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PMG Chapter 1751: Jing Shou The Assassin

PMG Chapter 1751: Jing Shou The Assassin

“Contract!” Ximu was astonished, he hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would challenge him to a battle to the death. If Ximu had challenged Lin Feng to a death battle, Lin Feng could have refused because he was a new student and Ximu was the 18th student in the ranking list.
However, Lin Feng had taken the initiative to challenge him, and on top of that, to a battle to the death!
Ximu didn’t have any self-confidence anymore. A new student was challenging him to a battle to death? Ximu wasn’t stupid, it definitely meant that that new student was extremely strong!
Lin Feng looked mysterious and enigmatic. If Lin Feng continued acting that recklessly, he would draw stronger cultivators’ attention at some point. He had to understand that clearly…
“What are you waiting for?” asked Lin Feng evenly. Ximu frowned and waved his hand. A contract appeared, and the two contracts fused together.
The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng and Ximu were going to fight to the death?!
“Since you want to die, I will help you!” spat Ximu, releasing Qi which rose to the sky.
In a flash, Lin Feng sensed a terrifying strength surround him. It felt like he was going to suffocate!
What kind of cosmic energy is that?, thought Lin Feng. He tried to release cosmic energy, but it didn’t work, his energies were chaotic. He sensed danger. His enemy could oppress his power!
Boom! A terrifying wind made of a kind of desolate Qi started blowing and dispersed Lin Feng’s energies in all directions. Lin Feng sensed oppressive energies above his head, and suddenly Ximu’s fist was descending from the sky towards Lin Feng. “Desolate Destructive Cosmic Punch!”
The crowd was stupefied, that attack was terrifying. Lin Feng’s blood felt like it was going to boil. Ximu’s Desolate Destructive Cosmic Punch was terrifying, Lin Feng couldn’t even feel his cosmic energies anymore.
Ximu was very strong. He could have defeated many people in one strike!
“Deprive.” Ximu stretched out his hand and released a terrifying strength to surround Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s cosmic energies were becoming more and more chaotic.
Lin Feng really wants to die, he remains motionless, thought the crowd. With Ximu’s deprivation cosmic energies, nobody stood a chance against him in close combat. Even if Lin Feng’s physical body had the strength of the Huang Qi layer, he probably wouldn’t be able to resist, and he’d probably die!
Jing Shou looked at Lin Feng strangely. Lin Feng had challenged Ximu to a battle to death, was he really just careless?
Lin Feng is doomed!, thought the crowd. Ximu landed in front of Lin Feng and frowned. Many people considered Ximu as the second best student on the list in terms of close combat, Jing Shou was the only one who was considered better than him. Lin Feng’s cosmic energies were chaotic and he was so close to Ximu. Even those who were in the top ten couldn’t compete with Ximu within such short distances.
Lin Feng didn’t understand Ximu, that was why he was going to die!
At that moment, a strong wind started blowing and carried even more desolate Qi to surround Lin Feng. Ximu was convinced Lin Feng was going to die within a few seconds.
“Deprive!” More deprivation and desolate cosmic energies surrounded Lin Feng.
“Deprive?” Lin Feng looked at him in a cold way, he released demon Kalpa strength combined with thunder cosmic energies.
The energies bombarded Ximu violently, and his face turned deathly pale. What was going on?
With deprivation and desolate strength, he hadn’t managed to destabilize Lin Feng? With his strength and within such a short distance, even if Lin Feng’s cosmic energies had been level seven or eight, they still would have been destroyed. However, Lin Feng could still condense such a terrifying strength!
Fear close combat? Lin Feng had an incredible physical body and knew several sorts of cosmic energies, as well as Deva-Mara Kalpa strength. Did he have any reason to fear Ximu?
“Kalpa Sword Fusion!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. An infinity of pitch-black destructive sword lights appeared and turned into a terrifying pitch-black light beam, bombarding Ximu’s punch and piercing through it like a knife through butter. Lin Feng’s entire body turned into an arrow and he moved towards Ximu at full speed.
The two of them were already really close, the terrifying demon lights pierced through the desolate strength and then the two fighters collided in an explosion of rival energies.
What’s going on?, thought the crowd. Who had won?
How had Lin Feng condensed such terrifying energies a moment before?
“Why?” said Ximu. He didn’t know why he had lost. Lin Feng should have died. How had Lin Feng managed to condense such powerful cosmic energies? His desolate and deprivation cosmic energies hadn’t worked?…
“My cosmic energies can’t be affected by anything in this world, they belong to me!” a voice in Ximu’s brain declared. Then, terrifying energies invaded his body and his internal organs started imploding.
Lin Feng moved back and suddenly, Ximu’s body exploded. All of the cosmic energy dispersed, he was dead!
“Ximu is dead!” The crowd couldn’t believe it. Ximu, the 18th student on the list, had been killed by Lin Feng and nobody understood how he had died! Ximu hadn’t even understood himself. It was the last thing he had asked… “Why?”
What had Lin Feng replied to him?
Why had he won the battle?
Only the dead Ximu and Lin Feng knew the reason. Ximu’s desolate and deprivation cosmic energies weren’t direct attacks, and they prevented cultivators from condensing cosmic energies, so how could they fight back? For cultivators, cosmic energies were very important!
However, Lin Feng had strange powers, he had kept his cosmic energies under control, and Ximu had died instead!
Jing Shou was stupefied, his hands still clasped inside his sleeves. Outwardly, he looked amused. These new students were interesting! Two of them were already ranked, and Lin Feng was now 18th!
At that moment, Lin Feng sensed his third eye shaking. His Champion Card was changing. A number appeared on it: 10. He now had a level 10 Champion Card!
How fast!, thought Lin Feng, pleasantly surprised. As soon as the battle had ended, someone had changed his Champion Card. How quick! Those who managed Champion University were mysterious, it was like an empire in constant motion…
Lin Feng glanced at people around him. Nobody said anything. Ximu was dead. They couldn’t afford to offend Lin Feng.
“How awesome!” Tantai was happy. He also wanted to challenge someone who was ranked. Lin Feng already had a level 10 Champion Card, he needed a good one too, or he would feel bad next to Lin Feng.
Lin Feng moved like the wind and landed in front of Jing Shou. He smiled and nodded to him. “Thank you for showing me the way.”
Jing Shou smiled in a friendly manner and asked Lin Feng: “Do you mind exchanging contact details using our telepathy talismans?”
“Of course I don’t,” Lin Feng agreed promptly.
He took out his talisman, Jing Shou released his godly awareness and left his contact details in it, saying “Keep in touch.”
Then, Jing Shou left. From the beginning to the end, Lin Feng hadn’t seen Jing Shou’s hands at all.
“Lin Feng, Jing Shou is an assassin. He’s second in the ranking list. He’s very dangerous,” whispered Tantai.
“Indeed, he’s different from other people. He doesn’t let people look at his hands,”Lin Feng laughed. How strong was the second student?
Among low-level emperors, he probably had almost no rivals anymore, and could probably slaughter ordinary low-level emperors.
“I’m going to Champion Hall. Don’t accept challenges for battles to death if you’re not sure you’re going to win. We are new students, we can refuse, nothing shameful,” Lin Feng reminded them. He flew towards Champion Hall. He could find lots of things there. He was going to see if he could find skills and techniques suitable for his cosmic energies.

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