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PMG Chapter 177: Cherish a fight

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Edited by Hydramon / Fluphy
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Lin Feng was staring at the huge black lotus, which looked like an illusion. His sword was stopped.

But Lin Feng still looked calm. His black eyes looked extremely cold. His mouth started moving and he began to speak.

“Really? I can’t break through?”

He said these words in a cold, indifferent tone, and when he finished talking, the Qi from his lonely sword became even more intense. It looked like it could annihilate anything that stood in its path, as if there was nothing else in the world but Lin Feng’s sword.

Sword of Nirvana was a very quick skill to perform. It was a high level Xuan skill. It made attacks much sharper and more lethal. It was better than some of the skills at the low Di level.

Lin Feng slightly closed his eyes. His sword emitted a whistling noise as the Qi rushed through the air. There was no surge of sharp sword force, but suddenly, Lin Feng’s sword started unceasingly shaking.

“Huh?” Hei Mo looked perplexed while looking at the sword upon his black lotus.


A cracking noise spread through the atmosphere. On the gigantic black lotus, a small crack appeared which stupefied Hei Mo.

“Break!” said Lin Feng. The Qi from his Sword of Nirvana attack became even thicker. In the blink of an eye, the black lotus started shattering into pieces. Lin Feng was pressing forward with indomitable will and was moving straight for Hei Mo, who was unable to block the attack.

Hei Mo’s heart was pounding. His facial expression was hideous. He had been incredibly arrogant a moment before, but at that moment, he, Hei Mo, seemed to be much weaker than Lin Feng.

“I cannot dodge that sword.”

Hei Mo was looking at that majestic sword as it approached him. He knew that he would be unable to dodge the attack. He raised his hands and what seemed to be an infinite quantity of cold black flames emerged from his palms. The small lotus flames combined into a single lotus and moved towards Lin Feng.

“BOOOOM!” The sword and the black lotus collided. The white resplendence of the sword and the blackness of the black lotus were mixing together within the atmosphere. The deadly Qi rolled on the ground of the fighting stage. The fighting stage was completely covered with a terrifying deadly Qi.

Hei Mo and Lin Feng were still in their original locations, motionless.

The crowd was astonished. Their hearts were pounding. Whose attack had been more powerful? Who was winning? Who was losing?


A subtle sound spread in the air. Immediately after, the crowd saw that Hei Mo’s clothes were pierced and blood was flowing from his chest. They were in complete shock.

As far as Lin Feng was concerned, his clothes were torn and a multitude of black marks had appeared on his body.

Both sides had been injured from that attack.

“Hei Mo is much stronger than Gong Lun and the others, just as I expected.” thought Lin Feng. A moment before, Hei Mo knew that he could not avoid Lin Feng’s lonely sword so he didn’t even try. He didn’t panic either, which was a crucial battle skill. Instead, he attacked Lin Feng so both sides had ended up being injured.

Hei Mo remained motionless and silent for a moment while staring at Lin Feng. He then looked at his chest.

“I admit that I underestimated you. You definitely qualify to fight against me, and I will have to use all of my strength to beat you.”

Hei Mo was talking with a cold tone. The crowd was surprised. Hei Mo, a moment ago, had shown extreme strength; how terrifying would it be if he fought with all his strength?

A light flashed through Lin Feng’s eyes. He looked at Hei Mo and said coldly: “Can you stop talking crap please?”

“Since the beginning of the battle, you keep saying that I cannot compete with you. Where do these injuries on your body come from?” said Lin Feng coldly.

He was disgusted by Hei Mo’s words. Lin Feng now had the qualifications to fight against him, and he had to use all his strength to beat him? That had been the case since the beginning of the battle. Hei Mo was a disgusting and shameless person.

“You will understand what I mean.” said Hei Mo indifferently. He raised his head and a black fire emerged. A multitude of small black lotus flames surrounded his body and slowly started dancing through the air.

“Fusion.” shouted Hei Mo in a deep voice. These small black lotus flames started rushing into Hei Mo’s skin and muscles. Suddenly, black lines appeared all over his body. The crowd was astonished by what they were witnessing.

At that moment, it was as if the crowd had understood why he had called himself Hei Mo. He was named as a black evil spirit.

A gigantic amount of deadly Qi rushed from his body. The crowd could not believe their eyes. At that moment, Hei Mo’s entire body looked like it was just a huge deadly black fire. That Qi was terrifying.

