills to their students, amazing!
“I won’t use external strength, I’ll use strength which belongs to me,” said Lin Feng, releasing Deva-Mara Kalpa strength as demon, death and empty space cosmic energies.
“Go down!” shouted that cultivator mightily. The cauldron descended from the sky at full speed.
Lin Feng bombarded the atmosphere and moved like the wind. He collided with the cauldron, the impact hanging in the air. He could sense the energies of the cauldron, a medium-level emperor could destroy it!
“Rule!” Lin Feng shouted furiously and the cauldron was suddenly surrounded by marks. Explosions spread in the air, the atmosphere twisted, and the cauldron disappeared.
The two people moved back at the same time. The cauldron user moved his arm and started laughing like a madman. “Your physical body is so powerful, I’m happy to have fought against you.”
“Thank you,” nodded Lin Feng. He looked at the two others, they nodded agreement.
“It seems that we can’t block the three of you, Since it’s that way, you can go.”
“Thank you very much!” Lin Feng waved his hand. Tantai smiled, and the three friends continued their walk.  
When they passed in front of the one who had the cauldron, he spoke up “My name is Qin Wu!”
“Lin Feng.” Lin Feng and his friends quickly left them behind.

The others looked at Qin Wu and asked, “Qin Wu, what do you think of Lin Feng?”
“He can control deployment spells, his strength is great, his willpower is great, his spells are great, he knows several cosmic energies, his future will be incredible!” replied Qin Wu. Even Princess Yu Wen wasn’t as strong as Lin Feng!
“The Celestial Godly University has a Champion. Champion University is not weak. They will have a Champion soon. Everybody thinks that King Ji Shang will become a Champion. Ji Chang’s Club will also become very powerful,” the other speaker put forth.
“Don’t you have the feeling you were born at the wrong time?” Qin Wu smiled. “The four universities of the Holy City compete all the time, and within each university people compete with each other as well. Ji Chang can oppress a whole crowd. Great Emperors and normal emperors don’t compete. Because of Ji Chang, it’s as if we don’t exist. But even that way, we have to remain positive and can’t let other people influence us.”
“You’re right. We don’t need to compare ourselves with Ji Chang’s Club. It’s just that I don’t like Ji Chang’s Club,” that examiner said unhappily. “He’s obstinate and unruly, he’s insane, but the competition is so scary at university.”
“It’s just that Ji Chang’s Club is too big and powerful. They oppress students, but the university doesn’t get involved in such things. The world of cultivation is like that, people have to rely on themselves.”

Lin Feng and the others continued walking forwards, and as expected, nobody prevented them from passing. They had passed the exam.
When they arrived at the end of the path, there was a door.
“It must be the exit!” Tantai strode forwards eagerly. Lin Feng smiled. This guy was in a rush! Huang Fu Long and Tantai immediately entered the door.
Lights twinkled, Lin Feng followed them, and they all ended up in a vast public place. Only two other people were there, they had probably passed the exam, too.
Princess Yu Wen and the young man with the immortal energies. Yu Wen Jing stared at Lin Feng and his friends, surprised to see them.

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