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PMG Chapter 1757: Waiting

PMG Chapter 1757: Waiting
In the territory of the Demon Pond, many people were looking for Lin Feng, but the area was too vast, finding someone was too difficult.
Yun Qing Yan and the others gathered again, the young man from the Sun Holy Clan said icily, “Since he’s a student at Champion University, let’s wait for him there.”
“Do you really want him as an enemy?” asked Yun Qing Yan.
“Yang Yan was a direct descendent of the Sun Holy Clan, otherwise he wouldn’t have had the sun disc. Lin Feng killed him and stole the disc, he has also killed other people from the Sun Holy Clan, how could I let him off?” Yang Chu Ge replied coldly.
“As you wish, but you’re ranked, if you fight against a new student, I won’t get involved,” Yun Qing Yan returned primly.
“No need, I can solve the issue myself!” answered Yang Chu Ge, and everyone began to depart.
The others also started leaving, especially after learning that Lin Feng was a student at Champion University. Many people wanted to wait for him there.

Regarding Lin Feng, he was in his small world and bombarding the dragon with attacks. The dragon kept roaring, he looked ferocious, but his cosmic energies were restrained. In the outside world, cultivators could borrow the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky, they were in symbiosis with nature, but in that world, the dragon’s cosmic energy reserves were already empty. He could only use his physical strength to fight against Lin Feng, but it wasn’t enough to pose a threat to Lin Feng.
Lin Feng kept releasing death cursing energies, corroding the dragon’s body and life. The dragon’s life was being drained out slowly. He couldn’t escape.
“I will destroy you!” swore the dragon, releasing a terrifying Qi. He had a huge wound on his back now, and it was getting bigger and bigger.
“Stop resisting! I’m doing this for another dragon. You won’t die!” Lin Feng promised, and a dragon chant spread in the air. Dragon scales appeared and his blood started boiling. Behind him, a dragon head slowly appeared. It was a real dragon, its body was black and it looked ferocious.
“A dragon?” The flood dragon was stunned. Lin Feng had a dragon in his body!
“Indeed. This dragon is in my blood. It’s part of my strength. If you and that dragon fuse together, you’ll become extremely strong,” Lin Feng said evenly. “Even though you have a terrifying physical strength, you won’t resist much longer. If you continue, I will kill you.”
The flood dragon looked unhappy, but he understood that Lin Feng was telling the truth. He was very strong and aggressive, and if he wanted, he could kill the dragon. The dragon suddenly looked sad. It had taken him tens of thousands of years to turn into a flood dragon, and now he was going to become a slave.
“Stop resisting. It’s for your own good,” Lin Feng said pitilessly. “I didn’t use precious treasures because I was scared of killing you. If you continue resisting, I won’t hesitate anymore!”
The sun disc appeared, Lin Feng didn’t want to kill the dragon, otherwise his blood would become less useful.
The thunder hammer appeared. Those two treasures were terrifying together, thunder and fire appearing around them as Lin Feng got closer to the dragon. “Come, be a good boy now. You will live for a very long time through your blood. I will let you keep a thread of will, your will will never disperse that way.”
The dragon raised his head and roared in anguish, making the sky shake. After a long time, the dragon looked up at Lin Feng sullenly. “Alright, I’ll do as you wish…”
“That’s the right decision!” Lin Feng smiled. He landed on the back of the dragon and his Nine-headed dragon spirit appeared and absorbed the dragon’s blood.

A few hours later, in the cave, demon strength rolled in waves, a dragon chant spread in the air, and a fearsome pitch-black demonic strength condensed.
Outside of the cave, grass undulated. The mountain was shaking at the same pace as the dragon chant.
Rumbling sounds spread out, a silhouette came out of the cave. The terrifying demon energy became even more intense.
Lin Feng was surrounded by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength. He raised his head and looked at the sky, as Deva-Mara Kalpa strength descended from above and pierced through his body. Dark lights flew throughout his physical body..
Boom, boom! More Deva-Mara Kalpa strength bombarded Lin Feng’s body. But he wasn’t afraid, even thought the Deva-Mara Kalpa strength was getting more and more intense.
Finally, the Kalpa strength dispersed. Lin Feng was up in the sky, cleaned by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength four times already. His physical body was becoming more and more dauntless.
However, at that moment, a powerful bestial Qi rose nearby. Lin Feng frowned, took out his boat, and left. He couldn’t stay there, otherwise it would draw people’s attention.
Outside of Champion University, there were students, and also some people who weren’t students, there waiting.
“Yang Chu Ge, are you sure Lin Feng stole the flood dragon?” Leng Xia asked Yang Chu Ge. He had already contacted some people from Ji Chang’s Club. They were initially going to go to the Demon Pond and then they encountered Yang Chu Ge on the way, so they had come back. Apparently, Lin Feng had stolen the flood dragon.

Yang Chu Ge didn’t reply. He glanced at Leng Xia. Leng Xia was the 6th student and he was the 7th, precisely because he had lost against Xia. Yang Chu Ge didn’t like Leng Xia. He hoped to surpass the other someday.
When Leng Xia saw Yang Chu Ge remain silent, he smiled coldly and said, “Yang Chu Ge, you’re lucky you’re the seventh student, you should pay more attention to Ji Chang’s Club instead of following that girl. You could become something.”
“Stop it with your nonsense. I will soon challenge you and Puyang,” Yang Chu Ge shot back. The 5th and 6th students were both members of Ji Chang’s Club.
“Anytime,” Leng Xia smiled back.
“How noisy, something is going on.” At that moment, someone appeared in the distance, he was wearing white clothes and had his hands in his sleeves. He smiled at the crowd.
People raised their heads and looked surprised, even a bit scared. Jing Shou, this guy was extremely dangerous…
“Miss Qing Yan is here too!” Jing Shou looked at Yun Qing Yan and nodded.
“Why shouldn’t I be here?” asked Yun Qing Yan, frowning. She looked back at Jing Shou and said, “Jing Shou, you haven’t joined any group, you should stay with me and join the Yun Club.”
“Nah, if I follow you everyday, I’ll lose my mind and fall in love and then you’ll abandon me,” Jing Shou smiled. Then, he looked at the crowd and asked with a chuckle, “Who wants to challenge whom?”
“I’ve heard that you are an assassin, Jing Shou, is that true?” asked a young man, grinning at Jing Shou.
“Since you’ve heard that, it can only be true!” replied Jing Shou modestly.
“I’d like to see your hands!” the young man said impolitely.
“I’ve heard that Shi Yi from the Celestial Godly University had dragon blood and had gone to the Demon Pond to hunt dragons, what is he doing here?” Jing Shou replied easily. Then, he looked at the crowd and smiled further. “I see, some students from Champion University must have obtained dragons, and now they’re waiting for the ones with the dragons to come back to Champion University because they are not happy.”
“So what?” Shi Yi challenged him.
“Nothing, I just want to watch people fight!” Jing Shou shrugged, stepping aside to wait.
Lin Feng didn’t know about any of that. He was on his boat flying at full speed. When he drew nearer to the University, he saw some people on the horizon, they seemed to be waiting for something.
Lin Feng stopped his boat and examined the crowd. He understood they were waiting for him.
“Interesting.” Jing Shou saw Lin Feng and looked amused. That guy had taken a dragon in front of everybody and dared show up again, such people were rare. Even though Jing Shou wasn’t interested in the dragon, he knew that he couldn’t defeat a dragon alone!

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