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PMG Chapter 1758: Aggressive

PMG Chapter 1758: Aggressive
“You finally came back!” shouted Yang Chu Ge. Then, he walked up to Lin Feng, his eyes filled with scorching hot flames.
Lin Feng looked at the crowd disdainfully. Those people were ridiculous, they had been waiting for him?
“I’m back, what do you want?” Lin Feng  asked indifferently.
“You hid the flood dragon in some in some kind of treasure, show it to us!” ordered Yang Chu Ge, staring at Lin Feng. The others also walked forwards and surrounded Lin Feng.
“People from Champion University want to join hands with people from other universities, but here we’re just outside Champion University,” said Lin Feng looking at the crowd coldly. Yang Chu Ge was also a student at Champion University, and Lin Feng had already seen Leng Xia in the Edict Palace, he was a member of Ji Chang’s Club. The others were probably from other universities.
The people coming in and out of the university were surprised to see all those people surrounding someone. They were interested once they found out those people were arguing over the flood dragon. They had also heard about that in the Edict Palace.
“The four universities of the Holy City have rules. If students want to challenge other students, they have to do inside the university. If both parties agree, students can fight on the battle stage,” said Jing Shou indifferently. “It’s funny to see so many strong cultivators surround a new student though, including the sixth and seventh student.”
People frowned, so many strong cultivators were surrounding a new student, that was shameless indeed!
“That guy stole the flood dragon, we can’t let him off!” Yang Chu Ge retorted.
“Since you had the dragon and he stole it from you, it means that you guys suck at cultivation,” Jing Shou judged calmly.
Yang Chu Ge was infuriated. Lin Feng had taken the flood dragon in front of so many people, they had been too careless indeed. Everybody had seen Lin Feng, and still he had escaped.
Lin Feng looked at Jing Shou. That guy was mysterious, he looked and sounded like a killer.
“If you want the flood dragon, come on then!” said Lin Feng walked forwards. Yang Chu Ge pulled a long face and released a terrifying and scorching sun. It was different from Yang Yan’s sun though, Yang Chu Ge’s was much more powerful. Several suns appeared, containing terrifying sword energies that moved towards Lin Feng at full speed.
Lin Feng frowned, an armor appeared and he stuck forward with both hands. A Purple Tank appeared and slammed into the incoming blades. The sun swords broke apart and exploded.
Lin Feng continued walking forwards. He didn’t use any treasures, so Yang Chu Ge couldn’t either, otherwise he would lose face.
He walked forwards too, looking like a dazzling sun.
“Die!” someone shouted furiously. Suddenly, a gigantic bird of fire moved towards Lin Feng at full speed.
“Imprison!” Lin Feng shook his hand and Deva-Mara Kalpa strength blocked the gigantic fire bird and imprisoned it. However, the gigantic bird quickly broke free.
“Rule!” Lin Feng rose up in the air and his Deva-Mara Kalpa turned into a web which destroyed the gigantic bird.
“Slice!” Yang Chu Ge rose up in the air, condensing sun swords which charged towards Lin Feng.
Lin Feng sensed a powerful strength. Yang Chu Ge was very strong, he was in the top ten at university. His cosmic energies were already level seven. He could even kill medium-level emperors easily.
Lin Feng suddenly released extraordinary immortal and demonic energies, looking like a demon king. His eyes were filled with death energies, his robe was fluttering in the wind. In a short time, Lin Feng’s Qi had completely changed, he looked like a death god.
“Die!” Thunder descended from the sky, clouds appeared, sword lights moved chaotically. The death god Lin Feng rose up in the air. Yang Chu Ge was stunned, he had the feeling he wasn’t facing a human being anymore.
“Four Energies Destructive Assassination!” Yang Chu Ge was dumbstruck, he couldn’t believe that Lin Feng had studied the Four Energies Destructive Assassination, it meant that he could also make four types of energies fuse together and use them as a spell! That was unbelievable!
Wind energies surrounded Lin Feng. Yang Chu Ge had the sensation that his will was being destroyed. At the same time, death energies rose up in the air. He started running away, but Lin Feng followed him at full speed and shouted furiously. His Purple Tank appeared again and streaked across the sky.
