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PMG Chapter 175: Your Highness!

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“Sword force.”

When the crowd sensed Lin Feng’s sharp force, they were stupefied. As the rumors said, Lin Feng could control sword force and was even a master at using it.

Following each of Lin Feng’s steps, the force was getting more and more powerful. The entire atmosphere was filled with sword force. Under the pressure from his sword force, people around him began retreating.

At the moment when Lin Feng was on the fighting stage, an incredibly swift and fierce sword force whistled through the air towards Hei Mo.

One thing was sure, Lin Feng had come; therefore, he and his sword were going to provide the spectators with a spectacular battle.

Hei Mo had already stood up. A gloomy and cold Qi was emerging from his body. That whistling sword force from Lin Feng was unable to make his heart tremble even slightly.

In Hei Mo’s eyes, there were deep burning flames. At that moment, he wanted to use Lin Feng’s blood to become famous.

The crowd was fixedly staring at the fighting stage. Even though Lin Feng had shown up quite late on this day, his incredible sword force had already made them forget about their dissatisfaction. This battle was definitely worth waiting an entire day for.

“How audacious.” At that moment, the man in purple, while looking at the fighting stage, said: “Lin Feng, you are very arrogant. You made us all wait an entire day and won’t even give us an explanation.”

His voice was very loud and intense. It violently resonated in Lin Feng’s ears. He was blaming Lin Feng for making him wait.

Lin Feng groaned. The energy around his body dispersed and he took two steps back. A moment before, he had spared no effort, using force and Qi to be able to compete with Hei Mo. He had been concentrating on Hei Mo only. He hadn’t thought that the man in purple would suddenly make a despicable comment and very loudly interrupt him. At the same time when his focus was broken, Hei Mo’s energy slightly penetrated into Lin Feng’s body, which injured him a little bit.

The crowd was stupefied and looked at the man in purple. How aggressive! That was an initial show of strength.

Long Ding frowned. His eyes revealed that he was upset.

At that moment, Lin Feng, from the corner of his eyes, slightly looked at the man in purple clothes and the two young people sitting on his side. He quickly understood what was going on. He then coldly said: “Haven’t I humiliated those two sitting by your side? If you want to avenge them, just say it clearly. There is no need to use such despicable methods. You really are shameless. I really don’t understand what even gives you the right to sit there. You’re just making a fool of yourself.”

When Lin Feng finished talking, the crowd was astonished. Lin Feng was really audacious. He was straightforward and his words were sharp and poignant. He even dared to talk in such an impolite way to members of the Yu Clan, humiliating and insulting them.

The pupils of the man in purple clothes shrank. He had thought that he would teach Lin Feng a lesson and that Lin Feng was just going to recognize he had made a mistake and apologise. He had thought that Lin Feng wouldn’t dare refute his words. It seemed like his anticipation had been wrong, Lin Feng was much more aggressive than he had imagined.

“What… did you just say?” said the man in purple clothes with a cold expression in his eyes. He was an extremely important man in the Yu Clan to the extent that even Long Ding somehow feared him… and a junior actually dared insult and humiliate him?

“You say that I am audacious and that I made you wait the entire day and, on top of that, that I should give you an explanation. My battle against Hei Mo was planned for today, but we hadn’t agreed on a precise time; therefore, even though I came in the evening, it doesn’t mean that I was late. I would like to ask you something though. Did I, Lin Feng, invite you to come?” Lin Feng was speaking coldly and continued: “Whether I fight or not is my own business, and whether you want to watch or not is your own business. You rushed over here to watch, yet you ask me for explanations… Why would I need to justify myself to you? Do I know you?”

Lin Feng’s words were so sharp that the man in purple clothes was really astonished. Lin Feng didn’t stop talking and continued.

“A senior, watching a battle, suddenly puts pressure on me. Don’t you think that your behaviour is that of a shameless person? Are you not losing face with your actions? I don’t know which clan you belong to, but you are a disgrace for them. If I were you, I would be very embarrassed to be sitting in view of everyone.”

The crowd was utterly astonished. They were looking at the man in purple clothes in a strange way. It seemed like Lin Feng’s statements were actually very accurate. Lin Feng hadn’t agreed on a precise time and hadn’t invited anybody to watch the battle. Coming to watch the battle was their own decision and had nothing to do with Lin Feng. That senior of the Yu Clan was surprisingly blaming Lin Feng, which was quite inappropriate.

The crowd agreed with Lin Feng, but nobody dared act like Lin Feng and say these things out loud in such a majestic way.

