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PMG Chapter 1761: My Feet On Your Face

PMG Chapter 1761: My Feet On Your Face
The six people dispersed. As they had agreed, Hou Qing Lin faced Yu Wen Jing, Tian Chi faced Puyang, and Lin Feng faced Leng Xia.
Of course, since it was a group battle, they could also cooperate.
These fighters are all amazing, thought the crowd. All these people had the potential to rise up in the ranking list!
“Who do you think will win?” The crowd already started trying to guess who was going to win.
“Princess Yu Wen controls the strength of the four seasons and is terrifyingly strong, she also has some sort of mysterious strength. Hou Qing Lin controls reincarnation strength and is also mysterious. Their battle will be awesome, but Princess Yu Wen should win. Regarding Puyang and Tian Chi, Puyang should win. And finally, Leng Xia should win against Lin Feng because Leng Xia is the sixth student. Conclusion, Ji Chang’s Club should win!”
“So you think that the new students don’t stand a chance?”
“The three fellow disciples can be proud of themselves, they’re strong! Even if they lose, it doesn’t change that, and nobody should underestimate them.”
Everybody expressed their views without restraining themselves.
“I don’t think three members of Ji Chang’s Club have ever fought at the same time as a team,” said someone knowingly. This battle was special!

On the vast champion battle stage, the wind was whistling and people’s clothes were fluttering. Yu Wen Jing and Hou Qing Lin released four seasons energies and reincarnation energy respectively. Their attacks were beautiful and powerful.
Puyang and Tian Chi also started fighting, they were both aggressive and brutal. At Champion University, skills, techniques, and spells from Champion Hall were all incredible. Champion University was famous for teaching students how to be incredible fighters.
Nine Cauldrons Celestial Qi Skill, Purple Lake Tank, Four Energies Destructive Assassination, all those were explosive and powerful attacks, and there were many more in Champion Hall.
Leng Xia had studied the Deadly Imperial Punch, a deadly attack. Lin Feng could sense how terrifying his energies were.
“Die!” snarled Leng Xia. Lin Feng sensed death energy, the wind was turning into death Qi around him.
“Death?” Lin Feng was surprised. Leng Xia controlled death cosmic energy, that was why he had managed to study  the Deadly Imperial Punch. However, his death energy couldn’t corrode Lin Feng’s body because Lin Feng controlled both life and death cosmic energies.
“Die!” A Purple Tank appeared, Qi rolled in waves, Lin Feng’s Purple Tank was filled with several sorts of cosmic energies and the speed of his attack was terrifying. His Tank seemed like it could blot out the sky.
“Destroy!” The Deadly Imperial Punch and the Purple Tank collided, Lin Feng was behind the tank and continued running forwards releasing immortal and demon energies as well as death Qi.
“Consciousness curse!” Lin Feng spat, staring at Leng Xia. He was trying to curse Leng Xia’s will.
“You’re going to die!” said Lin Feng. His voice resonated in Leng Xia’s brain and his will started shaking. Lin Feng was also getting closer and closer to him.
“Chaotic Sky!” A punch destroyed the atmosphere and moved as fast as lightning. At the same time, energies surrounded Leng Xia and corroded his skin.
This guy knows so many different sorts of cosmic energies, thought the crow, impressed. Demon cosmic energy, wind cosmic energy, earth cosmic energy, death cosmic energy, thunder cosmic energy, as well as the strange cursing cosmic energy. Lin Feng didn’t give Leng Xia a breath, he could only react to the attacks.
“Piss off!” Leng Xia closed his eyes, not daring to look at Lin Feng, Lin Feng was influencing his will, he couldn’t fight like that!
The Deadly Imperial Punch bent the very air. Death invaded the atmosphere, and stole away the light. Lin Feng couldn’t get any closer.
“Attraction Kalpa!” said Lin Feng, clenching his hand and attracting the Deva-Mara Kalpa strength,  sealing the dark area filled with death.
“Rule!” he continued. The Deva-Mara Kalpa strength started modifying and destroying his opponent’s death energy. Lin Feng jumped and continued charging, holy marks appearing behind him and in front of him like a bridge.
