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PMG Chapter 1759: Ji Wuyou

PMG Chapter 1759: Ji Wuyou
At that moment, some people were fighting on the battle stage and many people were watching.
Ji Chang’s Club’s Star Group had been humiliated twice because of new students, and needed to regain their reputation. Princess Yu Wen and Puyang had gone and looked for the new students who were extremely strong. One of them was elegant and called Hou Qing Lin, the other one was a Buddhist monk and called Tian Chi. They were fellow disciples.
Yu Wen Hou also came to see the battle, many people from the Star Group were there. They couldn’t afford to lose.
Puyang was going to fight against Hou Qing Lin and Princess Yu Wen against Tian Chi. Tian Chi and Hou Qing Lin had also become famous at university. Each time people of Ji Chang’s Club lost, their members felt even more under pressure.
Hou Qing Lin could have refused Puyang’s challenge, as his ranking wasn’t as high as Puyang’s. But he hadn’t refused, he liked to fight, so it was a good exercise.
Bzzz! Puyang looked at the two disciples and shouted furiously, “Come here!”
Hou Qing Lin rose up in the air and jumped onto the battle stage. His robe was fluttering in the wind. He looked determined and focused.
At the same time, Yu Wen Jing also looked at Tian Chi.
Tian Chi put his palms together and golden lights emerged. The two battles had started.
“Interesting. I’ve been a student for a few years and I’ve never seen such interesting new students. They’re extremely strong and on top of that, they’re not from the Holy City,” whispered someone in the crowd watching the battle.
“But Puyang is the 5th student, Hou Qing Lin can’t defeat him.”
“I’ve heard that Hou Qing Lin uses reincarnation cosmic energy, it’s a very rare kind of energy. He must have a special bloodline. Back then, I had a friend who knew reincarnation energy, too. He was very talented. However, he didn’t manage to break through to the Huang Qi layer because his reincarnation energy wouldn’t turn into reincarnation cosmic energy. Hou Qing Lin is really talented.”
“Reincarnation energy is rare indeed, I don’t know why,” commented someone else.
On the battle stage, the battles had already started. Puyang was condensing thunder and empty space cosmic energies. His attacks were aggressive and explosive. The atmosphere was filled with thunder.
Hou Qing Lin released reincarnation cosmic energy, the atmosphere around him distorting. Sword lights appeared around him.
Puyang waved his hand and an empty space light beam appeared, it fused together with thunder energies and surrounded Hou Qing Lin.
“Cut!” A reincarnation curtain appeared around Hou Qing Lin, it seemed like it could absorb anything, including his opponent’s thunder.
These reincarnation energies are incredible, thought the crowd. Those two people were incredibly strong. Puyang’s cosmic energies were already level eight and Hou Qing Lin’s cosmic energies were level seven. However, Puyang’s dual cosmic energies were still absorbed by the reincarnation cosmic energies, nothing could escape from them.
Puyang jumped forwards, he wanted to try close combat. Thunders descended from the sky, the atmosphere turned purple, his empty space energies also surrounded Hou Qing Lin again.
“Come and taste my reincarnation strength!” Hou Qing Lin invited him coldly. Reincarnation energies surrounded Puyang, who groaned dully. It was difficult to get close. Hou Qing Lin’s energy was destroying all his cosmic energies! How was that possible? Usually, such a thing happened only when there was a big level difference between two cultivators.
“Asura, absorb!” Hou Qing Lin said calmly. He used his Asura Reincarnation strength to destroy his enemy’s cosmic energies, then his energies penetrated into his opponent’s body.
“You want to die!” Puyang’s expression changed drastically. He continued running towards Hou Qing Lin, explosions kept spreading in the air as their energies met.
“Body Reincarnation!” shouted Hou Qing Lin quickly, turning into an illusion as his spirit appeared. He could make anything disappear into the reincarnation wheel of life.
How powerful! Reincarnation cosmic energies, reincarnation spirit, perfect!, thought the crowd.

On the other side, Tian Chi and Yu Wen Jing were also fighting. Yu Wen Jing was using her Four Seasons attack, which involved using four different types of cosmic energies. Tian Chi was defending so far. He looked like an indestructible Buddha, remaining motionless. He kept chanting mantras which turned into terrifying attacks.
People were so captivated by the battles that they didn’t notice that a big group of people had appeared in the distance.
When Lin Feng arrived, he was surprised  at what he was seeing and sped up. When he arrived at the crowd, he was pleasantly surprised, suddenly smiled broadly..
They’re here!, thought Lin Feng, looking at Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi. They hadn’t changed at all. They just kept becoming more and more elegant, and stronger too! Lin Feng was very happy to see that they had become strong, they had probably gone through lots of hardship.
“Puyang.” Leng Xia looked at Puyang and Yu Wen Jing strangely. Those people were fighting against new students!
“This year, the new students are incredible. Reincarnation strength, Buddhist cultivation, such cultivators are rare, thought Yu Wen Hou and the other members of the Star Group watching the battle. Yu Wen Hou tried to look unmoved, but on the inside, he was very nervous. He knew perfectly well that Puyang and Yu Wen Jing were very strong. Ordinary low-level emperors couldn’t defeat them, they could even defeat medium-level emperors… but at university, it was a different story.
“Yu Wen, he’s here!” whispered someone next to Yu Wen Hou. Yu Wen Hou gazed into the distance and saw someone in fine clothes. That person also looked arrogant and proud, as if he considered everybody and everything beneath his notice.
He’s also interested in these battles?, thought Yu Wen Hou with a smile. That guy had become the first student a year before and since then, nobody had challenged him again.
He was very strong and talented, quite extraordinary. He also had an incredible fellow disciple.
Ji Wuyou was the first student, he had defeated Jing Shou back then and become the first on the list. Nobody dared fight against him anymore.
Ji Wuyou was also Ji Chang’s younger brother.
“Ji Wuyou.” Someone noticed Ji Wuyou at the same time in the crowd, they were startled to see him. It had been a year since they had seen him on a battle stage, rumors said that he was practicing really hard to become stronger, his goal was to become a Champion, not a potential Champion.
Jing Shou was smiling indifferently, but when he heard Ji Wuyou’s name, he suddenly frowned, turned his head, and saw Ji Wuyou. He looked at him icily. He had lost against the other back then, it was the reason he was in second place on the list. Now it was almost impossible for him to rise up in the ranking list.
Ji Wuyou looked calm and aloof. He walked over to Yu Wen Hou and watched the battles.
“How come you came today?” Yu Wen Hou asked Ji Wuyou.
“The Yu Wen Clan wants an alliance by marriage with my clan, right?” Ji Wuyou replied indifferently.
Yu Wen Hou smiled and said, “You and Princess Yu Wen would be a perfect couple.”
Ji Wuyou didn’t say anything, he just watched Yu Wen Jing on the battle stage.

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