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PMG Chapter 1766: Qing Feng’s Arrival

PMG Chapter 1766: Qing Feng’s Arrival
Because of the battle, everyone had now heard of Lin Feng, Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi, especially among the low-level emperors. Of course, in order to draw medium-level emperor and high-level emperors’ attention, it was still a bit early. After all, they had to do things slowly but surely. They needed to draw the attention of people of the same level, including new extremely strong cultivators.
Many people knew about Lin Feng’s past in the Vast Celestial Ancient City, and they also knew that he had been abandoned by the gods, that he could control seven sorts of cosmic energies, and that he was extremely strong. People were stupefied because he had managed to fight against Ji Wuyou. Lin Feng wasn’t weak at all!
And now they had created Tiantai at Champion University. Surprisingly, Lin Feng had created a new group and even Yun Qing Yan had joined them. She was busy carrying out marketing activities all around the university. She was famous for being strong and beautiful. Surprisingly, she also managed to recruit some people. Lin Feng was rather astonished.
But Lin Feng didn’t spend too much time with those things. He was practicing cultivation very hard, too. Sometimes Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi found him in Champion Hall.
Time passed slowly. New students joined the university. The next time, five students joined Champion University. Among those people, Lin Feng knew three. He would have recognized them if he had been there: Qing Feng, Suan, and Wu. They were all extraordinary. Qing Feng was extremely strong, and Wu was a sun supernatural bird. Suan was also very powerful, as he was a legendary beast.
In a secret room, Tantai was seated cross-legged. Energies rolled in waves about the room, it felt as if the room were going to explode. Tantai was tall and strong, so his energies looked even scarier around him. His veins were moving as his blood and energies flew through them. He looked as wild and mighty as a lion.
Tantai was rude and simple, but he was strong and talented. He also needed to learn some good skills because he had explosive power, he needed skills which corresponded to his personality.
In the three other universities, the atmosphere was also lively. Ying Cheng was at the Celestial Godly University practicing cultivation. Many people joined the Celestial Godly University. Among them, someone drew other people’s attention: Dugu the Winner, who had the Godly Imprint King Body and 3,600 godly imprints. He was also extremely strong! Apart from people who had special bodies, there were also some people from the Snow Clan. All the men and women from the Snow Clan were good looking and strong, so people loved them.
In the Ancient University, Chu Chun Qiu drew people’s attention. He was a medium-level emperor, they had heard about his adventures in the Vast Celestial Ancient City. In less than a year, he had leveled up to become a medium-level emperor from the Zun Qi layer. His cultivation speed was incredible, really terrifying. People remembered the insane cultivators of the Chu Clan from the past. Would he practice that much, though?
At the Four Seasons University, the competition was incredible, too. For example, there was Lang Ye, who had a World King Body, he was very strong. As a new student, people were shocked. It had been a long time since they had seen such a strong new student.
In all the universities, everybody was practicing cultivation hard and trying to become stronger. They knew that they had no choice but to become stronger to get rid of their rivals who were of the same level as them.
Lin Feng also practiced cultivation hard, he knew that the cultivation world was cruel. He had to be determined and fight! He was practicing cultivation in his own world, his eyes black as the night and demon energies were rolling in waves while Deva-Mara Kalpa strength surrounded his body. His whole body was pitch-black. The strength around his body also contained some dragon Qi. His dragon blood was boiling and he could hear a dragon chant.
His flood dragon was powerful and aggressive. He had completely fused together with its blood. At the same time, Lin Feng was raising the baby dragon in his body, which kept growing along with Lin Feng.
Lin Feng opened his eyes. At the same time, he released his godly awareness and extended it into his Celestial Evolution Chessboard. In the Celestial Evolution Chessboard, he started making energies evolve. The deployment spell was gigantic. Even though Lin Feng needed time to understand the item better, it was an ancient item and very precious.It was a really good item for Lin Feng, amazingly useful. It allowed him to become stronger and to do many other things!
