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PMG Chapter 1762: Cyan Dragon Totem

PMG Chapter 1762: Cyan Dragon Totem
In the crowd amongst the battle stage, Yu Wen Hou was the one who looked the angriest. He was in charge of Ji Chang’s Club’s Star Group. When the Star Group was humiliated, Yu Wen Hou was the most humiliated, so of course he wasn’t happy.
Puyang and Leng Xia were 5th and 6th ranked, but they were also 2nd and 3rd generals of the Star Group. Apart from Ji Wuyou, they were the two strongest cultivators of the Star Group. However, Ji Wuyou was a member of the Star Group because he was related to Ji Chang.
Lin Feng jumped on Puyang again. Puyang’s face was completely deformed, and bleeding pieces of flesh hung from his face. It looked horrible. He could have never thought he’d look so pitiful someday.
The crowd was like him, they had never thought something like that would ever happen to him. Lin Feng was extremely cruel. When Yang Chu Ge saw that, he was furious and shook with rage. Lin Feng was too strong, even he probably couldn’t defeat  the new student!
“Hehe, those people won’t get the flood dragon in the end. I really need him to join the Yun Club,” Yun Qing Yan smiled. Her beautiful eyes were twinkling.
“Scram now!” Lin Feng kicked Puyang violently. Lin Feng hated such people. The kick propelled the unconscious Puyang off of the battle stage.
This battle is over, it seems, the crowd considered. Puyang had lost, Leng Xia had lost, Yu Wen Jing was the last one on stage. She didn’t need to continue fighting.
Lin Feng and Tian Chi walked towards Hou Qing Lin and surrounded Yu Wen Jing. Even though they didn’t release their Qi, Yu Wen Jing was terrified.
After all, how could she fight alone against three monstrous cultivators? But the problem was that she couldn’t surrender yet, as Lin Feng and Tian Chi hadn’t gotten involved. Besides, how could she surrender?
Hou Qing Lin was feeling fine, his Asura Reincarnation Assassination attack was getting more and more intense. Yu Wen Jing sensed the danger.
“Enough!” a loud voice said at that moment. The crowd frowned. The person who had spoken up was Ji Wuyou. He had chosen to get involved.
Ji Wuyou was abnormally strong. Many people said that with his strength, he could easily defeat ordinary medium-level emperors. He had the potential to become a Champion and was extremely proud.
Some people also said that even if the few people after him in the ranking list joined hands to fight against him, they wouldn’t be able to defeat him. They didn’t want to test that theory out, however.
Lin Feng and Tian Chi turned towards Ji Wuyou. He was very arrogant, as if nobody could go against his will.
It was the first time that Lin Feng had seen Ji Wuyou, so he didn’t recognize him. Even though he didn’t know him, he could sense that he was extremely strong.
With some people, you couldn’t see if they were strong, and with some others, it was obvious. Ji Wuyou belonged to the second category.
Another member of Ji Chang’s Club, thought Lin Feng. Ji Wuyou was standing next to Yu Wen Hou. However, Lin Feng ignored Ji Wuyou’s words entirely.
Tian Chi put his palms together, calm and serene, also ignoring Ji Wuyou.
Regarding Hou Qing Lin, he ignored him as well. He was fighting, how could he let exterior things influence him?
The crowd around the battle stage suddenly quieted down and stopped talking because of Ji Wuyou. He had made the crowd stop talking or moving, but not the fighters, the fighters just ignored him.
“I told you to stop fighting!” shouted Ji Wuyou furiously. He then jumped forwards and moved like the wind.
“We’re on the champion battle stage of Champion University, do you think you can interrupt battles as you wish?” shouted Tian Chi unhappily. People from Ji Chang’s Club acted as if the university belonged to them, and people had to obey them. Each time someone offended them, they sent cultivators to deal with them, and the cultivators were always stronger and stronger.
“I told you to stop, so you have to stop!” declared Ji Wuyou, running towards the battle stage. He looked insane and arrogant.
He was insane, but he was also extremely strong and talented. He had the potential to become a peerless cultivator in life. His brother was an incredible cultivator and had amazed the entire city. Only the Champion Ying Cheng, from the Celestial Godly University, could compete with him. Ying Cheng was also the only person Ji Chang considered worth worrying about. Ji Chang’s brother was younger then him, but he was also incredible. He had amazed Champion University, so new students couldn’t really go against him.
