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PMG Chapter 1746: Strong Cultivator At The Door

PMG Chapter 1746: Strong Cultivator At The Door
“A new student?” Qin Wu was stupefied, he looked at Lin Feng and the others. He seemed pensive.
“Yu Wen Jing? Or a low-level emperor?” Lin Feng and Qin Wu glanced at each other.
Qin Wu grinned. “Let’s go and see!”
“Indeed.” Lin Feng was also curious. Only those whose names were on the list could get better Champion Cards. Lin Feng wanted to go to the better floors of the Champion Hall, so he had to replace someone who was on the list.
The people who were on the list couldn’t refuse a challenge. That was a rule in Champion University: If I’m stronger than you, then I have the right to replace you.
Champion University supported such behavior. Besides, there were many people on the list, so there were more people to challenge, and their cultivation level was openly indicated.

“It must be Yu Wen Jing, low-level emperor type of battle,” whispered Qin Wu. The group continued running. As expected, there were two people on a battle stage. One of them was wearing a white and blue robe, elegant with an extraordinary Qi. The other one was a beautiful and proud-looking woman: Yu Wen Jing.
“Yu Wen Jing fought against me during the exam. She could beat me. The Yu Wen Clan is powerful, it’s an ancient Holy City of the Holy City. And the person Yu Wen Jing challenged is the 30th on the list, so just after me. His name is Long Yuan. She immediately challenged the 30th one. That’s surprising,” whispered Qin Wu.
“Sword will?” Lin Feng was surprised. Yu Wen Jing was releasing sword will, and a sword was appearing.
Champion University had a rule, to fight against people who were on the lists, students couldn’t use weapons.
Long Yuan released a dark energy which rose up in the air and turned into a pitch-black plate containing a terrifying strength.
“Long Yuan has an extraordinary body type because of his spirit, he can modify strength. He knows two sorts of cosmic energies: earth and evolution. His attacks are explosive. His attacks aren’t weaker than my Nine Cauldrons Celestial Qi Skill. He’s 30th and I’m 29th, so if we fought the battle would be really complicated.”
When Qin Wu finished talking, the two on stage had already started fighting. The sky and the earth were shaking. A gigantic palace appeared, it might be able to kill Yu Wen Jing. However, Yu Wen Jing’s sword will continued rising to the skies. A strong wind started blowing. Threads of sword energies invaded the wholesky, it was ice-cold and looked like sharp snow.
Yu Wen Jing had condensed his sword with four types of energies, she understood many different cosmic energies too!
“She knows four types of energies?” Lin Feng was surprised. That sword contained four types of cosmic energies: fire, water, wind and snow. Her sword attack looked great, a beautiful woman carrying out beautiful attacks.
Even though she’s despicable, she’s quite strong, thought Huang Fu Long, watching Yu Wen Jing. Long Yuan’s attack was being oppressed.
“She understands how to fuse cosmic energies pretty well. Not bad. She’s quite strong. She’ll definitely end up in the list,” Qin Wu said when he saw Yu Wen Jing’s strength. He was surprised. During the exam, it seemed Yu Wen Jing hadn’t used her full strength.
Long Yuan is already using his spirit, he’s going to lose, thought Lin Feng. Long Yuan’s spirit was a white light which surrounded his whole body. He could modify physical and immaterial strength because of his special body. When breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, his evolution abstruse energy had turned into cosmic energy.
Long Yuan released his spirit and his strength suddenly became explosive. Yu Wen Jing’s sword attack was pushed backwards and Long Yuan’s stone punch blocked the sword attack.
“Four Seasons Absolute Sword!” shouted a voice furiously. Suddenly, the atmosphere started changing very quickly and mysteriously, like the four seasons. It started raining sword energies again. Yu Wen Jing’s attacks were really beautiful.
Boom! A terrifying sound spread through the air, a dazzling light streaked across the sky and the lights dispersed. The two fighters were far away from each other again. Long Yuan was bleeding and his face was pale.
