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PMG Chapter 1756: Capturing the Flood Dragon

PMG Chapter 1756: Capturing the Flood Dragon
Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled, and his nine-headed dragon spirit suddenly moved back. Lin Feng released wind energies and two cosmic energies to create an armor.
Boom! A terrifying energy crashed onto Lin Feng. His armor exploded and Lin Feng was propelled away, looking furious.
The flood dragon looked at Lin Feng and raised his claws, roaring madly. Terrifying demon energies moved towards Lin Feng at full speed. At the same time, he also threw himself at Lin Feng.
“Stupid animal,”  Lin Feng taunted it scornfully. He moved away, mark lights appeared behind him.
“Don’t waste time!” The young man’s eyes lit up when he saw that the dragon was chasing Lin Feng. He also understood that he had to act now, otherwise he would have no opportunity to do anything, especially now that there were more and more strong cultivators appearing.
Bzzz! A golden light beam and a gigantic golden bowl appeared.
“Take!” said the one who had released the golden bowl. Dazzling golden lights appeared and surrounded the dragon.
The dragon roared furiously as he struggled. He wanted to escape, but it was too difficult.
He turned around and released demon energy to crash against the bowl. However, nothing happened, the demon energies disappeared inside.
“Hmph!” The strong cultivators chased the dragon. Some weak people had died, some others seemed weak but actually didn’t use their full strength because there were other strong cultivators there. Finally, some people started using weapons, but nobody hurried. They knew that even if they obtained precious treasures, the others would attack them.
Dazzling lights appeared, many people started using treasures so the atmosphere was filled with more and more Qi. The young man with the golden bowl looked angry and felt oppressed.
Lin Feng frowned and released demon Qi, surrounding himself with pitch-black lights. His Kalpa strength rolled in waves. Stealing this dragon would be difficult…
Lights twinkled. Lin Feng took out the Celestial Evolution Chessboard and the sun disc.
“The sun disc, from my clan, the Sun Holy Clan!” A young man looked at Lin Feng coldly and threw himself at him. That young man had come with Yun Qing Yan, it was the one with the sword energies who had killed the ox.
“Sun Holy Clan.” Lin Feng was surprised. No wonder his sword energies were so dazzling, and golden like the sun.
“The Celestial Evolution Chessboard, you’re from the Vast Celestial Ancient City, you killed Yang Yan!” swore the young man from the Sun Holy Clan, staring fixedly at Lin Feng. Many people looked at Lin Feng then. A strong cultivator from the Vast Celestial Ancient City who had obtained the Celestial Evolution Chessboard? He had also killed many other people. It rang a bell. Many people had heard about him, his name was Lin Feng, it seemed?
Of course, some people didn’t remember him, but they remembered the Celestial Evolution Chessboard.
Lin Feng didn’t care about what people thought, his Celestial Evolution Chessboard became gigantic, and lights twinkled in the air.
Lin Feng drove his godly awareness into the chessboard, then jumped on it and condensed marks.
He’s the one who’s been abandoned by the gods, so he’s not hiding his cultivation level, he’s really a Zun cultivator who controls several sorts of cosmic energies!, thought Yun Qing Yan, looking at Lin Feng strangely. She had heard about the young man who had been abandoned by the gods. However, he was extremely strong!
The gigantic dragon roared and moved towards the golden bowl at full speed. The young man smiled coldly and the bowl became gigantic, he wanted the dragon to fall into it. The other cultivators didn’t do much now, many of them were just watching.
“Since you don’t want him, I’ll take him!” Lin Feng was surfing on his Celestial Evolution Chessboard at full speed. People glanced at one another, but they didn’t dare act recklessly. He could go and try if he wanted.
The Celestial Evolution Chessboard arrived under the dragon, Lin Feng suddenly jumped and the Celestial Evolution Chessboard surrounded the dragon in an illusion.
“How dare you?” The young man with the golden bowl was furious! At that moment, dangerous lights surrounded the Celestial Evolution Chessboard.
At that moment, Lin Feng was in the illusion, and standing in front of the dragon. He released his celestial book spirit, it was the first time he used it outside. He took the dragon into his spirit.
“Take!” ordered Lin Feng, and the dragon disappeared into his spirit world.
Outside, people were fixedly staring at Lin Feng. The Celestial Evolution Chessboard became small again, and disappeared. Lin Feng took out a talisman, which exploded and sent Lin Feng ten thousand meters away.
“Oh no!” the crowd frowned, where was the dragon? What had Lin Feng done?
“Lacerate!” A beam of sunlight streaked across the sky, sun swords invaded the atmosphere and moved towards Lin Feng at full speed.
The sun disc shone with dazzling light and collided with the sun swords. A small fire dragon appeared. Under Lin Feng’s feet, a boat appeared and moved away like lightning!
Everything was happening so fast. Nobody had thought that Lin Feng would manage to steal the dragon and disappear. Was it thanks to the Celestial Evolution Chessboard?
“Come back!” shouted Chu Chun Qiu, furiously releasing his energies. Lin Feng sensed some willpower invading the atmosphere, but he just smiled coldly and threw out another talisman. His speed was incredible.
“Bastard!!!” The crowd chased him, but Lin Feng’s ancient boat was too fast. Combined with the two talismans, it was even faster!
“Chase him!” shouted the people chasing after Lin Feng. The problem was that most of them only had offensive items, they couldn’t catch up with Duan Mu’s boat. After a short time, Lin Feng disappeared from their view.
In the vast and desolate area of the Demon Pond, there was a demon hill. A cave there was completely sealed and fog hid the entrance with a strange power.
A gigantic dragon was fixedly staring at Lin Feng. He asked coldly, “Where are we?”
“In my world,” Lin Feng replied calmly.
“I’ll destroy your world, then!” declared the dragon, spitting out terrifying energies. At the same time, he shook his claws, but nothing happened. The dragon was stunned.
“What’s going on? What did you do?” demanded the dragon. He couldn’t use cosmic energies there!
“In the outside world, I can’t use the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky. I can only rely on my own cosmic energies, but here it’s different. Here you can’t use the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky, it’s my world!” Lin Feng replied calmly.
He released death energy to surround the dragon, and the dragon’s eyes became pitch-black. “How’s that possible? Your cosmic energies shouldn’t be that strong!”
Boom! Several sorts of cosmic energies emerged from Lin Feng’s body. The dragon was shocked, so many cosmic energies! How was that possible? He couldn’t believe it!
“Die!” shouted the dragon furiously, releasing demon energies towards Lin Feng, but Lin Feng simply disappeared. The dragon couldn’t attack him.
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously releasing more death energy. The dragon’s demon energies disappeared. Lin Feng smiled. In Lin Feng’s world, the dragon was just a creature, he didn’t have unlimited cosmic energies here.
Even though Lin Feng couldn’t use the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky, they didn’t decay. His spirit and his body were in perfect symbiosis. In his world, Lin Feng also had an infinity of cosmic energies which never decayed.
The dragon was furious, punching the ground and making Lin Feng’s world shake. The dragon’s physical strength was scary. Lin Feng understood that even though he was the master of his world, strong cultivators could also destroy it.
“Stupid animal, let’s see how long you can resist.” Lin Feng rose up in the air and shook his hand. A Purple Tank appeared, and at the same time, its strength surrounded the dragon. The Purple Tank shot at the dragon, but the dragon destroyed it. He was extremely strong.
However, Lin Feng didn’t intend to let the dragon off.

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