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PMG Chapter 1752: Fellow Disciples

PMG Chapter 1752: Fellow Disciples
“Lin Feng killed Ximu?” Yu Wen Hou looked at the person in front of him. Ximu was one of the five generals of the Star Group, and eighteenth on the ranking list, but Lin Feng had killed him?
“Indeed, Lin Feng and Ximu agreed to mortal combat. Lin Feng killed Ximu on the Champion Battle Stage,” that person reported. He was still shocked. Ximu had been extremely strong…
“Did you see how strong he is?” asked Yu Wen Hou. Lin Feng seemed to be a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer, as if he hadn’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer. It meant that he had studied a skill or a technique to hide his cultivation level.
“I haven’t,” answered the news bearer.
“He killed Ximu and you didn’t see how strong he is?” asked Yu Wen Hou in disbelief.
“Ximu was good at fighting in close combat. However, this time, when he landed in front of Lin Feng, he was killed almost instantly. I even think that he might have been killed faster than Dan Meng. His cosmic energies didn’t even get chaotic after Ximu used his deprivation technique on him. He could still condense energies, and then he slaughtered Ximu with an explosive attack.”
Yu Wen Hou’s eyes were twinkling. “I understand. I’ll inform people from the Star Group, we can forget about him temporarily, as we won’t lose track of him anyway. Let’s wait for Shang Jun to come back.”
Dan Meng and Ximu had been humiliated and killed by Lin Feng. If the Star Group sent more cultivator to fight against Lin Feng and failed, then it would be a nightmare. If they didn’t, it would look also look bad.
However, they couldn’t send the first general to fight against a new student. That guy had a really bad temper too, he didn’t give anyone face. So the best thing might be for the first student to fight against him.

Yu Wen Jing also learned that Lin Feng had killed Ximu. When the young man came back to her and told her, she was furious. She had taken the exam with Lin Feng, and knew who he was. She had passed the exam and decided to forget about him, Ji Chang’s Club had just asked him to come to them and apologize.
To Yu Wen Jing, the most important thing was to be a good student and become stronger, so she had immediately challenged the 30th student of Champion University, which had stirred up waves among the students.
However, Lin Feng didn’t come to apologize, and instead humiliated Dan Meng and killed Ximu. Now, Lin Feng was the 18th student of the university, twelve ranks higher than her. Yu Wen Jing wanted to rise in the ranking list now, and put him behind her.
In the following days, Yu Wen Jing continued challenging people.
She challenged the 25th student. The day after, she challenged the 20th, and on the third day, she challenged the 15th student.
She won all three battles, and kept rising in the ranking list, now 15th. Many people were amazed at her progress. Princess Yu Wen was incredible, as expected. No wonder she was famous in the Holy City. Her success here wasn’t due to her beauty or her social status, it was due to her strength. If she had only had a social status and beauty, she wouldn’t have won her battles.
At the same time, because Yu Wen Jing was rising in the ranking list, some people wanted to do the same, so the people she had defeated started challenging other people, too.
And because Yu Wen Jing had risen in the ranking list, Lin Feng now ranked 19th.
However, Lin Feng was immersed in the Champion Hall on the tenth floor.
Lin Feng had already obtained the Indestructible Deva-Mara Scriptures, so he didn’t need to learn more skills, he needed to learn strength spells and techniques. In the Champion Hall, spells weren’t in talismans, but in ancient scriptures.
Lin Feng was surprised because strength spells were easier to understand when they were in talismans, where he could directly absorb them with his godly awareness. But Champion Hall was different. Maybe they didn’t want students to absorb all the spells at once, or they could have given them away or sold them. Of course, people who were incredibly talented could also study spells quicker that way.
The techniques of the Champion Hall are incredible, this place is filled with extensive knowledge and profound scholarship. Outside of university, even in Holy Clans, it is almost impossible to find so many spells and techniques, thought Lin Feng with a sigh. There were techniques for all sorts of cultivators, some of them extremely rare cosmic energy spells. The material which could be found on the tenth floor was difficult to understand for even low-level emperors.
Champion University had existed for such a long time, it was an incredible place. The Champion Hall was an incredible place for cultivators, and the most terrifying part was that there were more floors above the tenth floor.
Lin Feng was awed. If you were strong enough, the university could provide you with everything you needed, without any limit. It was no wonder that universities were extremely famous in the whole region, even very strong people from the Holy Clans went to university to study.
“Immortal energy, death feeling, thunderclap monarchic assassination, chaotic celestial earth punch; Four Energy Destruction! People who don’t understand these four kinds of energies can’t learn this spell. Four kinds of strength for an explosive and aggressive attack.” Lin Feng had found a spell which required knowledge of four types of energies: immortal, death, thunder, and earth, called the Four Energies Destructive Assassination. It was extremely powerful!
It seems perfect for me!, Lin Feng thought eagerly. He just needed to make his immortal energy turn into cosmic energy. His death, thunder, and earth energies had already turned into cosmic energies. Lin Feng had realized that pure cosmic energy attacks weren’t as efficient, he needed to learn spells to make cosmic energies fuse together.
Actually, Lin Feng had already seen something similar. Ximu had made his cosmic energies fuse together really well, making his attacks much more powerful. Cang Xiao and other people Lin Feng had met couldn’t do the same yet.
Yu Wen Jing did it quite well, however. For example, her Four Seasons attack required four types of energies. Even though she didn’t make them fuse together, her attack was still quite powerful.
Even though Lin Feng didn’t like Yu Wen Jing, he knew that she was very strong. She had easily defeated the 30th student. Using several cosmic energies was even more terrifying than using several types of abstruse energies simply because cosmic energies were the evolution of abstruse energies. There were really powerful attacks when using cosmic energies.
Besides, Lin Feng had an advantage because his basic speed, offense, and defense were all very good.
In Champion University, there are many geniuses, people with incredible bloodlines, and people who have incredible skills. One’s spirit doesn’t seem as useful as before. Battles are now more direct. The number of cosmic energies you know make a big difference, and their level. The intensity of cosmic energy attacks depend on how the cultivator practices cultivation. Concerning the number of cosmic energies, I definitely have an advantage, so I shouldn’t have any problem learning terrifyingly powerful attacks!, thought Lin Feng.
At university, nobody had a weak bloodline. In any case, some people had terrifying attacks, like Tantai. Many people had also studied great imperial scriptures, the biggest difference between them was the particular cosmic energies they had mastered.
Of course, cultivators’ bodies also played an important role, such as Lang Ye’s world body or Dugu the Winner’s restriction body, their attacks were terrifying. However, Lin Feng had never been weaker than most comparable people, the only issue was breaking through to the Huang Qi layer. He was different from others when it came to that.
Lin Feng had a special body which allowed him to understand different sorts of strength and which helped him practice cultivation faster. He had many different ways of fighting, so he had more options than most people.
Lin Feng remained silent, walking away from the bookshelf. He found a place to sit, closed his eyes and started dreaming.

Some time passed, and Lin Feng forgot about the outside world.
Three months later, more students took the exam of Champion University as usual. A dozen people were accepted. Four people were low-level emperors and two of them were fellow disciples.
People were shocked, because on the second day, the ranking list changed again.
The two fellow disciples had become 12th and 13th, they had challenged the same person, someone from Ji Chang’s Club.
People at Champion University were wondering what was going on. In the last batch of new students, Lin Feng had provoked Ji Chang’s Club, and now those two had.
On top of that, the fifth general of the Star Group had been killed by Lin Feng, and now the fourth general had been defeated by those two people. The core of that problem was that Ji Chang’s Club was in charge of the exams of that year, and they kept bullying new people…

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