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PMG Chapter 1754: Demon Dragon

PMG Chapter 1754: Demon Dragon
Lin Feng went to the Edict Palace, but he was annoyed because after having left the Champion Hall, he had lost a point on his Champion Card. After having defeated Ximu, his card had become level 10, and now his card was level 9? He wondered who had risen in the ranking list.
On the second floor of the Edict Palace, there were some very interesting news items.
Lin Feng arrived on the ninth floor of the Edict Palace. There were newspapers everywhere on the walls.
“Holy City, Northern Region of the Demon Pond, the almost everlasting Demon Snake turned into a Pitch-Black Demon Flood Dragon with nine claws and is as strong as a medium-level emperor.” After that, there was an introduction of the Northern Region of the Demon Pond. It was a desolate place, traveling there was extremely dangerous because there were many animals who didn’t want to take human form and were extremely powerful. Sometimes, some disciples from rich families or ancient clans went there to practice.
“Black Demon Flood Dragon?” repeated Lin Feng. He looked at another newspaper, but the latest news was in the newspaper which dealt with the demon flood dragon.
Lin Feng was very interested in dragons. He had a baby dragon in his body, he needed to raise it.
That’s it!, thought Lin Feng. Even though many students of Champion University liked traveling, many people also stayed at university. Maybe some people had already read the news and were gone, but in any case, there was always something new in the Edict Palace. Therefore, Lin Feng didn’t need to worry. He had access to all the latest news.
“Leng Xia, what do you think of that?” asked someone at that moment, pointing at the article about the Northern Region of the Demon Pond. They were interested in the same thing as Lin Feng.
Leng Xia walked forward and read the article, then smiled. “Not bad. If there’s nothing better than that, let’s go and see.”
Leng Xia’s friend nodded and they walked away.
“Leng Xia, the Northern Region of the Demon Pond is not an ordinary place, it’ll be difficult for us there.”
“We can ask some friends in the Star Group to come with us,” replied Leng Xia. Being a member of a university group was useful. They could go to dangerous places together to support one another.
“Some people have been facing difficulties in the Star Group, and some others are traveling. There aren’t many people who can come with us, but it shouldn’t be a problem to go to the Northern Region of the Demon Pond,” said the first person as they went down the stairs.
Ji Chang’s Club is also interested in that place, thought Lin Feng with a frown. He had seen Leng Xia’s name somewhere, he was one of the potential champions, the sixth student. Lin Feng didn’t know he was a member of Ji Chang’s Club before, though…
Lin Feng left the ninth floor too. He was going to go to the Northern Region of the Demon Pond alone, he didn’t intend to bring Tantai and Huang Fu Long along. He didn’t want to bring his friends to dangerous places.

After leaving the Edict Palace, Lin Feng headed for the exit of Champion University.
As Lin Feng was about to leave, Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi came out of the Champion Hall. Hou Qing Lin had studied the Asura Reincarnation Assassination. Tian Chi also learnt a skill. They didn’t want to learn too much. They first wanted to study those two spells properly.
“Brother, where do we go now? Champion Palace, or?” Tian Chi asked Hou Qing Lin. Champion Hall was the first place they had gone to after learning about the university.
“Let’s go to the Edict Palace first. No need to rush, the Champion Palace can wait,” replied Hou Qing Lin. Tian Chi didn’t mind and they headed towards the Edict Palace.
“Aren’t they the two disciples?” At that moment, in the distance, someone recognized Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi.
“Indeed. They’re very strong. They defeated the 12th student. Now, they’re 12th and 13th.”
“I wonder how strong they are in comparison to the two students who were accepted three months ago, especially Princess Yu Wen. She’s probably going to challenge stronger people.” Even though Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi heard people talk around them, they just ignored them. Three months before, two extremely strong students had joined the university, so what? What they didn’t know, though, was that one of them was their friend.