As Lin Feng was running, armor appeared around his body. At the same time, an infinity of light penetrated into his body, his Qi was becoming stronger.
“Piss off!” Suddenly, Lin Feng accelerated even further and turned into a light beam. Lin Feng’s bridge of marks led straight to Leng Xia, whose face turned deathly pale. His Deadly Imperial Punch pounded against Feng’s attack. However, crackling sounds spread in the air. Lin Feng’s Purple Tank slammed into his body and damaged him.
Crackling sounds spread in the air, and suddenly Leng Xia was violently propelled far away. His face was deathly pale and he coughed up blood. He violently crashed onto the ground next to the battle stage.
The crowd hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would be the first one to end the battle. The battle hadn’t been that intense, but it was too quick, only a few seconds long. Lin Feng was incredibly strong!
Leng Xia is the 6th ranked student, which means that Lin Feng should now be the 6th student!, everyone realized. Lin Feng was still considered a new student and was already in the top ten. Regarding Hou Qing Lin, no matter what, he was also in the top ten because he had defeated Puyang just before this!
After this battle, all those people’s ranking would change!
Tian Chi and Puyang’s duel was intense and violent, they kept bombarding each other with brutal attacks. Tian Chi was a Buddhist cultivator, his body was as hard as gold.
Lin Feng already won. Now, if Lin Feng continues fighting, the battle will be even scarier, thought the crowd. If Lin Feng intervened, the result of the battle would be easy to predict, Lin Feng was terrifying.
Puyang understood that, too. He pulled a long face, how could he fight peacefully with Lin Feng watching them?
“Fightfairly!” shouted Puyang aggressively at Tian Chi.
“You attacked me by surprise a moment ago, and now you’re talking about fighting fairly? How shameless.” After Tian Chi replied, Lin Feng immediately intervened. He didn’t feel like being polite to such despicable people.
“Brother, let’s crush him,” Lin Feng said to Tian Chi, smiling grimly. Tian Chi obeyed and attacked even more violently. He was chanting mantras in a clear, melodious, pure, deep, and far-reaching Brahma voice, every word containing explosive energies which bombarded Puyang.
Puyang’s expression changed drastically. He released thunder energies and retreated at full speed.
Bzzz! Lin Feng moved like the wind, as fast as lightning, and used his Deva-Mara Kalpa punch. Lin Feng had been cleansed by the Deva-Mara Kalpa strength four times, his physical body was incredibly strong.
Boom! Puyang suddenly turned around and collided with Lin Feng. An incredible pain invaded his body. Deva-Mara Kalpa strength was incredibly destructive!
A gigantic golden hand moved towards Puyang at the same time. His face was deathly pale, he tried to run away, but the golden hand crushed him down, blood splashed all around.
Lin Feng jumped and landed on Puyang’s head, crushing him into the ground. Puyang’s body was now thrust deep into the ground of the battle stage.
If Lin Feng hadn’t arrived earlier, Puyang would have attacked Tian Chi by surprise and killed or injured him really badly. Lin Feng and Tian Chi couldn’t let Puyang off anymore. Therefore, they joined hands and were merciless.
Those two guys are cruel and pitiless, thought the crowd, but Puyang had attacked Tian Chi by surprise, after all, so it was normal.
Lin Feng is a demon cultivator, his attacks are brutal and aggressive. Tian Chi is a Buddhist cultivator, he looks gentle and innocent, but actually he’s a real killer and he can be merciless.
The crowd enjoyed that battle. Tian Chi was merciless too, and he jumped onto Puyang’s face after Lin Feng.
Puyang is the fifth student, how tragic and humiliating. The crowd could imagine how Puyang felt, desperate. Besides, by humiliating Puyang like that, the whole Ji Chang’s Club’s Star Group felt humiliated.
Of the three cultivators of the Star Group who were fighting against Lin Feng and the others, two had already been defeated. Since Ji Chang had created Ji Chang’s Club, such a horrible thing had never happened to them.

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