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PMG Chapter 1745: Ranking List

PMG Chapter 1745: Ranking List
“I wonder when my name will be in the list,” Tantai chortled, laughing loudly and wholeheartedly.
Lin Feng’s heart was beating faster. He was excited. To become a Champion, people had to think like Champions. Cultivation was a step-by-step process. It required hard work!
Lin Feng read the whole list in front of him and then looked at the two other walls covered with lists. All the names were beautifully carved.
The list on the left had only one column and the one on the right had three columns.
“Ji Chang.” Lin Feng looked at the names and at the very top, there was Ji Chang’s name.
“Is that a student’s name?” asked Lin Feng. He was curious.
“Indeed. Champions who have accomplished great things have their names carved here. On the left side, there are about a hundred people, they are the hundred best, they have the potential to become Champions. After having been selected, they can take the exam,” Qin Wu confirmed.
Everybody nodded. They understood, the list on the left was for potential Champions!
“And on the right, it’s also a list, but the distinction between people’s cultivation levels is clear on that list; low-level emperors, medium-level emperors and high-level emperors. That’s why that list is divided into three,” continued Qin Wu.
“The competition in Champion University is intense. Everybody can be on one of those lists. You asked me why I am able to go to the ninth floor? Precisely for that reason! I’m 29th on the list, I could become a Champion. I obtained the Level Nine Champion Cards, so I can go to the ninth floor.”
“The list determines the type of Champion Card you get. Stronger cultivators obtain better things.” Huang Fu Long’s eyes were twinkling with enthusiasm. He wanted to see his name on the list!
“Qin Wu, 29th on the list. I will definitely rank better than you at some point!” boasted Tantai, scratching his head and laughing.
There are elders and students in this palace. Students can become really strong at university, thought Lin Feng. That palace was a strange place. Even if he wasn’t as strong as some cultivators on the list, he still felt excited.
Students here were all incredible cultivators. Everybody dreamt of having their name carved on the list.
People on the list are incredible, thought Bu Lan Shan. Even if two names coincided, that was fine, but those who had the potential to become Champions were rare and probably extremely strong.
“It seems like I underestimated the four universities. Qin Wu is incredible strong. Surprisingly, he’s 29th on the list, and there are hundreds of emperors in the list. How many are there currently?” asked Zu Yan. He was curious.
“I don’t know, a lot. Not everybody can practice cultivation really fast. Even very talented low-level emperors need ten, twenty, or even thirty years to become medium-level emperors, sometimes even longer. And for medium-level emperors to become high-level emperors, it’s even harder to say. Therefore, there are many geniuses in the four universities of the Holy City. Half of those incredible cultivators have amazed the whole world and the best cultivators of the three main cities have usually studied at university,” Qin Wu answered thoughtfully. “Rich monarchic and ancient clans always send their kids to university.”
Qin Wu had explained everything to everybody. Lin Feng understood perfectly. The universities were famous, so more and more strong cultivators studied at university, so they also became bigger and bigger.
“What about great emperors? There aren’t any on the list?” asked Lin Feng.
“Let’s go out to talk,” Qin Wu replied, and they left the cave.
“There is no list for great emperors here, but in the Holy City, there are two lists, one for great emperors and one for normal emperors. Ancestors have made those two lists. They organized a big competition in the Holy City with great emperors and emperors. Those who defeated emperors and great emperors could be on the list,” Qin Wu told them.
Everybody understood. Many people also liked challenging stronger cultivators just to evaluate their strength, not just for fame.
“So if I defeat you, will I replace you on the list?” asked Lin Feng.
Qin Wu rolled his eyes and said, “It is extremely rare for new students to be on the list that quickly, but you’re right. If you defeat me, then you’ll replace me on the list, I’ll rank 30th and everyone below me will lose one position in the rankings. No matter who the new ones are on the list, if you are already on the list, you must progress constantly to stay on it and move ahead.”
“Look!” Qin Wu had brought them to some mountains and rivers. There was a palace suspended in the sky, but it looked like an illusion.
“Some incredible cultivators from antiquity live there in the celestial mountains. They have their own palaces apparently, but I’ve never been there. Only those who are Champions can go there. Some of those strong cultivators also recruit disciples sometimes, but if you’re not a champion, you stand no chance. You must become stronger and stronger using what the university has to offer.”
“I think you want to go and see,” Tantai said to Qin Wu, clapping on his shoulders and laughing.
“Of course, very few people can go there!” said Qin Wu.
Tantai’s eyes twinkled. “I wonder what the difference between those teachers and the others is?”
“The ancient elders are great emperors, or even great emperors’ teachers. It is a particular status. You see that place opposite the celestial mountains?”Qin Wu asked them, gazing into the distance.
“It’s vast and desolate, a whole world.
“We live in the central part of Champion University but all around us, there are many things which were created by the ancestors. They also left many things there for the younger generations to study. If you are interested and have time, you can go and see at some point.
“And also, there’s an even more important place. Just remember that place for the future, let’s go and see this one. It’s called Edict Palace, a news center. For example, you can read about new historical remains which have been found, or precious items.”
Thanks to the news, Champion University can stay updated, thought Lin Feng, smiling to himself. Indeed, that place seemed interesting.
“Let’s go back. You need your Champion Cards!” Qin Wu said. After going back, the atmosphere became very lively, because a new student had challenged a strong cultivator whose name was on the list.

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