Time passed slowly, months rolling by. Finally, Lin Feng came out of his secret room and heard some voices outside. When Lin Feng came out, he saw a group of people. Yun Qing Yan was in front of the group and talking animatedly.
“Yun Qing Yan, what are you doing?” asked Lin Feng, rolling his eyes.
“Lin Feng, finally, you came out! Come and see! I recruited those people, they are now members of Tiantai. I’m going to go and travel with them to become stronger,” Yun Qing Yan said, smiling proudly.
Lin Feng frowned and looked at Yun Qing Yan. “Didn’t I tell you that you couldn’t recruit people just like that?”
Those people frowned. They looked too proud, as if it was an honor for Tiantai to have such people as them. What was Yun Qing Yan doing?
“Don’t worry. We are core disciples. For now, the people I recruit can be external disciples. If they are strong enough, they’ll become core disciples too!” smiled Yun Qing Yan, “Lin Feng, I’m your big sister, I’m trying to help, it wasn’t easy to find people!”
Lin Feng sighed, “As you wish. But if someone wants to become a core disciple, we all have to agree, like a big family.”
“Alright, I promise!”
“You’re Lin Feng. I’ve heard that Ji Wuyou and you fought! I want to try and fight against you, we’ll see why you created Tiantai,” interjected  one of the people.
Lin Feng looked at that person and then at the crowd. He pointed at one of them and said, “First, try and fight against him. If you can defeat him, then you’ll fight against me.”
Everybody looked at the person Lin Feng was pointing at. He looked obstinate and unruly, and was wearing a king helmet. He looked strong and aggressive.
That young man looked at Lin Feng furiously, but said nothing. He rose up in the air and said to that person, “Come here and fight!”
“How arrogant!” said the other one angrily. He rose up in the air too and waves of energies rolled in the air., rapidly churning it. However, at that moment, the man with the king helmet suddenly moved as fast as lightning, turning into a golden light beam. He used a Physical Sun Punch, his attack was terrifying.
“Nine Dark Waves!” the other one called out furiously. In a flash, nine waves appeared in the sky and rolled towards the helmet wearer, the punch and the waves collided. The sun became bigger and bigger, and the waves evaporated. The helmet wearer’s physical body was extremely strong!
Boom boom! An explosion spread in the air, and the challenger was blown away. His arm felt extremely sore, and was even burning! His face turned deathly pale.
What a powerful physical strength and fire! His fire is even more terrifying than fire cosmic energy!, thought the watchers, looking at the helmeted man. His eyes looked like suns. They couldn’t even look him in the eyes.
“You’re a beast, a sun bird!”The challenger was staring at the young man with the helmet.
“Sun supernatural bird,” said the young man with the helmet aloofly. The crowd around was surprised. A bird had joined the university. Why had he joined Tiantai though?
“Not bad, Lin Feng, you see? I even recruited a sun supernatural bird,” said Yun Qing Yan with a smile.
However, two people came out of the crowd, Qing Feng and Suan. Lin Feng had told them back then to come to Champion University. Then, they had heard about Lin Feng’s adventures and about the fact that he had created Tiantai. Everything was going well for him. Thus, they had decided to join Yun Qing Yan’s army.
“I see you’re doing well. Surprisingly, you created a group,” said Qing Feng, smiling at Lin Feng. Like in the Vast Celestial Ancient City, Lin Feng continued inspiring people, everybody knew him already.
“I hope that you’ll become stronger quickly, we’re supposed to fight soon,” said Wu, staring at Lin Feng.
“Don’t worry, you won’t surpass me,” Lin Feng replied to Wu. Even though he had an incredible godly awareness and was very strong, he couldn’t surpass Lin Feng, who had already defeated him.
When Yun Qing Yan heard them talk, her beautiful eyes twinkled. She looked a little bit angry too, that guy dared attack Lin Feng?

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