“Piss off!” Magnificent and dazzling sword lights appeared and destroyed the Purple Tank. However, Yang Chu Ge didn’t look happy and Lin Feng only smiled coldly. Lin Feng continued towards the entrance of Champion University. Yang Chu Ge didn’t chase him, his hands were shaking on the Holy Light Sword he was holding.
He’s so strong. Surprisingly, Yang Chu Ge had to use his Holy Light Sword!, thought the crowd, astonished. Most of them now knew that Lin Feng was the one who had been abandoned by the gods in the Vast Celestial Ancient City, but that he understood seven types of cosmic energies. At that moment, he had already used several sorts of cosmic energies, but they weren’t the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky, but somehow his own. It seemed like his own cosmic energies had no limits, it was strange. They didn’t understand how he could do that…
People who hadn’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer but who understood cosmic energies didn’t have access to an unlimited amount of cosmic energies, but Lin Feng seemed to be different. Maybe it was because he understood several sorts of cosmic energies?
“Yang Chu Ge, as a cultivator, it’s normal to lose sometimes. Don’t take it to heart. Practice more and someday you’ll surpass him,” Yun Qing Yan said with a polite smile. She headed in to Champion University, and many other people did the same. They had all seen how strong Lin Feng was, they couldn’t afford to underestimate him. He had even defeated Yang Chu Ge!
“It seems that the 7th student is not that good,” Leng Xia remarked with freezing irony and burning satire. He entered the university too. Leng Xia wondered who would win between him and Lin Feng. If he had been Yang Chu Ge, he wouldn’t have laughed…
It seems that everyone from Ji Chang’s Club is being defeated, those new students are strong, thought Leng Xia. After a short time, everyone was back inside the university. The other students didn’t have Champion Cards, but they could also go inside Champion University sometimes, that was a rule the four universities had agreed on in the Holy City.
Students could go to other universities as they wished, but of course, they couldn’t go to places like Champion Hall or Edict Palace.
“What’s going on?” At that moment, people who were in Champion University noticed Lin Feng, he was being followed by many other people. They were surprised.
“I recognize him, he’s a new student, he became a student three months ago. He’s extremely arrogant. He offended Princess Yu Wen and then Ji Chang’s Club. He’s strange, though!”
“You’re talking about Lin Feng, I guess? I’ve heard of him, he’s from the Vast Celestial Ancient City, back then, at the Ice Moon Lake, he was about to break through to the Huang Qi layer but it failed. The gods didn’t let him become an emperor, but in the end he decided to defy them and now he controls seven types of cosmic energies. Everybody knows about that in the Vast Celestial Ancient City. He’s very strong,” someone else informed them proudly, then joined the crowd to watch.
“Imperial Kalpa? I don’t think he can defeat potential champions of the university with the strength of the Zun Qi layer.”
“Hehe, you can’t underestimate him, what Zun cultivator could understand seven sorts of cosmic energies? Have you ever heard of such a thing?”
“Indeed, I’ve never heard of that,  but the problem is that if he remains an Imperial Kalpa, he’ll be stuck at some point and he’ll never become a champion.”
People were making comments about Lin Feng as more and more people gathered.

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  1. Blackbird July 15, 2018 at 12:17 pm - Reply

    Imperial Kalpa ? Those people are not understand at all, he doesn’t have it and it because of his special body Lul.

    • kantegir July 15, 2018 at 3:08 pm - Reply

      It’s only good that no one guess about Taboo Physique yet, if someone do so, then Celestial Emperors or someone with higher cultivation lvl is gonna smash or cripple Lin Feng.

    • Patslitv July 16, 2018 at 3:17 pm - Reply

      That’s good so. Because if they find out about that, strong people could guess, which special body he had and like Yan Di said, they would kill him.

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