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PMG Chapter 1748: Apologize Or…!

PMG Chapter 1748: Apologize Or…!
Dan Meng’s bones were broken, he had the feeling he was going to collapse. Lin Feng definitely dared to kill him!
At that moment, Dan Meng was terrified. He regretted that he had accepted a fight against Lin Feng!
“I’ll give them to you!” Dan Meng said weakly. He took out the Champion Cards. There was one bar on the cards, they were Level One Champion Cards.
Lin Feng took them and said icily, “Will you give me your residence, too?”
Dan Meng was petrified, he just nodded. His life was in Lin Feng’s hands, they had agreed to fight to the death. He had no choice.
“Alright!” Dan Meng nodded helplessly.
“Find good places for my two friends too!” Lin Feng continued grimly.
“I will!” agreed Dan Meng with a whimper.
“Alright! NOW!” Lin Feng stated, still holding onto Dan Meng.
“Some of my friends live in residences next to mine, you can have them!” cried Dan Meng. Some of the people behind him were surprised, but since his life was in Lin Feng’s hands, it didn’t matter. Dan Meng’s life was more important than a house.
“You should have done that before,” Lin Feng told him scornfully. Then, he released energies which invaded Dan Meng’s body, before dropping him on the ground. He didn’t kill the bastard, but it would probably take half a year for Dan Meng to recover. Killing him wasn’t important to Lin Feng.
“You were reckless,” said Tantai, walking forwards, his fury partially sated. Dan Meng had kept humiliating them, but now he was injured and wouldn’t recover for a long time, Lin Feng had taught him a good lesson.
“Take the Champion Cards!” Lin Feng said to his friends, handing them out.
Qin Wu came up to him and said, “Each card has a mother and a son part. Put the son card in your third eye. If you die, the university will know about it thanks to the mother card. Also, if your card level increases, then they will increase the level of your mother card,and the son card will adapt accordingly.”
Lin Feng looked at the card, smiled, and nodded before he put his card in his third eye. His third eye twinkled.
“What a strange thing.” Lin Feng smiled.
You Wu Ji landed in front of Lin Feng, he looked furious and said, “I will let you off for now, Ji Chang’s Club will make a decision concerning your case, be ready to plead for acquittal!” He moved over in front of Dan Meng and said, “Let’s carry him!”
A group of people took the crippled examiner and left with him.
“Plead for acquittal?” Lin Feng looked angry. What was that supposed to mean? Did Ji Chang’s Club have their own court of justice, or what?
People around looked at Lin Feng in amusement. That guy wasn’t weak, he had easily defeated Dan Meng. But now Ji Chang’s Club wasn’t going to let him off. Even though Dan Meng had bullied Lin Feng and his friends, Ji Chang’s Club didn’t care and protected their members above all. After all, Ji Chang’s Club was in charge of the exam, and Dan Meng had been humiliated!
“You should hide and practice cultivation for a while. You need to become stronger. Ji Chang’s Club might send people for you!” said someone to Lin Feng.
“Indeed. You Wu Ji will not let you off, and Ji Chang’s Club is very powerful. Among the ten best cultivators of Ji Chang’s Club, there are three you can’t defeat.”
“Thank you everyone for your advice,” said Lin Feng, smiling at those people with a smile that really wasn’t. Then, he walked towards Dan Meng’s residence, which had now become his.
“Hehe, students are proud. Besides, he’s a very good cultivator. We can’t blame him for being like that. He’s stubborn but at university, it’s not always a good idea to act like that,” said one of the smiling onlookers. He remembered when he had become a new student, he had been motivated and proud. But as time passed, he had to calm down.
Huang Fu Long sensed the Qi and sighed. “Ji Chang’s Club chose a good place.”
“Of course, they are very powerful. No group can compete with them in Champion University,” Qin Wu told them. “This time, Dan Meng bullied you, he didn’t even want to give you your Champion Cards. Now Ji Chang’s Club is going to be angry at you. Stay calm and discreet.
