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PMG Chapter 1763: Battling and Rising

PMG Chapter 1763: Battling and Rising
“You worms think you can stop me?!” Ji Wuyou bellowed furiously. He continued running as energies rolled out in in every direction.
Tian Chi looked at Ji Wuyou and condensed more golden lights. He had to fight until the end, no matter the result of the battle.
“Let me help!” Lin Feng said,  jumping and landing next to Tian Chi. He smiled and said, “Brother, let me try.”
“Hah?” the crowd looked at Lin Feng. They had anticipated that Tian Chi couldn’t win. However, Lin Feng’s strength was unfathomable. He had defeated Leng Xia, but could he defeat Ji Wuyou?
“Even if you join hands to fight against me, you won’t win!” Ji Wuyou laughed arrogantly. His cyan dragon totem was behind him, he looked alive, lights were shining around him, and he released even more deadly Qi.
His Cyan Dragon Totem is terrifying, his physical strength is terrifying, plus his cultivation level is at the top of the low Huang Qi layer. I think his physical strength is better than mine, Lin Feng considered. He had seen how terrifying his attacks were when he had assaulted Tian Chi a moment ago.
Cosmic strength rose up to the skies and surrounded Lin Feng’s body. Lin Feng condensed cosmic energies, and at the same time, his eyes looked colder and colder, his Deva-Mara Kalpa strength surrounded him and he started charging forwards.
“You overestimate yourself!” hissed Ji Wuyou, also running forwards. The two fighters were streaking towards each other, getting closer and closer…
The cyan dragon roared, the earth and the sky were shaking. Ji Wuyou raised his hand and another dragon appeared containing an explosive strength.
The dragon roared, the crowd narrowed their eyes, some energies spilling over so they couldn’t see clearly. Behind Lin Feng, Xuan Yuan’s axe appeared. It was gigantic and could cleave the sky.
“Piss off!” Ji Wuyou punched in Lin Feng’s direction. The Cyan Dragon Totem looked ferocious and fierce behind him!
Lin Feng didn’t look scared. He punched out too.  Xuan Yuan’s axe illuminated the skies. The dragon roared, everybody shivered, the earth and sky shook violently.
Dong! The two fighters collided again. It was as if the crowd was watching two dragons battle. Dragon chants spread in the air, everything kept shaking and terrifying dragon Qi spread in every direction, astonishing the whole crowd with the pure brutal power of it. Finally, an explosion spread in the air and both fighters were forced away.
Ji Wuyou looked at Lin Feng, coldly furious. Ji Wuyou had realized that Lin Feng’s physical strength might be as good as his!
Lin Feng’s robes started fluttering even more violently, as his eyes turned pitch-black. He looked fearless. He still didn’t know against who he was fighting, but in any case this guy was extremely strong. With the strength of a low-level emperor, his physical strength was amazing, it was rare to see.
Lin Feng didn’t know who he was fighting, but the crowd certainly did. The two fighters’ battle was astonishing. They had vastly underestimated Lin Feng’s power, and his physical strength was terrifying too!
“He can compete with Ji Wuyou, even though he doesn’t have the upper hand!”
Many people were very surprised, even Yu Wen Hou. Everybody had underestimated this new student.
“Your physical strength is not bad. No wonder you dared disobey me,” said Ji Wuyou arrogantly. In Champion University, Lin Feng was the first person who had fought against Ji Wuyou using physical strength.
However, was that enough?
Dazzling lights appeared around Ji Wuyou, and a dragon cauldron appeared. Above the cauldron, cyan dragon symbols appeared, undulating and containing a terrifying and oppressive strength.
The cauldron was filled with a seemingly infinite amount of energy!
“I’ll show you what it means to be strong!” shouted Ji Wuyou furiously. He waved his hand and suddenly, the cauldron charged towards Lin Feng. It was like many dragons were attacking Lin Feng, all baring fangs and brandishing claws.
Dong! Lin Feng shook his hand and marks appeared, containing a terrifying strength.
