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PMG Chapter 1750: Straightforward

PMG Chapter 1750: Straightforward
Just like Lin Feng had said to Qin Wu, he didn’t go to Ji Chang’s Club, and he didn’t give Ximu any face.
On the day after, Ximu was still waiting outside Lin Feng’s residence. He was furious.
“Lin Feng, we’ll see how long you intend to hide!” Ximu swore angrily. He released energies and destroyed Lin Feng’s house.
Ximu was furious, he crushed Lin Feng’s house to tiny bits. People were surprised when they saw that. Ximu had said a few times he wanted to see Lin Feng, but the newcomer hadn’t shown up.
Ximu looked at the ruins with a sour expression, then rose up into the air.
Lin Feng didn’t know about that. At that moment, he was walking out of the Edict Palace. He scratched his hair and enjoyed the sunlight. It felt good. He had spent a few days in the Edict Palace, he had kind of become an expert in the history and current affairs of the region. Lin Feng had learned about many things, including great emperors from Qing Di Mountain and Yao Ye Island.
Lin Feng loved reading and learning. He felt really good.
However, at that moment, Tantai and Huang Fu Long ran over and frowned. They looked very angry.
“Lin Feng!” shouted Tantai. “Ji Chang’s Club is going insane!”
“Ji Chang’s Club doesn’t care about new students like us. We would do the same if we were members of Ji Chang’s Club,” Lin Feng’s easy smile calmed them down some.
“They’ve been plotting against us since the exam. They’re insane! I wish I could destroy them!” said Tantai furiously.
Huang Fu Long then said: “Ximu has been looking for you for a few days, and earlier today, he destroyed your house. He doesn’t like us!”
“Earlier today?” Lin Feng frowned.
“Earlier today, indeed.” said Huang Fu Long nodding.
Lin Feng smiled thinly and said indifferently, “I’ve been in the Edict Palace for a few days, I was reading. The problem is, I can only go to the ground floor of the Edict Palace and the Champion Hall. I need to have a better Champion Card, it’s a great opportunity for me.”
“Eh…” Tantai and Huang Fu Long were speechless. Lin Feng was insane.
“Let’s go and find Ximu!” said Lin Feng with a smile.

After a short time, Lin Feng arrived in front of his residence, now just a bunch of rubble. Some people looked at Lin Feng strangely, thinking that he had been hiding.
Bzzz! Lin Feng landed in front of someone, that person smiled at him. The man was getting excited, wondering what was going to happen. He asked Lin Feng, “Your Excellency, are you going to the Star Group to apologize?”
“I just want to ask you where Ximu lives?” asked Lin Feng. The man looked unusual: he was wearing a fox-fur robe as if he feared the cold, but cultivators didn’t fear cold…
“You want to steal his house?” asked that person, smiling at Lin Feng.
“Since he destroyed my house, I need a new one!” Lin Feng said off-handedly, as if it were only logical.
His interlocutor grinned and said, “Alright, I just came back to university and I’ve heard about some new students who were incredible. The rumors aren’t false. I’ll take you to Ximu’s house!”
“Thank you very much,” said Lin Feng smiling and nodding.
“That guy is leading the way?” The crowd was surprised, and people started following them. They wanted to see what was going to happen.
On the way, more and more people ended up following along. Everybody knew about the new student who had offended Ximu.
At that moment, Ximu was outside of his house, his eyes closed. However, at that moment, he suddenly opened them and gazed into the distance. A group of people was coming. He was surprised. Those people were coming to his house?
“Jing Shou?” Ximu frowned when he saw the young man next to Lin Feng  wearing a fox-fur robe. Ximu had never seen Lin Feng, so he didn’t recognize him, but he knew Jing Shou.
“There,” said Jing Shou smiling and pointing at Ximu’s house. Ximu looked at Jing Shou and asked, “Jing Shou, we are not enemies, what’s going on?”
“Ximu, I just showed them the way. He’s the one you’re looking for!” Jing Shou shrugged. He looked like an old man, his hands joining his sleeves together.
“Jing Shou?” Lin Feng looked at Jing Shou and smiled. Lin Feng had just looked for someone to tell him where Ximu lived, and ended up finding someone who knew him pretty well.
Ximu and Lin Feng looked at each other. They didn’t talk, but the Qi they released was oppressive.
“Lin Feng!” Ximu said after a few seconds.“You think Jing Shou is going to protect you?”
Lin Feng smiled coldly and slowly walked towards Ximu. Ten meters separated them.
“You really think too highly of yourself!” said Lin Feng.
The atmosphere started shaking, Lin Feng jumped and stones descended from the sky. Ximu was stupefied.
“Bastard!” Ximu was furious. Rumbling sounds spread in the air, ashes floated around. Lin Feng jumped again, and the ground shook. He condensed earth cosmic energies which turned into ancient mountains and fell from the sky. Mountains kept dropping from the sky onto Ximu’s house, it was collapsing!
Ximu didn’t move, he was fixedly staring at Lin Feng. “Try and do that again!”
Boom! Lin Feng jumped up in the sky again and even bigger meteorites fell from the sky and crushed the house, which exploded, ashes flying around everywhere. Some people around even sneezed because of the ashes. Ximu realized that the rumors about Lin Feng were true, he was truly stubborn and unruly!
“You think I won’t attack you because you came with friends?” Ximu swore, releasing a terrifying Qi which rolled in waves towards Lin Feng.
Lin Feng suddenly turned his head to him. Ximu was surprised.
“Let’s go to the champion battle stage!” Lin Feng challenged him. Everybody was stupefied. Did Lin Feng not fear Ximu? “See you on the battle stage!”
Ximu had thought that Lin Feng was hiding, but Lin Feng had now shown up, had destroyed his house, and now challenged him to a battle!
“You little bastard!” Ximu rose up into the air at full speed. Surprisingly, a new student was challenging him! How humiliating!
Everybody started talking. The atmosphere became even more lively.
On the day of the exam, Princess Yu Wen had challenged the 30th student, and now, after a few days, a new student was challenging Ximu!

Yu Wen Jing was in her residence, someone was speaking in front of her. She raised her head and looked surprised. “Lin Feng destroyed Ximu’s house? And challenged him?”
“Indeed, Princess Yu Wen. Do you want to go and see?”
Yu Wen Jing was very angry. Lin Feng had challenged the 18th student, Ximu, someone who was ranked better than her!
“No need. He’s just going to humiliate himself. Tell me the result of the battle when it’s over,” waved Yu Wen Jing.
“Alright, Princess. Then wait for me to report!” said that person as he left.

Very quickly, many people learned about Lin Feng and Ximu’s battle. Many were amused. New students were funny!
At that moment, Lin Feng and Ximu were already standing on the Champion’s Battle Stage. Ximu was slightly above the ground and staring fixedly at Lin Feng “You’re a new student and you challenged me, which is a humiliation! Since it’s that way, I’ll humiliate you even more!”
When Lin Feng heard him, he smiled indifferently. He didn’t look scared at all. Lin Feng shook his hand and words appeared in the sky, the crowd was astonished, was that guy insane?!
“I am not interested in a simple battle. Sign the contract!” said Lin Feng coldly. Ximu was dumbstruck as he stared at the death contract in the air!

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