Lin Feng took the boat the Celestial Emperor Duan Mu had given to him and rose up into the air. The university was gigantic. With the boat, Lin Feng didn’t need to worry about anything, it was extremely fast.
The Northern Region of the Demon Pond was naturally to the north of the Holy City, that was why it was called the northern region. Even with Duan Mu’s boat, Lin Feng would need some time to get there.
At that moment, Lin Feng was in the sky, he could see a vast arid region of orange grass. The area was becoming more and more desolate as he traveled.
Finally, a gloomy place appeared in his field of vision, and a pale dark energy appeared. It looked like demonic energy… no wonder the place was called the Northern Region of the Demon Pond.
Lin Feng put his boat away and slowly descended from the sky. There were terrifying animals in the region so Lin Feng didn’t want to fly, otherwise it would draw their attention. He had to be discreet.
“Demon Pond.” Lin Feng looked at the ground. He didn’t land on the ground, he stayed a few feet above it and looked around.
“Beasts?” Lin Feng gazed into the distance and sensed some strong bestial Qi. Rumbling sounds spread in the air, and Lin Feng saw a gigantic creature. It was a massive ox! Lin Feng had never seen that kind of ox, it looked ferocious and had three horns. Its Qi was incredible, too.
“How reckless!” that ox bellowed at him. Then, he rushed at Lin Feng at full speed.
Lin Feng frowned. That ox was an imperial beast, and when he saw that Lin Feng was a Zun cultivator, he thought Lin Feng was reckless?
Lin Feng released some wind Qi, but at that moment, a terrifying and dazzling light beam appeared. A terrifying sword light streaked across the sky. The ox sensed the terrifying energy and bellowed furiously. The ox turned around, demonic Qi rolled out in waves, and rose into the sky.
Slash! An infinity of deadly lights appeared in the sky, Lin Feng retreated as horrible shrieks arose, and the lights cut into the ox.
A silhouette appeared and moved at full speed, as fast as lightning. Sword lights kept rising to the skies. More sword lights appeared and beheaded the ox, who fell down from the sky in two pieces.
“Not bad!” said someone. The ox fell down and that person took its corpse. It was a beautiful woman, her eyes twinkling like stars. She was slim, and had a cute nose and a cuter mouth. She smiled thinly, looking fragile, but surprisingly she could carry the head of the ox with one hand.
“What a powerful sword technique.” Lin Feng looked at the young man who had killed the ox. He was tall and elegant, and his Qi was extraordinary.
Apart from those two people, there was another young man. He looked elegant too, and was wearing a golden robe. The ox surprisingly hadn’t noticed any of them. They were really extraordinary.
“A Zun cultivator?” the young man in the golden robe looked at Lin Feng in surprise.
The woman just smiled and asked, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”
“I’m just out for a walk,” Lin Feng replied carefully.
“My name is Yun Qing Yan. We’re from Champion University. We came here to practice cultivation. Your cultivation level is low, you shouldn’t stay alone, you can stay with us,” the young woman smiled at Lin Feng.
Lin Feng nodded agreement, he had no reason to refuse.
“Yun Qing Yan.” Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled. He had seen Yun Qing Yan’s name somewhere at university. He didn’t remember who she was, though. He checked his godly awareness, but didn’t find anything about her.
“Alright, let’s go then!”ordered Yun Qing Yan cheerfully. She was very polite and nice.
“Did you come for the demon flood dragon, too?” Yun Qing Yan asked Lin Feng.
“I’ve heard that the demon flood dragon had appeared, we came here to see, but we have to be careful.” Lin Feng sensed that the two young men weren’t happy to have him with them, so Lin Feng didn’t talk too much.
“The demon dragon flood appeared, indeed. We learned about him at Champion University. We’re not the only ones here, there are also some other strong cultivators. You haven’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer and surprisingly you still came here! You’re quite brave! You’re lucky you encountered us, otherwise, the ox would have killed you!” Yun Qing Yan chided him. She sounded very nice.

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