“I wouldn’t have thought that a new student could be so strong. I lost. You can go to the Champion Palace and get a better Champion Card,”Long Yuan said  to Yu Wen Jing. He didn’t look disappointed at all. There were many geniuses in Champion University. Losing was normal. New students were rarely that strong, but it happened.
Yu Wen Jing had used Long Yuan to prove how strong she was, It was a bit sad, but that was life.
Yu Wen Jing moved at full speed towards the Champion Palace. The list had to be changed.
“Yu Wen Jing is the princess of her clan. She’s beautiful and strong. Not bad. I wish she could be my girl,” spoke up a laughing young man.
“You should say that in front of Yu Wen Jing.” someone next to him teased gun. “She’s now 30th on the list, she’s probably the strongest of all the new low-level emperors.”
“Not necessarily. I’ve heard of two new students who are extremely strong and who have fought against Yu Wen Jing. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but if it is, then they must be at least as strong as her.”
“Lin Feng, you still haven’t obtained your Champion Card, what do you intend to do?” asked Qin Wu, smiling at him.
“Since Dan Meng told us to go and take them, then we’ll go I think,” said Lin Feng. “Where is Dan Meng?”
“I’ll take you there!” replied Qin Wu.
“Qin Wu, no need, it’s too inconvenient for you.” said Lin Feng, he was already very grateful for everything he had done for them. Dan Meng and Yu Wen Hou were friends, they were also members of Ji Chang’s Club, Lin Feng didn’t want Qin Wu to get involved.
“It’s part of my tasks,” Qin Wu replied firmly. He didn’t mind. Thus, he continued on and brought Lin Feng and the others to another place. After a short time, they arrived above a group of palaces.
“That’s the palace where Dan Meng lives,” said Qin Wu pointing at one of the buildings.
“How big. What a Qi. He has such an amazing palace and he makes the three of us live together!” Tantai was furious and released Qi which began to whistle in the air.
“Let’s steal his palace!” snarled Huang Fu Long furiously.
Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling as he shouted, “Dan Meng, come out!”
“Dan Meng, come out!”
His voice resonated everywhere. Some people rose up in the air. The crowd was surprised, who were those people with Qin Wu?
Quickly, Dan Meng came out of his palace. He and some other people rose up in the air. He looked at Lin Feng coldly. He had the Champion Cards, and Lin Feng dared act disrespectfully?
“What do you want?” asked Dan Meng glancing at them. The new students were all there except, Yu Wen Jing.
“Bastard, you make the three of us live in one palace and you didn’t give us our Champion Cards, and now you dare ask us what we want?” spat back Tantai.
“I’ve already explained everything. We don’t have enough space, your residence is just temporary. If anything becomes free, I’ll let you know. Concerning the Champion Cards, I’m sorry, I don’t have them.” replied Dan Meng acidly. He looked at Zu Yan and Bu Lan Shan: “You both have a residence, what else can I do for you?”
“Champion Cards,” said Bu Lan Shan indifferently.
“I don’t have them. I’m sorry,” replied Dan Meng.
“Very good.” Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with ice-cold lights. “You are in charge of the new students. We are new students. You make the three of us live in the same residence and you don’t want to give us our Champion Cards. Dan Meng, I would like to challenge you to a battle to death in front of everyone! I want a contract with you.”
“Grrr!” Dan Meng’s heart started pounding. His face turned pale. He knew how strong Lin Feng was, he had killed Ye Wen! He was terrifyingly strong!
He couldn’t refuse Lin Feng’s challenge, otherwise, what would everybody think of him in Champion University? He would lose face if he refused, after all, he had been at university for a while and Lin Feng was new.
Qin Wu is such a bastard!, thought Dan Meng. Lin Feng wouldn’t have known about contracts for battles to death if Qin Wu hadn’t told him about them. Dan Meng hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would challenge him to a battle to death though.

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