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PMG Chapter 1767: In The Celestial Mountains

PMG Chapter 1767: In The Celestial Mountains
Lin Feng looked at the people Yun Qing Yan had recruited and said indifferently, “Since Yun Qing Yan said you were external members, I agree. Of course, if you didn’t join Tiantai because you really want to, you can leave. No problems from us.”
They didn’t need many people in Tiantai… they needed strong people who had a sense of belonging. Otherwise, even if they were strong, having them was useless.
“Especially people like you,” said Lin Feng, pointing at the young man who had just lost. People in the crowd started talking. Many of them turned around and left.
“Nah, I just came to see what was going on,” said someone, as dozens of people left. In a few seconds, only a few people were left.
Yun Qing Yan rolled her eyes. She looked at Lin Feng in a strange way. Many people had joined Champion University recently. It had been difficult for her to find recruits. Back then, she had founded the Yun Club and hadn’t managed to find that many people, and Lin Feng had made so many people leave after two sentences.
Lin Feng shrugged and said, “Such people are useless in Tiantai.”
“You’re annoying, the more the merrier,” said Yun Qing Yan. Then she said to the others, “You can go back. If I need you, I’ll contact you.”
“Alright.” The few people glanced at Lin Feng. They had joined Tiantai because they wanted to become Champions, and they also wanted to go and travel with fellow students.
“Let’s go,” said Lin Feng smiling at Qing Feng and the others as he finally left the courtyard.

They walked slowly. Lin Feng realized with surprise that many people were around. He had never seen so many people in Champion University.
“How come there are so many people?” whispered Lin Feng.
Qing Feng smiled indifferently, “You’ve been practicing for too long. I joined Champion University a while ago, so I know they’ll be having the university’s celebration ceremony soon, so everyone who was traveling came back. I’ve heard that some elders will show up during the event. I don’t know the details, though.”
“What kind of ceremony?”  Lin Feng pressed. She had been a student for a while, she knew more things then he did.
“I can tell you the ceremony takes place every ten years. The Champion will also change. Champions don’t spend much time at university, they travel a lot. During the event, Champions come back. It’s also about seeing if some people want to change positions, and it’s also to welcome students who have joined the university in the previous ten years. It’s also to see if other students have become stronger. It’s an interesting event, very beneficial. Only Champions can go to the Celestial Mountain, but during the event, elders show up, so it’s the best moment to stand out and draw their attention, Yun Qing Yan told him with a superior smile.
“Lin Feng!” someone in the distance called out. Lin Feng gazed that way and saw someone smile strangely.
“That’s the Lin Feng who fought against Ji Wuyou?” said the person next to that speaker. Those two people were very strong, medium-level emperors.
“Indeed. He’s funny. After passing the exam, there were some tensions between him and Yu Wen Jing. He also killed Shang Jun’s brother, so he’s very strong. Now, he’s the third student, unfortunately.” The two people passed next to Lin Feng and continued talking about him.
“Indeed, what a pity. The ceremony is going to start and Shang Jun is going to come back too. Soon, Shang Jun will kill him. Even if Shang Jun doesn’t kill him, Ji Wuyou and Yu Wen Jing won’t let him off.” The others walked away. Lin Feng frowned. He had killed Shang Yu during the exam, and now those people were talking about Shang Jun, he was in the higher ranking list.
“You offended many people,” Qing Feng observed.
“The situation is really complex in the Holy City, you fight against someone and many people get involved. You can never have a rest here,” said Lin Feng. He was speechless. Shang Yu, Yu Wen Jing, Ji Chang, they were all like that. If he defeated them, then Ji Chang would be there, too!
“Of course, especially at university, and there are many young people who belong to rich families. Those rich families send all their kids to the same university, so their older brothers and sisters are here too, and they don’t let anyone touch their siblings,” said Qing Feng with a nod. Lin Feng was strong and talented, so he had to fight against strong people, too.
“I understand.” Qing Feng was right. Unless he stood aloof from worldly strife and refrained from having a social life, then he had to have enemies. It was the same for everyone, even rich kids. Those Holy Clans’ geniuses also fought against each other, even in the Vast Celestial Ancient City.
“Lin Feng, where do you want to go?” Yun Qing Yan asked Lin Feng.
“Nowhere, I’ve been in a tiny room for a while, I need to have a walk,” replied Lin Feng.
“Awesome, I’ll take you somewhere,” smiled Yun Qing Yan. Then, she grabbed Lin Feng’s sleeve and pulled him along.”Your big sister will help you become more educated!”
Lin Feng was used to hearing her speak that way. Both of them ran along very quickly. After a short time, Lin Feng realized that Yun Qing Yan had taken him to the celestial mountain. There were clouds circling about it, the place looked like a magical palace out of a dream.
“Where are we going?” asked Lin Feng surprised. The celestial mountain? Could they go there?
“I told you, I’ll help you become more educated,” said Yun Qing Yan with a broad smile. She continued walking towards the celestial mountain.
“I thought only champions could go there?” Lin Feng followed along curiously.
“Whoever said that, they don’t understand this place. There are more mountains behind it that I can’t go to, but this one, I can. I’ll show you,” she smiled, continuing along. After a short time, they arrived at the clouds, Lin Feng saw a big gate in front of him. There were two old men there, seated and playing chess. They looked captivated by the game.
“Gentlemen,” said Yun Qing Yan, walking up to them.
The two old men turned their heads and smiled, “Qing Yan, you brought someone? Didn’t you know you can’t bring anyone here?”
“This is my friend, I want to take him home and show him around. Please don’t tell me I can’t,” said Yun Qing Yan. She continued walking, even grabbing one of the old men’s sleeves and pulling it like a child.
“Alright, alright, little girl. Let us play and go,” sighed the old man, smiling wryly and shaking his head.
“Thank you very much!” said Yun Qing Yan. She continued walking towards the gate.
It seems like Yun Qing Yan has a good social status, thought Lin Feng. Show him home? Was she from the university itself?

Lin Feng and the others followed behind her. The old men continued playing chess. One of them said, “Sun fire, obstinate and unruly, bestial Qi, sun cosmic energy, that girl made friends with a three-legged golden crow!”
The other old man smiled, moved a piece and said, “And a young legendary beast!”
“She’s mysterious, but the strongest one is the one at the front. There’s something inside him. Even though his Qi is strange, he is unfathomable. He looks like a murderer, too.”
The two old man continued comparing the people who had been following her.

In the mountain, there were many palaces. Yun Qing Yan took Lin Feng and the others to a beautiful palace. In the courtyard, there were two people practicing sword cultivation. Their swords had no Qi at all. They were using no energy, but they looked strong. There were many sword marks on the ground. Lin Feng frowned when he saw them.
That sword will was impressive, those swords didn’t even need strength or energy.
They were a man and a woman, both middle-aged. The man looked elegant, the woman looked beautiful. They looked really good together.
“My baby came back!” said the man and the woman, putting  their swords down and looking at Yun Qing Yan.
“Yes, I missed you. I brought some friends, I want to introduce them to you,” smiled Yun Qing Yan,  hugging her parents. Lin Feng understood, Yun Qing Yan was the daughter of some the university’s staff members. Those people looked like nice persons, however.
Yun Qing Yan’s parents glanced at Lin Feng and the others sharply. Lin Feng shivered. These people seemed terrifyingly strong…

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