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PMG Chapter 1769: Thoughts of Revenge

PMG Chapter 1769: Thoughts of Revenge
Yun Qing Yan’s parents were sword cultivators. After they become really strong, they had decided that they wanted to stay at university. They became staff members and had a daughter, Yun Qing Yan.
In their sword pavilion, they had many sword skills and techniques, it was incredible. They were obviously very wealthy. Lin Feng saw books everywhere, as well as talismans for everyone, and all sorts of books. Lin Feng could sense that those items were all extraordinary.
“Lin Feng, these are the skills my wife and I studied. You can have a look. You guys can have a look too. Even though you’re not sword cultivators, it could be interesting anyway,” said Mr. Yun, smiling at the small crowd. He was being very generous to them.
“Thank you very much, Master,” said Lin Feng. He was touched. It was the first time they met and they were so nice. It was rare to encounter.
“Don’t be so polite. My daughter is a bad cultivator, but since she brought good cultivators, we can’t blame her and we’re happy to help, especially young people,” said Mr. Yun smiling.
“You can have a look, my wife and I don’t want to disturb you,” said Mr. Yun, before turning to Yun Qing Yan.” Come with me.”
Yun Qing Yan shivered and made a face before following after her father.

Lin Feng walked around and looked at the books. There were many things: water, gold, heaven and earth, death, and wood sword techniques, all using different sorts of cosmic energies. In order to carry out the best attacks, one type of cosmic energy wasn’t enough. The cultivator had to control several sorts of cosmic energies and be a sword cultivator, like Lin Feng.
“Sword rule, Setting Sun Meteorite.” Lin Feng looked at a book, the skill within required four types of cosmic energies and was very powerful. It had several steps, the first step consisted of using earth cosmic energy, which descended from the sky to oppress the foe; the second phase was about using fire cosmic energy to create a sun sword to blind and burn people; the third step was about using wind to make the sun plunge the sword from the sky as quickly as possible; and the fourth phase was about making it fall from the sky like a deadly meteorite filled with death.
The attack seemed perfect and the phases were perfectly logical if combined. If all the phases were carried out properly, then the attack was deadly and could frighten anyone.
The form of the attack had to be appropriate. Without the proper form and thus the proper will, the sword phases could fail. Form was essential for the attack to succeed, and the cosmic energies had to be used properly, too.
What a powerful attack. However, the requirements are strict. Ordinary people can’t carry out such a terrifying attack, thought Lin Feng. That sword rule was very difficult to study. First, the cultivator had to understand sword meaning, which was the higher version of will. He also had to understand the form which was related to sword meaning. Then, he had to understand four sorts of cosmic energies, which was extremely difficult. However, Lin Feng still remembered all that.
If an attack was easy to learn, could it be efficient?
Lin Feng continued walking around and looking at other attacks. Lin Feng was in a trance in that place, as if the outside world had nothing to do with him anymore. He loved getting lost in the corridors surrounded by books. Qing Feng and the others left, Lin Feng didn’t even know when.

A few days later, Lin Feng was lying on the floor. He was dreaming, and studying in the dream.
He was in Yangzhou City, in the Yun Hai Sect, at the top of a mountain. He looked like he was dancing, his hand kept moving, one sword attack after another. Around him, leaves kept being sliced apart.
“The form and the content, form and meaning, then strength, that’s how I can carry out powerful attacks,” muttering Lin Feng. He was moving almost automatically.
“The form determines the movement, the will determines the accuracy, the form determines the attack, the will allows me to move automatically,” breathed Lin Feng. He started moving slower, automatically. Finally, Lin Feng moved naturally in a free and unrestrained way. He started moving more gracefully, naturally, and started cutting the air.
“Intent, the form contains intent. That’s how the attack works.” Lin Feng moved his hands back, and everything disappeared.
Lin Feng looked at his hands, there was no strength, no cosmic energy, but meaning was there…

In the sword library, Yun Qing Yan saw Lin Feng was lying down. She was surprised, Lin Feng was sleeping?
“Lin Feng!” said Yun Qing Yan, shaking Lin Feng and poking him. He was started and suddenly opened his eyes. When he was dreaming, it was easy to wake him up, but because he was in the library, it didn’t matter. Nothing could happen to him there.
“You know how to enjoy life, surprisingly, you were sleeping,” said Yun Qing Yan trying to look angry. She was speechless. She looked at Lin Feng and said, “The ceremony of Champion University will start soon. We have to go.”
Lin Feng smiled and stood up. “Let’s go!”

Yun Qing Yan took Lin Feng outside of the palace. All the palaces looked incredibly lofty in that area, the cultivators of Champion University were terrifyingly strong.
Apart from that place, there were also remote mountains. It was said that the remote mountains constituted a small world. The elders of Champion University were truly powerful cultivators.
But students couldn’t easily go there. Lin Feng and Yun Qing Yan went back to the center of the campus. There were many people there now. The ceremony took place every ten years, so many strong cultivators who had been out traveling had come back. Lin Feng noticed many extremely strong cultivators as he was walking. Medium-level emperors were very common.
“That’s the place for shows there. Many people are there already.” Yun Qing Yan pointed to a distant place with several fields. Each field was designed for cultivators of different cultivation levels. The field for high-level emperors was smaller than the others. The fields for medium-level emperors and low-level emperors were gigantic. People who arrived first could sit wherever they wanted.
Cultivators of all ages were present.
“Lin Feng,” someone in the distance called out. Tantai and Huang Fu Long were together and shouting for Lin Feng.
“Lin Feng?” On the field of the medium-level emperors, a group of people glanced at Lin Feng and frowned, but they didn’t stop walking.
“Shang Jun is looking for him, he’s finally here!” said one of them in a low voice.
“He can hide if he wishes, Shang Jun can’t kill him within the university anyway. At least, if that guy doesn’t show up too much, fewer people will humiliate him.”
Those people were talking about him. Some people looked at Lin Feng with compassion. He was from the Vast Celestial Ancient City and the gods had abandoned him. He was lucky that people from the Animal Clan had made friends with him.
But the university wasn’t the Vast Celestial Ancient City, it was the Holy City. Shang Jun and Lin Feng were both in Champion University, Lin Feng had killed Shang Jun’s younger brother, so he wasn’t going to let Lin Feng off.
Even though Lin Feng heard them, he ignored them. He wasn’t interested in them. He stayed with Tantai and the others. Tantai seemed like he had become even taller. He looked as strong as a tower.
“You’re still growing up!” laughed Lin Feng.
Tantai scratched his head and said, “That’s because of the herbs. I have a special strength in my body which makes me grow taller. I hope I won’t grow to the point that I’ll scare people away.”
“You’re already scary,” said Yun Qing Yan, sticking out her tongue. She looked tiny next to him.
Tantai smiled shyly, and said, “Lin Feng, you see how lively it is here? The ceremony takes place every ten years. There are so many strong cultivators here. Unfortunately, I’m not the protagonist. I hope that next time, I’ll be a Champion and everybody will admire me!”
“Sooner or later,” Lin Feng slapped Tantai’s shoulder. He asked Yun Qing Yan, “Is the ceremony today?”
“Tomorrow,” answered Yun Qing Yan, shaking her head.
“Let’s go and have a rest then,” said Lin Feng. As they left, Leng Xia and Puyang watched them coldly.
“He dared show up. Let’s go and inform Shang Jun. Let’s hope he’ll be dead by the time the ceremony starts,” spat Puyang. He was furious. Lin Feng had humiliated him badly on the battle stage and he would never forget it!

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