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PMG Chapter 1764: Exchanging Views

PMG Chapter 1764: Exchanging Views
Ji Wuyou sensed the three fellow disciples’ Qi, his eyes glittered. He looked proud and angry at the same time.
Lin Feng was really strong, and the two others weren’t weak, either. If they joined hands to fight against him, he’d definitely lose. He didn’t even have the upper hand when fighting one-on-one against Lin Feng.
And Yu Wen Jing in his arms looked even more furious. She had lost, Hou Qing Lin had defeated her and then Lin Feng had punched her so hard that she had been knocked away like a rag doll. She had suffered a crushing defeat!
“When people on the battle stage are defeated, you get involved. It seems like university’s rules don’t apply here, it’s the law of the jungle. You’re used to doing what you wish,” said Hou Qing Lin coldly. “The Star Group is like that, is it?”
“Brother, we could create a faction too, that way, we could be as pretentious and arrogant as them. Then, we could also recruit more people and bully them!”  laughed Lin Feng. Hou Qing Lin turned to Lin Feng.
“What would be the name?” Hou Qing Lin asked him.
“What about Tiantai?” asked Lin Feng with a smile. Hou Qing Lin frowned, Tian Chi too. Tiantai, they hadn’t heard that name for a long time.
“You overestimate yourselves,” Ji Wuyou hissed coldly. He then turned around and walked away with Yu Wen Jing . “We’ll stop temporarily for today. When we fight again, I will not be merciful again.”
“Eh!” The crowd was stupefied. Ji Wuyou’s two attacks were very powerful, had he been merciful? What would have happened if he had used his full strength, then? No wonder he was the first student! He was Ji Chang’s younger brother, after all! Everybody thought that Lin Feng couldn’t compete with Ji Wuyou again.
Lin Feng was a new student and he had managed to have such a battle against Ji Wuyou, that was pretty good already. He had already amazed the crowd. However, Jing Shou, the second student, probably was at the same level as Lin Feng.
Jing Shou was in the crowd, his hands still in his sleeves, his arms crossed against his chest. He looked at the three people on stage and smiled indifferently. Those guys were strong, Ji Wuyou had been forced to retreat. If he had been able to defeat those three guys, he would have done so out of proud. But no, he was leaving. He didn’t dare fight!
The Star Group had started all that, and Ji Wuyou was so proud, he didn’t want to ask his friends for help.
“You’re keeping such a low profile now, who ordered them to stop a moment ago?” asked someone suddenly. Tantai came out of the crowd and smiled at Lin Feng and the others. “Lin Feng, you’re extremely strong! I’ve been ranked for a short time and now, surprisingly, you’re in the top ten!
“And your two friends are extremely strong too! I admire you guys!” Tantai said, looking and waving at Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi. Huang Fu Long had told Tantai that these guys were Lin Feng’s friends. Who was their teacher?
“Let’s go. It’s not convenient to stay here,” smiled Lin Feng. they quickly left the area of the Battle Grounds.
Yu Wen Hou and the other members of the Star Group also left. They had been humiliated and suffered a crushing defeat.
“Let’s go to the Champion Palace!” Many people wanted to see the new ranking list. They weren’t sure about what had happened. What had the managers done? The battle had been a bit unusual, had the ranking list changed?

Many people ran to the Champion Palace. As expected, all the fighters were on the list.
Ji Wuyou was still first, Lin Feng and Ji Wuyou had only exchanged a few punches, it wasn’t enough to tell who was stronger. They needed to fight again.
The second was still Jing Shou.
However, the third one was now Lin Feng. The crowd was shocked. Lin Feng hadn’t fought against the third student, but had replaced him anyway. It meant that the university thought that Lin Feng was stronger than him, no matter what.
Hou Qing Lin was now the 6th student. After all, he had defeated Puyang and Yu Wen Jing, but because Lin Feng had gotten involved, he wasn’t the fifth, but the sixth.
Yu Wen Jing was seventh, she had lost against Hou Qing Lin, but won against Tian Chi.
Tian Chi was eighth.
Puyang and Leng Xia were after Tian Chi. From fifth and sixth, they were downgraded to ninth and tenth.
The former third and fourths must be unhappy. Hou Qing Lin has never fought against them, if he fought against them, they’d probably continue falling, thought the crowd. Of course, those changes were already terrifying. In such a short time, the top ten had completely changed. It was exciting!
Lin Feng, Hou Qing Lin, and Tian Chi didn’t care about the ranking list. All they cared about was strength. If they managed to rise in the ranking list, why not? But the most important thing was what they could get from that. Since they were rising in the ranking list, they could go to higher floors in the Edict Palace and Champion Hall, that was the most important thing. There was also the mysterious mountain in the periphery of the university, what was there? Were there great resources for cultivation?
In a courtyard, Lin Feng, Hou Qing Lin, Tantai and the others had assembled. Qin Wu was there too, he had seen that Lin Feng risen in the ranking list, so he had come.
“Lin Feng, I would have never thought that you were so strong. You’re just a monster. Initially, they wanted to take the flood dragon from you and in the end you crushed them and left like a god. Nice!” laughed Qin Wu. Lin Feng’s performances were astounding. The news that Lin Feng had displayed such amazing strength had already spread around the university. Qin Wu also knew that Lin Feng was the one who had been abandoned by the gods in the Vast Celestial Ancient City.
“Outside of the university, they wouldn’t have said that,” Lin Feng smiled back.
“Indeed. At university, students have to behave. Ji Chang’s Club is very proud and arrogant, but you and your friends taught them a good lesson. It’s the first time I have seen someone humiliate Ji Chang’s Club.”
The first time Qin Wu had seen Lin Feng, he had thought he’d be crushed by Ji Chang’s Club. He hadn’t thought the newcomer was so strong.
“By the way, do you really intend to create a new faction in Champion University?” asked Qin Wu. He had heard about that. He was curious.
Lin Feng glanced at Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi, they both looked moved.
Tiantai was very important to them, they really wanted to make Tiantai raise in the great world, it reminded them of the small world. They had to recreate it, sooner or later!
And in Champion University, there were many strong cultivators. They could recruit some of them, that would be very useful. The only problem was that they didn’t know to what extent they could develop Tiantai within the university.
“I had the idea indeed, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea to do it now,” nodded Lin Feng.
“If you create a faction, I, Qin Wu, am willing to join you.”
“Hehe, count me in too,” said Tantai with a big smile. Ji Chang’s Club dared act so arrogantly, if Lin Feng and his friends created Tiantai within the university, they wouldn’t be able to oppress them!
“And I was supposed to be a member of Tiantai a while ago already,” spoke up Huang Fu Long.
“Not bad. If we could recruit even more people in the future, that’d be great. If we could become strong enough, then we could also have our own territory in Champion University,” Tian Chi smiled. Everybody was happy to recreate Tiantai.
“Indeed. We’re a small army now. In the future, we can also find some things to do in the Edict Palace and do them together, it’d be easier to accomplish,” said Qin Wu. There were many factions in Champion University, and in the Edict Palace, there was always something to do in the news, just like the Demon Pond thing. Lin Feng had gone alone, but with friends, it might have been much easier. Lin Feng had been able to escape that time because he had precious treasures. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to take the flood dragon away.

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