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PMG Chapter 1747: Tragic

PMG Chapter 1747: Tragic
A battle to the death! The crowd around looked excitedly. They wanted to see Lin Feng and Dan Meng’s battle.
It was still the day of the exam and the atmosphere was lively. They had heard that a new student had challenged Long Yuan, and now a new student had challenged Dan Meng to a battle to death. How interesting!
The most amusing part was that Dan Meng seemed to be hesitating, so Lin Feng was probably quite strong.
Dan Meng is in charge of the new students, he made those three people settle in the same residence and he didn’t give them their Champion Cards! He probably hadn’t thought one of the new students would challenge him to a death battle!, thought the crowd. They were staring fixedly at Dan Meng. What was he going to say?
“Do you know what a Champion’s contract is?” asked Dan Meng coldly.
“Do you accept or not?” shouted Lin Feng grimly. He then jumped forwards and released Qi. Did Dan Meng think he could change the topic? He had two options: battle to death, or lose his reputation! If he refused to fight against a new student, then he wouldn’t be able to stay at the university!
Dan Meng was furious. Someone arrived at full speed and asked, “What’s going on?”
“You Wu Ji.” Dan Meng suddenly looked happy and relieved. He didn’t look at Lin Feng, he looked at You Wu Ji and said, “A new student doesn’t know how to differentiate good from bad. He challenged me to a battle to the death. I don’t feel like fighting a baby boy, though. Brother You, long time no see. You must have progressed a lot. Help me take care of that new boy. You’re a real hero.”
The crowd looked at him in a strange way. You Wu Ji had shown up at the best moment. Anyway, Dan Meng was despicable. You Wu Ji was 41st on the list and like Dan Meng, he was also a member of Ji Chang’s Club, but Dan Meng couldn’t compete with him. Dan Meng was strong, but in Ji Chang’s Club, he was quite weak and just took care of small things.
Poor new student. You Wu Ji will definitely help Dan Meng!, thought the crowd.
“Are all the new students that arrogant?” asked You Wu Ji, staring at Lin Feng and walking towards him.
“Piss off!” said Lin Feng, glancing at You Wu Ji dismissively. You Wu Ji frowned and looked amused.
“Interesting. New students are more and more insane. Dan Meng, you were right, it seems! Let’s show him what he’s really worth. Some people think they can be as arrogant as they were in the outside world at university,” mused You Wu Ji contemptuously. He perfectly knew what kind of people passed the exams to become university students: people from rich families or very talented people. However, at university, those things didn’t matter, only strength mattered.
Those new students needed to have some good battles to realize some things.
“You Wu Ji, 41st in the ranking list. You’re new, I’ll be merciful,” You Wu Ji introduced himself with a cold smile.
“Damn, fuck off!” shouted Tantai furiously. 41st, so what? Qin Wu was 29th, Lin Feng would try and fight against some people from the list at some point too.
“Eh?” You Wu Ji was stupefied. He said coldly, “How insolent!”
“Go away now. We will fight at some point if you want, but first I want Dan Meng to accept my challenge. I’ll kill him and then you and me will fight. I’m afraid that if I fight against you first, then Dan Meng will find another excuse not to fight,” Lin Feng sniffed disdainfully, glancing at Dan Meng mockingly. “No need to use him as an excuse. We will fight to death today, if you don’t refuse, then stop wasting my time!”
“Dan Meng, no need to hide. If you refuse to fight, then give us your residence and Champion Cards and kneel down before us to apologize. Then, maybe we’ll let you off,” Tantai announced loftily. Didn’t dare? If Dan Meng didn’t accept the challenge, they had to make him suffer at least. He had made them come to gt their own Champion Cards?
They were here now!
It seems like those people aren’t going to let Dan Meng off, thought the crowd in amusement. Lin Feng had even said he would fight against You Wu Ji after wards!
Lin Feng wasn’t going to let Dan Meng off, of course. Dan Meng kept bullying them!
“You Wu Ji, step aside now. Lin Feng and Dan Meng want to fight,” said Qin Wu. Then, he looked at Dan Meng and spat out, “Concerning you, you’re a student too. You bully people and now you’re trying to avoid fighting. Will you fight or not? Talk now!”
“Qin Wu!” Dan Meng was furious. He couldn’t do much! “I accept!”
“Very good!” Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with flames of fury. Some lights appeared and words appeared in the air, it was the contract. Lin Feng said icily, “Contract for a battle to the death!”
That was what Qin Wu had taught him, they needed contracts to fight to the death at university. People couldn’t kill others at university otherwise, the rules were very strict.
“I agree, battle to the death,” hissed Dan Meng, releasing lights too. It was the same contract, the two contracts collided and disappeared. They had agreed, and the university wouldn’t get involved.
You Wu Ji moved away to give them space.
Tantai and the others looked at Dan Meng disdainfully. Dan Meng was doomed!
Bzzz! Dan Meng jumped forwards, and a strong wind started blowing, a terrifying Qi moved towards Lin Feng at full speed.
“Die!” shouted Dan Meng furiously. A terrifying tank of water appeared and descended from the sky at full speed towards Lin Feng while emitting rumbling sounds.
A skill from Champion Hall, Purple Lake Tank, how did Dan Meng obtain it?, thought the crowd in surprise. That technique was incredibly powerful, it was a gigantic tank as big as a lake falling from the sky. If Dan Meng hadn’t been a member of Ji Chang’s Club, he wouldn’t have been able to obtain it!
Lin Feng must be really strong, otherwise Dan Meng wouldn’t have needed to use the Purple Lake Tank. Destroying Dan Meng won’t be that easy either!, thought the crowd.
The purple tank descended from the sky, it was a truly brutal attack. Lin Feng already felt how oppressive its energies were.
“You want to die!” shouted Dan Meng hoarsely. He shook his head and released more Qi to make the tank accelerate.
Layers of armor appeared around Lin Feng. At the same time, he finally moved, condensing wind cosmic energy and flying at full speed towards the tank.
Is he insane?, thought the crowd. Lin Feng turned into a light beam and collided with the tank. It started crackling! Lin Feng was surrounded by destructive strength and continued moving towards Dan Meng!
Boom! Explosions spread in the air, the tank blew apart and a punch crashed onto Dan Meng’s chest. Lin Feng then started punching him unceasingly. Crackling sounds spread through the sky. The crowd was nervous for Dan Meng. His bones were shattering!
What a powerful physical strength! His physical body has already broken through to the Huang Qi layer, he can oppress Dan Meng!, thought the crowd, shivering. At that moment, Dan Meng’s life was already in Lin Feng’s hands. His face turned deathly pale, nobody could help him, he had agreed to fight to the death!
“Stop!” shouted You Wu Ji, furiously releasing Qi to pressure Lin Feng.
Lin Feng ignored him and looked at Dan Meng, saying icily, “Give me the Champion Cards.”
“Let me off first.” said Dan Meng. He had already lost his reputation and was humiliated. He wasn’t strong enough compared to Lin Feng.
Boom! Lin Feng continued punching his chest, bones kept breaking. Dan Meng gave out a horrible shriek and his face became even paler.
“How dare you!” shouted You Wu Ji furiously. Lin Feng dared kill someone from Ji Chang’s Club?
“Champion Cards,” Lin Feng repeated emotionlessly. He was fixedly staring at Dan Meng. An energy surrounded Dan Meng, and at the same time, Lin Feng raised his fist again, i he could destroy Dan Meng at any moment!

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