If he told them to stop, they had to!
Lin Feng looked at Hou Qing Lin and Yu Wen Jing, totally furious. Suddenly, he punched the atmosphere, a Purple Tank streaked across the sky and moved towards Yu Wen Jing at full speed.
“Bastard!” shouted Ji Wuyou at the top of his voice. He accelerated as a light beam appeared. Within the light was a dragon, it looked like a totem.
Cyan Dragon Totem! Thanks to their spirit and talent, the Ji Clan can use the strength of the cyan dragon, some of them can also turn into dragons! They’re incredibly strong! The crowd looked at Ji Wuyou’s Cyan Dragon Totem, it was a talent they inherited in the Ji Clan. Ji Chang was even more terrifying. At that moment, nine dragon totems had appeared in the lights. Everybody said his ability exceeded king type bodies, his cyan dragon totems were that explosive. Ji Chang could almost sweep away all other emperors.
Dong! Ji Wuyou jumped, the air shook. He looked like a ferocious beast with infinite strength.
He’s very strong!, thought Lin Feng. The Cyan Dragon Totem gave Lin Feng a similar feeling to when he saw the frost dragon at the twelve shrines, as if the dragon contained endless strength.
Tian Chi frowned. He could also sense the terrifying energy coming in. He jumped forwards and a golden Buddha appeared behind him. Thirty-six hands undulated on each side and turned into destructive golden energy rising to the skies.
“Argh!” Ji Wuyou was furious, a cyan dragon emerged from his mouth, the air around him shook violently. The dragon looked terrifying and could make the earth and sky shake.
“He spat out a dragon! “The crowd was absolutely stunned. Some people who had never seen him fight were dumbstruck., he was so powerful. How exciting, it made them think that his brother Ji Chang was probably even more terrifying. No wonder everybody thought that Ji Chang and Ying Cheng were the strongest young people of the Holy City. Ji Chang had the potential to become the next Champion, it was only a matter of time, although it might take years.
Boom boom boom! The gigantic golden hand broke apart and turned into an infinity of golden pieces moving in every direction. The dragon was still there, however. It continued charging at  Tian Chi, jaws spread wide.
The gigantic Buddha’s hand descended from the sky at full speed, emitting a sonic boom and then colliding with the cyan dragon. Ji Wuyou continued running towards Tian Chi at full speed, smiling coldly as he said,, “Such a crappy guy, the worms will soon eat your corpse! You dared not listen to me? You want to bring about your own destruction!”
Ji Wuyou waved his hands, and the nine other dragons roared furiously, charging towards Tian Chi.
Tian Chi condensed another golden Buddha and dozens and dozens of Buddha hands sent out attacks. However, the dragons were too hard, they almost seemed indestructible.
A sword lightcut the sky, Tian Chi’s Buddha turned into a sharp sword. Suddenly, the cyan dragons started cracking, blood splashed in the air, and it started raining blood as if they had been real dragons. The cyan dragon attack was that terrifying!
“Piss off!” Ji Wuyou punched in the direction of Tian Chi’s face. It didn’t look like a punch, but like another raging dragon.
Rumbling sounds spread in the air, the golden lights which surrounded Tian Chi broke apart, he was propelled away and blood splashed in the air. Ji Wuyou’s physical strength was terrifying, he was as strong as a dragon!
Lin Feng didn’t help, he just watched them battle. That was Tian Chi’s fight, and if he lost, it didn’t matter. It was just an experience.

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    Thank you again!

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    “In a death match nobody was allowed to interfere, otherwise the mysterious school staff would appear” so let alone that Lin Feng and Co. didn’t kill their enemys in a battle to the death, Ji Wuyou even interfered, but yeah totally see the rules here working out.

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      I know. This Uni totally sucks ass. I hope they all leave and join the Four Seasons place and then wipe them at the tournament.

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