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PMG Chapter 1744: Champion Hall

PMG Chapter 1744: Champion Hall
Even though Lin Feng was already in his room, he sensed that Qin Wu and some people were getting closer, so he went out again and greeted them.
“Lin Feng.” Qin Wu looked at Lin Feng and said: “Dan Meng made the three of you stay in the same house?”
“Indeed!” Lin Feng nodded.
“Dan Meng went too far!” Qin Wu looked furious. There were many empty houses. Dan Meng and the others were examiners, but they were also in charge of guiding new students. Making Lin Feng and two other people live in the same place was ridiculous.
“When he gives us our Champion Cards, I hope he’ll give us a good explanation!” Tantai rumbled.
Qin Wu shook his head. “The Champion Cards are already ready, he wants to create problems.”
“What?” Tantai looked furious again. “He wants to threaten us? Would he dare not give us the cards?”
Lin Feng frowned and asked, “Aren’t there rules at university?”
“The rules are not strict. You have to rely on yourself here. Even though it’s a university, the competition is even worse than in the outside world because universities don’t care about your social status. Of course, being from a very rich and powerful family from the Holy City can be helpful, just like Princess Yu Wen, for example. You have probably understood that already.”
“There are new students quite often, every three months, so the administration lets different faculties take care of those things. This time, Ji Chang’s Club managed the exam, and Yu Wen Hou in particular. He has the cards and controls them.”
“Hmph! I don’t want a card anymore,” Huang Fu Long said unhappily.
“You can’t, you must have a Champion Card. You won’t be able to come back from outside if you don’t have one. The Champion Hall also requires a card. You NEED a card!” Qin Wu told them emphatically. “You just arrived so you don’t know much about the university. I’ll show you around and tell you more about the place!”
“Thank you very much!” Lin Feng said appreciatively. Ji Chang’s Club was a powerful club in Champion University. Yu Wen Hou, Dan Meng and the others were members of Ji Chang’s Club. Qin Wu wanted to help Lin Feng and the others.
“No need. If I didn’t admire you for your strength, I wouldn’t help.” Qin Wu smiled wholeheartedly.
At that moment, someone else arrived.
Lin Feng looked surprised. He knew nobody in Champion University, but that person seemed to be coming for them. Who was that?
“You are new students, right?” the new arrival said to Lin Feng and the others coldly.
“Indeed, could you please introduce yourself, Your Excellency?” asked Bu Lan Shan indifferently.
“Dan Meng told me to tell you that he couldn’t come. If you want your Champion Cards, you need to go to his residence,” said that person. Then, he left again. Lin Feng and the others were stupefied. As Qin Wu had said, Dan Meng was trying to cause trouble, he didn’t want to give them Champion Cards.
“Don’t be furious. Ji Chang’s Club is always aggressive. It’s not the first time that something like this happened. Similar things happened in the past when Ji Chang’s Club managed the exams. Even if you go and ask for your Champion Cards, I doubt he’ll give them to you,” Qin Wu informed them sourly. Ji Chang’s Club was always like that, it seemed.
“Can we kill people in Champion University?”Lin Feng asked  suddenly. Qin Wu was surprised, asking such a question was a bit strange. Lin Feng seemed too impulsive sometimes…
“You are largely free here, but there are still some rules. You can’t kill people of the same faculty as you. If you really want to kill someone, you’ll need to sign a contract with them and agree on a battle to death. If you don’t have such a document and kill someone, the university might be furious,” said Qin Wu. “University is different from the outside world. If you could kill people as you wish, it would be too chaotic. Imagine if you were really strong and someone looked for someone stronger to kill you. The situation would degenerate quickly. Besides, imagine if students from rich families from the Holy City got killed, the situation would be even scarier.”
“Alright,” Lin Feng said, understanding the problem. The university had existed for a long time, and rich families from the Holy City sent their children there. Yu Wen Jing and Yu Wen Hou were good examples.
“Let’s walk and chat at the same time,” said Qin Wu, rising up into the air. Lin Feng and the others followed suit.
“We can’t kill, but battles are unavoidable, I think,” Bu Lan Shan spoke up.
“Of course! If you don’t fight, then what would be the point of university? As long as you don’t kill people, no problem,” smiled Qin Wu. “Some strong people can oppress others that way. Cultivation is about constantly surpassing others. Battles happen all the time. It’s normal.”
At that moment, Lin Feng and the group started seeing more and more people. The university had existed for a long time, so there were many strong cultivators there. Lin Feng realized that the student halls were unpopulated in comparison with the rest of the place.
“Can you see the palace there?” Qin Wu smiled indifferently and pointed. The edifice was surrounded by clouds.
“How majestic!” Tantai said with a sigh. The palace was gigantic.
“It’s the Champion Hall, students must go there, and they need their Champion Cards to get in. With ordinary cards, you can only go to the first floor. And you must have already guessed what you can find inside: skills, spells, techniques, deployment spells, holy marks, weapons, and so on. It gives you access to all-embracing power. It’s gigantic. Of course, the best things are on the higher floors.
“I received my Nine Cauldrons Celestial Qi Skill from the Champion Hall.”
“The one you used against me?” asked Bu Lan Shan.
“Indeed,” Qin Wu nodded.
“On which floor?” asked Zu Yan. He had also fought against Qin Wu. The Nine Cauldrons Celestial Qi Skill was terrifyingly powerful and explosive.
“Ninth floor!” Qin Wu replied.
“The ninth floor?” Zu Yan frowned. “You said that with ordinary Champion Cards you could only go to the ground floor, so what are the prerequisites to get to the ninth floor?”
“I’ll take you somewhere and you’ll understand!” Qin Wu told them. Then, they continued moving forwards. Lin Feng and the others were skeptical, but didn’t ask more questions. They continued walking, and soon Lin Feng saw a mountain, with a waterfall coming out of a cave on its slopes.
At the top of the cave, there were letters written in golden paint.
Champion Palace. The eyes of Lin Feng and the others twinkled.
Champion, Lin Feng was familiar with that word. Three days before taking the exam of Champion University, he had gone to the Celestial Godly University with Jun Mo Xi and had seen Ying Cheng the Champion.
Champions, in students’ jargon, were associated with being extremely strong and glorious. For universities, it meant glory, honor, and an incredible reputation.
People went in and out the palace freely. Qin Wu continued forwards. “Come in with me!”
Lin Feng crossed the waterfall and went into the palace in the cave. There was water everywhere, twinkling like thousands of crystals.
Inside the palace, there were three walls with many words written on them.
“Champion Zhan, Champion Ao, Champion Tian Yuan, Champion Shen Xiang…” Lin Feng and the others read the words. They were all ancient Champions. There was a short introduction under each name. The one at the top was the founder of Champion University. He was proud, obstinate and unruly, but he had gone to the Dragon Clan to kill people and come back, astonishing many people. All these Champions had amazed the whole region.
“You know about Champions, right?” Qin Wu asked them all.
“Yes. I’ve even met Ying Cheng, and I’ve been to the Celestial Godly University. I’ve seen the stone plate and know a little about the history of Champions,” replied Lin Feng.
“Champion University is the same. All those people were Champions. We don’t write names of Champions on here anymore unless they’ve accomplished something incredible.” Qin Wu told them reverently.
Accomplished something incredible?
“The four universities of the Holy City have educated millions of geniuses. Many of them have not become famous, but many of them have also amazed the whole world. All those Champions have accomplished incredible things and have become famous in the whole world.,” he continued.
Many incredible cultivators had studied in the Holy City at university. The universities of the Holy City enjoyed an incredible reputation!

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