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PMG Chapter 1755: Drinking the Dragon’s Blood

PMG Chapter 1755: Drinking the Dragon’s Blood
Lin Feng, Yun Qing Yan, and the others walked and chatted at the same time. That young woman was different from many of the women Lin Feng had met, enthusiastic and friendly. Her friends were cold and detached. They weren’t talkative at all, but they weren’t aggressive to Lin Feng. Sometimes, they exchanged a few words with Yun Qing Yan.
They gradually walked into the depths of the territory. The beasts were stronger and stronger, nobody said anything anymore, and they all hid their Qi. They had to be cautious here…
Just like Yun Qing Yan said, there are many people from university here. Lin Feng saw some people but they didn’t talk,, they just took different ways.
A terrifying roar arose, and the atmosphere shook to the extent that the grass moved. Demon Qi rose to the skies.
“Someone was faster than us!” Yun Qing Yan swore, her facial expression changed grimly as she accelerated. A gigantic head appeared in front of them, all in black. It was a flood dragon, and it was spitting out winds which turned into fearsome, highly corrosive black clouds
Roar, roar..!
More gigantic creatures had appeared. Lin Feng and the others frowned as the sky became darker.
“Disperse!” said Yun Qing Yan. The two young men ran sideways and rose up into the air.
Lin Feng did the same, glancing around. He could see thousands of meters in all directions. There were some young men and women, most of them were from the four universities. After all, the four universities had a wide news network, so they all knew about the flood dragon.
Caught between those people was a gigantic creature, hundreds of meters long. It was as pitch-black as a meteorite. Its eyes were terrifying, bestial Qi dripping from them.
Around him were dragon guards. On the ground, there were many dead dragons, and two dead humans.
“What a terrifying physical strength!” someone cursed at that moment, gulping and pulling a long face.
“Chu Chun Qiu, we have to rely on you here!” said one of them to Chu Chun Qiu. Even though Chu Chun Qiu had become a student at the Celestial Godly University a short time before, he was already famous there because he was very talented. In less than six months, he had become a medium-level emperor, his cultivation speed was terrifying!
“He was a normal dragon and he evolved into a flood dragon, he has an incredible willpower and he’s very strong.” Chu Chun Qiu’s eyes were twinkling. At that moment, he was surrounded by dangerous energy. He wasn’t as discreet as he was back in the Vast Celestial Ancient City.
“You all want to die!” snarled the dragon coldly. He hadn’t thought people would come and try to kill him after he became a flood dragon, damn humans!
“Die!” Some whistling sounds spread in the air, and the dragons threw themselves at the humans.
“You want to die!” shouted Yun Qing Yan furiously. She stretched out her slender white hands and a terrifying golden light beam illuminated the atmosphere. It was like it was raining gold. Some horrible shrieks spread through the air. The dragon was cut by the golden lights, his body riddled with gaping wounds. He could barely breathe!
How strong!, Lin Feng sighed. Yun Qing Yan was a medium-level emperor, her cosmic energies were terrifying. For her, these low level imperial beasts were weak.
The two young men were also terrifying. One of them controlled sword energies, the other one also controlled a golden type of cosmic energy.
Lin Feng didn’t do anything, he just watched.
Chu Chun Qiu has come to the Holy City as well, Lin Feng noticed. He wasn’t surprised, however. A low level imperial dragon can’t kill those incredible cultivators.
The crowd killed the dragon and then they continued chasing the other dragons. Chu Chun Qiu and the others were already fighting against another dragon, the earth and the sky were shaking violently. The dragon roared furiously. Mountains exploded, Chu Chun Qiu’s will rose to the skies. His attacks were ferocious and deadly.
“Sss!” Another dragon hissed and rushed towards Lin Feng, baring its fangs. Lin Feng jumped forwards fearlessly.
“Wind!” He released wind cosmic energy and accelerated to full speed.
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. A Purple Lake Tank appeared, massive and moving towards the ferocious dragon at full speed. The scales of the dragon bristled, but the tank still smashed into him. Blood gushed out, and his body was cracking.
However, Lin Feng continued moving like the wind, and immediately landed on the dragon. Nine flood dragons roared, flew towards the dragon, and ate him.
Bzzz! Lin Feng moved like the wind, flying towards another dragon. He jumped, the earth and the sky shook again, and the dragon couldn’t block Lin Feng’s Purple Tank. He killed it and then Lin Feng’s dragon spirit ate it again.
Those dragons were from this region. They didn’t like human beings, they enjoyed the peace and tranquility here. They weren’t very strong, they were just talented. However, they were still precious because their blood was priceless. They could evolve and transform into flood dragons, creatures which were even more powerful.
Demon flood dragons had dragon blood, for Lin Feng it was priceless.
“What is that guy doing?”, wondered someone watching Lin Feng. Surprisingly, Lin Feng was killing dragons alone and eating them with his spirit, amazing them. Lin Feng didn’t seem that strong, but he could easily kill those flood dragons.
“Is that the Purple Lake Tank?” Yun Qing Yan was stupefied when she saw Lin Feng. That was clearly the Purple Lake Tank, but a more powerful version of it. That guy had to be a student at Champion University, too. She had never heard of him though, he was probably a new student.
Boom! A dragon tore apart a human’s head with his claws, and another strong cultivator fell down from the sky. The crowd was shocked. Practicing cultivation as a student wasn’t easy, it was dangerous too! Those dragons were scary, especially after transforming into flood dragons!
But all of that had nothing to do with Lin Feng. He kept killing dragons, one after another, and drinking their blood. His demon Qi flew throughout his body at full speed, his blood started boiling, dragon chants spread in the air. The crowd was surprised, Does this guy have dragon blood?
At that moment, a terrifying sound spread in the air, a dragon was propelled away. His body even exploded.
“Damn humans!” Dlack claws moved towards Lin Feng at full speed. Lin Feng frowned and released demon energies in waves.
“Rule!” Lin Feng moved like the wind, and unflinchingly moved forwards. He dodged the claws and punched the dragon’s waist violently. Pieces of flesh appeared as the scales were rent.
The dragon tried to grab Lin Feng with his claws, but Lin Feng moved like the wind again, the attack was too slow in comparison with Lin Feng.
“Lin Feng!” Chu Chun Qiu had noticed Lin Feng. He wondered which university Lin Feng had joined.
How audacious!, thought the crowd. They hadn’t thought of attacking dragons that way, as dragons were too dangerous, especially their physical strength.
Slash, slash… The dragon exhaled and moved towards Lin Feng at full speed.
“Opportunity!” Yun Qing Yan hadn’t thought that Lin Feng was so strong. Golden lights invaded the atmosphere. The dragon kept roaring. Lin Feng had already attacked it a few times, if its physical body hadn’t been that strong, it wouldn’t have withstood this human’s attacks.
“Continue and attack him where he’s wounded!” said someone. Terrifying energies moved towards the dragon’s back, and it flapped its wings. Lin Feng moved back again and his Purple Tank combined with demon energies shook the atmosphere again. At the same time, Lin Feng moved behind the dragon. His nine-headed dragon spirit opened its wings and cut open the dragon’s wound with its claws bloodily.
The dragon roared furiously and beat its wings. The crowd moved away. Lin Feng used his spirit to cut open the dragon’s back, standing there looking like a god.
“Kill him!” said someone, staring at Lin Feng. Dragon blood was priceless, and Lin Feng was taking everything!

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