The man in purple clothes had an ugly expression on his face, and then Vice-Principal Long, who was sitting not far from him, said while slightly laughing: “Hehe, that kind of method is really low. The third most important man of the Yu Clan is really majestic and powerful.”

Majestic and powerful.

He had already heard so many words of insult. The man in purple clothes wanted to teach Lin Feng a lesson. He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would endlessly humiliate him in one sentence.


The stone seat on which the man in purple clothes was sitting on cracked open. There was a deep fissure, but it hadn’t broken into pieces.

He was staring at Lin Feng, wishing he could kill him on the spot.

“Majestic and powerful… Indeed, I am really majestic and powerful. Lin Feng, if you lose today, Hei Mo will definitely kill you. And if you win, I will not let you off. No matter if you win or lose; today, you are doomed.” There was clear killing intent filling the eyes of the man in purple clothes. His voice was loud and aggressive. Everybody was stupefied.

I am majestic and powerful. I am an extremely strong senior. I always get what I want. No matter the result of the battle, loss or victory, Lin Feng would die for having dared to provoke him. That was how majestic important senior members of the Yu Clan were.

“Yu Qiu, it seems like you think that the Celestial Academy is your Yu Clan. Here, you cannot do anything you wish.” said Long Ding coldly. Immediately after, he turned towards Lin Feng and said: “Lin Feng, you and Hei Mo fight. Don’t worry, even though I cannot kill him, if Yu Qiu dares attack you, I can still kill the junior cultivators who came with him.”

“What are you saying?” said Yu Qiu coldly. He stared at Long Ding and said: “Vice-Principal Long, you are threatening the juniors of the Yu Clan?”

“How shameless.”

When the crowd heard Yu Qiu, they were astonished. It was indeed majestic to be extremely powerful, but they hadn’t thought that he could be so shameless.

Long Ding was also astonished. He immediately said in a mocking tone: “You threaten the juniors of the Celestial Academy but don’t allow me to threaten the juniors of the Yu Clan? Yu Qiu, is your brain working correctly?”

“Hmph.” groaned Yu Qiu, and then he said: “Are you not scared of making the Yu Clan angry?”

“You are within the Celestial Academy.” said Long Ding coldly while striving to get the last word.

“So what? I don’t care if this is the Celestial Academy. Humiliating the Yu Clan will lead to the destruction of the Celestial Academy.” said Yu Qiu while sounding evil. The crowd was astonished. They had originally come to watch Lin Feng and Hei Mo’s battle. They hadn’t thought that they would witness Yu Qiu and Long Ding’s confrontation, all because of Lin Feng. The crowd was very surprised by the turn of events.

Besides, the entire crowd had become silent and was looking at Long Ding. Yu Qiu had threatened to annihilate the Celestial Academy. All of its members had become silent.

Everybody was absolutely silent.

“Mister Yu, you have a very bad temper.”

A voice emerged amongst the silent crowd. A silhouette walked in the middle of the crowd. That person had a warm and friendly smile on their face and looked very easy going.

Many people were astonished when they saw that person. Even Yu Qiu was shaking a little. As expected, the main seat had been reserved for him.

When Lin Feng saw that young man, he was astonished as well. He had already seen him. He had accepted to be the referee for Lin Feng’s battle at the Prisoner Arena.

“As expected, he definitely has a mysterious status.” Lin Feng had also noticed the main seat, which was unoccupied. It was very likely that that seat was reserved for that young man. He even seemed to have a higher status than the man of the Yu Clan.

When Long Ding saw the young man, he smiled and stood up.

“Your Highness.” said Long Ding extremely politely.

Yu Qiu stood up as well. A smile appeared on his face and he said: “Your Highness must be joking, I don’t have a bad temper.”

“Hehe, if you don’t, that’s even better. Mister Yu, Vice-Principal Long, please sit down. No need to be so polite.”

That smiling young man was extremely polite and didn’t sound arrogant at all for a prince. He had already arrived next to the main seat.

At that moment, in the middle of the members of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, Chu Zhan Peng had an aggressive look in his eyes. He was staring at the young man.

The young man turned his head and looked at Chu Zhan Peng. He nodded while smiling and said: “Chu Zhan Peng, as expected, always exceptional.”

“I salute, your Highness.” Chu Zhan Peng nodded and greeted the young man. His aggressive look gradually vanished. The second Prince Duan Wu Ya was, just like him, one of the eight high officials, and he was above him in the rankings.

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