Lin Feng moved his hands as fast as lightning. After he moved his hands a dozen times, a gigantic deployment spell formed. His attack wasn’t any weaker than the dragon cauldron. The intertwining marks turned into a gigantic set of kanji, “BREAK”. At the same time, more destructive energies spread out in the air.
Lin Feng put his hands together. A Purple Tank appeared again and fused together with the deployment spell, then the attack rained down.
Inside the cauldron, more dragons kept roaring. The cauldron collided with the Tank, the air trembled, it was like the sky was going to collapse. Explosive metallic sounds spread in the air as the cauldron shattered!
Ji Wuyou was astonished. He wove his hands, and more dragons came out. Lights appeared and crashed onto the Tank and broke it.
“Deployment spell…”
Ji Wuyou was fixedly staring at Lin Feng. This guy also controlled deployment spells? And his deployment spells were super powerful. In such a short time, he had managed to draw such powerful marks. How scary…
Lin Feng has many trump cards. He even managed to get rid of Ji Wuyou’s cauldron. His deployment spells are terrifying!, thought the crowd. Ji Wuyou and Lin Feng had collided a few times, but surprisingly none of them had the upper hand.
On the other side, Hou Qing Lin’s Asoka Reincarnation Sword finally destroyed Yu Wen Jing’s mysterious attack. Then, he released sword energies which forced Yu Wen Jing to flee. Yu Wen Jing pulled a long face. She had also lost the battle, and her team had lost. Now, Ji Wuyou was fighting, but could he win?
Lin Feng suddenly turned his head and saw Yu Wen Jing rushing over towards him. Once he noticed her, he ran towards her which made her shout scarily.
“Piss off!” Lin Feng condensed another Purple Tank which charged towards her, uncaringly brutal and violent. Yu Wen Jing’s expression changed, and she instantly turned around and ran away.
Hou Qing Lin had released sword energies; Yu Wen Jing was now being attacked by two people at the same time! Her face was angry and helpless at the same time. The crowd was astonished, Lin Feng and Hou Qing Lin were attacking her, how impolite! When they didn’t like someone, nothing mattered anymore!
Ji Wuyou was even more furious. He punched out in the direction of his enemies and ran towards Yu Wen Jing to block the Purple Tank. Yu Wen Jing could continue fighting against Hou Qing Lin if she wanted to.
“Hmph!” Lin Feng groaned and moving while releasing death Qi. Yu Wen Jing certainly didn’t feel like fighting anymore.
The Purple Tank rained down, Yu Wen Jing jumped aside extremely quickly. However, Lin Feng was faster. He arrived next to her and punched her violently. Blood splashed, and Yu Wen Jing was propelled away. Ji Wuyou jumped up and caught her.
They had lost, Ji Chang’s Club’s team had lost! Leng Xia had been kicked away from the battle stage, Puyang had been humiliated to the extreme. Yu Wen Jing had been punched out by Lin Feng and she was bleeding. Ji Wuyou had gotten involved and he hadn’t managed to defeat them, either. Ji Chang’s Club had lost really badly. If Ji Wuyou hadn’t gotten involved, Yu Wen Jing would have ended up in an even worse situation.
Lin Feng landed in front of Ji Wuyou and Yu Wen Jing, Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi landed at his sides, and they all released Qi which surrounded Yu Wen Jing and Ji Wuyou.
Even in the ranking list, it must be difficult to find three people as strong as them!, thought the crowd. Lin Feng, Tian Chi and Hou Qing Lin were rising champions who had already amazed Champion University. They were stronger than the ten best students of the university! It had been a long time since they had seen such strong people!

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    Ji Wuyou used a dragon cauldron. I thought using equipment in battle stage is prohibited?

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      Didn’t count as an equipment, it was a thing he made from his QI or so I think

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      LOL it was meant to be 3v3 battle yet he joined in too so you can imagine how much the rules matter in this fine establishment. Yet still no sign of staff anywhere. Totally rotten place.

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