“Besides, Lin Feng, you’re very talented. You’ll be on the champion’s list sooner or later. As long as nobody defeats you, you will rise up in the ranking list,” said Qin Wu, warning Lin Feng and the others.
“So it means that we have to hide?” Tantai asked unhappily.
“Just don’t provoke Ji Chang’s Club. Since Ying Cheng became a Champion, Ji Chang keeps practicing cultivation really hard. He will probably become a Champion.”
“Alright, I understand. Let’s go to the Edict Palace for now.” Lin Feng wanted to go somewhere again. Qin Wu looked at him oddly. The first place he wanted to go was the Edict Palace, that was unusual. Usually, people who had just become students wanted to go to the Champion Hall, but Lin Feng was different.
In another place, some people were already talking about Lin Feng and how to deal with him.
Yu Wen Jing and Yu Wen Hou were sitting at the front. Initially, they wanted to organize a little party for Yu Wen Jing since she was now in the ranking list at the 30th place, and had obtained a better Champion Card. However, at that moment, someone brought Dan Meng back, and he was severely injured!
“Lin Feng again?” Yu Wen Hou was extremely unhappy.
“Indeed, Yu Wen, you must avenge me! He humiliated Ji Chang’s Club!” swore Dan Meng painfully, his facial hideous. He couldn’t control Lin Feng anymore, he was furious.
“Dan Meng, you don’t need to take care of anything in Ji Chang’s Club, you should practice cultivation really hard and recover,” Yu Wen Hou said off-handedly.
“Yu Wen…” Dan Meng’s face turned deathly pale. Yu Wen meant that Dan Meng wasn’t a member of Ji Chang’s Club anymore.
“You must pay attention to your wounds and become stronger. Concerning Lin Feng, don’t worry. I will avenge you,” said Yu Wen Hou.
Dan Meng remained silent for a few seconds and then bowed. “Alright, I’m relieved then.”
Dan Meng left alone. He looked desperate and sad. He had become worthless to Ji Chang’s Club. However, Yu Wen was really going to avenge him, Dan Meng had no doubts about that.
“Princess, during the exam, Lin Feng killed Shang Yu. Initially, we wanted to wait to deal with him, but it seems that guy is impatient,” Yu Wen Hou mused patiently. Lin Feng had just become a student at Champion University, did he think his troubles were over?
“You’re getting ready to deal with him?” Yu Wen Jing asked him, a hint in her voice.
“As you wish, Princess! Concerning Shang Jun, it has nothing to do with me,” Yu Wen Hou said indifferently. He then looked at people next to him and said, “Someone go and tell him to come here to explain himself.”
“Yu Wen, he’s very proud, he might not come even if we tell him,” said You Wu Ji.
“He offended Ji Chang’s Club and he’s new, you think he wouldn’t come?” someone else spoke up incredulously.
“There have been other proud people at Champion University and what happened when they offended Ji Chang’s Club?” someone else pointed out smugly.
“Princess Yu Wen just became a student here and that guy is causing trouble. You Wu Ji, why don’t you tell him to come here?” a young man asked You Wu Ji.
“That guy’s physical body has broken through to the Huang Qi layer. He defeated Dan Meng by punching him. He’s strong. I could maybe defeat him, but with Qin Wu around, it’s a bit complicated,” You Wu said Ji indifferently. Qin Wu was 29th on the ranking list, so he was much stronger than You Wu Ji.
“Ximu, we’ll need your help here,” Yu Wen Hou said to a young man in white clothes.
“Alright, I’ll go for the princess,” replied Ximu, standing up. He had a fan in his hand, which he put away as he smiled coldly. “It’s been a long time since I’ve dealt with new students.”
“Remember, don’t be too cruel. Leave the rest to the Princess,” said Yu Wen Hou.
“I understand,” Ximu answered as he walked away.
“Ximu, I saw your name in the ranking list, but I forgot your position?” Yu Wen Jing wondered aloud.
“18th!” said Yu Wen Hou, smiling indifferently over his shoulder. With Ximu there, Qin Wu wouldn’t dare offend them!

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