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PMG Chapter 1753: Spells

PMG Chapter 1753: Spells
In the Star Group of Ji Chang’s Club, many people had gathered. Yu Wen Jing was there too, and since she was Yu Wen Hou’s cousin, she had even become a member of Ji Chang’s Club.
At that moment, Yu Wen Hou didn’t look calm at all. He looked furious. Ji Chang’s Club was in charge of the exams that year, and they kept being humiliated by new students.
Last time, Lin Feng had humiliated Dan Meng and killed Ximu, now others had challenged the fourth general, who was the 12th student at university. He had lost against both of them, and he was now 14th. The Star Group felt humiliated.
“Humiliation.” Yu Wen Hou seemed furious. He was in charge of the Star Group, he had never felt this humiliated in his life.
“What do you think?” asked Yu Wen Hou to the crowd.
“Do you need me to challenge them?” asked someone, scratching his third eye. His eyebrows were arched, he looked aggressive. His Qi was sharp, too.
“Puyang, there wouldn’t be any problem if you did something, the problem is that you’re the second general, the fifth student of the university, what would people think if you fought against new students?” Yu Wen Hou replied evenly. However, he didn’t sound like he wanted to refuse.
“That’s the world of cultivation, I’m strong so I can oppress people. It’s normal. What is the problem?”  Puyang asked sharply.
“Puyang is right. Find a reason to oppress them. Who would dare say anything?” asked someone else.
Yu Wen Hou nodded. “Indeed, we can try and find an excuse. We lost face twice in about three months. If we don’t do anything, people at Champion University will make fun of us, even the Sun Group and the Moon Group will think we suck. Last time, someone from the Moon Group said we were getting more and more idiotic.”
“Indeed. We need to do something!” someone else agreed aggressively.
“And Lin Feng hasn’t shown up for three months!” Yu Wen Jing spoke up. The crowd remembered Ximu’s death.
“Let him explore the university and when he shows up, we’ll do something,” Puyang ground out.
Puyang was right. New students wanted to know more about the university. Besides, the two people they were looking for were already 12th and 13th. They could now go to the tenth floor of the Champion Hall. Therefore, the two had gone to the Champion Hall together. They started their research on the ground floor, they wanted to see what kind of spells, techniques, and skills were suitable for them there.
At that moment, Lin Feng was on the tenth floor of the building. He was dreaming. He was surrounded by immortal energies in his dream. The most terrifying part was that his immortal energies contained death Qi. Who could resist such an attack?
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Two imperial punches bombarded the atmosphere. Rumbling sounds spread in the air. That attack combined physical strength and willpower too.
After that, Lin Feng disappeared and his energies dispersed. He finally woke up.
Four Energies Destruction, that’s really destructive indeed!, thought Lin Feng opening his eyes. He just needed to understand how he could make the energies fuse together properly now. Instead of immortal cosmic energy, he could use immortal abstruse energy combined with demon cosmic energy. The attack was also quite scary that way.
That attack is as explosive like the Purple Lake Tank, thought Lin Feng with a smile. During those three months, apart from studying the Four Energies Destructive Assassination, he had also used the Celestial Evolution Chessboard to transform some energies, the Purple Lake Tank was one of the things he had studied. He hadn’t studied them for a very long time, but he already understood those two techniques quite well.
Of course, he needed to understand cosmic energies better. Demon and earth cosmic energies were suitable for the Purple Lake Tank, but wind and empty space cosmic energies could strengthen the attack.
“It seems that I was wrong. They don’t put spells in talismans, not because people could take them away, but scriptures give students a better perspective, it helps student develop critical thinking!, Lin Feng judged. Talismans gave students a vague idea, while scriptures forced students to think more.
The students of Champion University were all extremely talented. They were all good at studying and had different ways of controlling cosmic energies. Using scriptures to learn allowed students to adapt the spells to their cultivation.
Of course, not everybody was like Lin Feng. He had incredible comprehensive ability, he understood several types of cosmic energies, and he had the Celestial Evolution Chessboard, most people didn’t have such gifts.
Lin Feng finally stood up and walked down the stairs. He had spent around three months in there, now he wanted to go to the Edict Palace and read the news.
Many students didn’t stay at university studying all the time, they also traveled around to become stronger. However, reading the news helped them by helping them choose where to go to gather experience.

A short time after Lin Feng left, two people arrived on the ninth floor and started reading. After a short time, one of them looked happy and said, “Brother, this cosmic energy spell is perfect for you. It allows a cultivator to use reincarnation energy to assassinate people. It’s one of the six conditions of sentient existence! With your reincarnation cosmic energy, you could carry out terrifying attacks with it!”
“Let me see!” answered Hou Qing Lin, rather surprised. He had been in the great world for many years but he looked the same, handsome and intelligent looking. He hadn’t changed at all.
“Champion University is an amazing place. Such spells are difficult to find,” Hou Qing Lin said with a sigh. Reincarnation spells were extremely rare, few people controlled reincarnation cosmic energy. It hadn’t been easy for him to turn his reincarnation energy into cosmic energy.
“We’ve been traveling for such a long time to find the Holy City, it was worth it!” Tian Chi smiled. Their journey had been an exhausting one, they had gone through so many hardships. They had risked their lives to obtain great imperial scriptures. They had almost gotten killed many times!
Tian Chi couldn’t forget how difficult and painful it had been for his fellow disciple to level up. He had risked his life to convert his reincarnation energy. Hou Qing Lin’s path of improvement was different because of his reincarnation energy.
Hou Qing Lin smiled back indifferently. “Back then, when we were in Fortune City, the Diviner told us what he thought our future would look like. However, he wasn’t a fortune teller, he just practiced the Fortune Telling Skill. Everything depends on our talent and willpower. However, having managed to leave the small world alive already proves that the Diviner was right!”
“That’s our fate. I wonder how the others are doing though,” Tian Chi sighed. The great world and the small world were so different, especially those gigantic cities! Such cities didn’t exist in the small world. Of course, they didn’t regret. If they had stayed in the small world forever, they would have stopped progressing.
“Everybody should be fine,” Hou Qing Lin murmured. Then, he lowered his head and continued reading.
“Right. Wait until we become stronger, we’ll go back to the nine great celestial castles and we’ll do what our teacher wanted. We need to make things change in the small world.”
“It will happen sooner or later. Our teacher, Lin Feng, and the others won’t forget about that. I really wonder how strong Lin Feng has become though!” Hou Qing Lin smiled as he remembered how bestially strong Lin Feng was back then. He couldn’t wait to see him again!

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