The scariest thing was that Hei Mo’s Qi seemed to be increasing.


The hearts of the people in the crowd were pounding. Seventh Ling Qi layer. Surprisingly, that Qi had the strength of the seventh Ling Qi layer. It was a terrifying Qi.

“It seemed like Hei Mo had been hiding his real strength. Swallowing these black flames gives him the strength of the seventh Ling Qi layer. How terrifying. Lin Feng will definitely die.”

The crowd was absolutely astonished. Being of the sixth Ling Qi layer was scary enough. They hadn’t thought that Hei Mo would be so strong. Could Lin Feng still resist him?

Lin Feng was equally surprised. What kind of trick was that? Being able to absorb the black flames to increase one’s cultivation level?

“Seventh Ling Qi layer.” thought Lin Feng. Even though he knew that Hei Mo was close the seventh Ling Qi layer when they arranged the battle, his strength, now that he had reached the seventh Ling Qi layer, was actually terrifying.

While looking at the fighting stage, Yu Qiu smiled and said indifferently: “Lin Feng will definitely die.”

Then, someone amongst the members of the Nie Clan seemed moved and said: “Surprisingly, his father really helped him to reach a high cultivation level. Even if his second son is dead, he can still be proud.”

Nobody believed that Lin Feng had a chance to win anymore. They were all sure that Lin Feng was going to die.

Hei Mo looked at Lin Feng with despising eyes and slowly said: “You made me use my flame fusion skill, so you can be proud of yourself, but you are about to die.”

Lin Feng remained silent. He had an acute perception of everything that was happening around him, including Hei Mo’s powerful increase in Qi. He was still holding his sword calmly. His body moved again and he thrust his sword forward. His sword looked simple and ordinary.

“Hmph.” Hei Mo smiled. The black flames turned into a vortex and moved to block Lin Feng’s sword. Such an ordinary sword strike should be easy to block, but at that moment, Lin Feng’s sword started to shake.

Lin Feng’s sword pierced through Hei Mo’s vortex and moved towards his chest. An incredibly huge amount of sharp deadly Qi fell onto Hei Mo’s body.

“No….” Hei Mo’s facial expression drastically changed. A monstrous Qi emerged from his body. His hands were violently shaking. At that moment, an oppressive energy rushed towards Lin Feng’s body. It looked like a black flame was dancing around Lin Feng.

“Vanishing Shadow, die!”

Lin Feng looked serene while saying these few words. Immediately, his body vanished like a shadow. Even when seeing it from so close, it seemed like an illusion, but it felt extremely real. Lin Feng’s sword continued moving forwards.


The noise of Lin Feng’s sword penetrating through Hei Mo’s flesh filled the air. His sword cut through Hei Mo like a hot knife cutting through butter.


The crowd was stunned. They couldn’t believe their eyes. How was that possible? Really, how was that possible?

At the moment when Hei Mo temporarily enhanced his power to have the strength of the seventh Ling Qi layer, they all thought that Lin Feng was going to be exterminated by Hei Mo’s flames. They all thought that Hei Mo would easily kill Lin Feng. But Lin Feng remained calm throughout the entire battle. He had taught the crowd a lesson to not be so quick to judge. His sword had pierced straight through Hei Mo’s chest.

Yu Qiu was stupefied. Lin Feng had surprisingly killed Hei Mo with his sword.

“Yan Er.”

The leader of the Nie Clan stood up. The smile that he had on his face a moment before had completely disappeared. He was shocked. How… How could it turn out like this?


The only sound that came from Hei Mo’s mouth was something that sounded bestial. His long and messy hair was flowing in the wind. The black lines which covered his body were unceasingly moving while a surge of deadly Qi emerged from him.

“Die!” shouted Hei Mo. His fist rushed towards Lin Feng and crashed onto his body. Lin Feng’s sword slipped from his grip and his body was pushed backwards. That punch left a black mark on Lin Feng’s chest. His clothes were completely burned where the punch had landed.

“Psss…” Blood was flowing from the corner of Lin Feng’s mouth. Hei Mo was walking like a madman towards Lin Feng. When he arrived in front of Lin Feng, he punched him again and Lin Feng’s body flew away. Blood filled the air.


Hei Mo was in a frenzy. He was completely insane. Surprisingly, Lin Feng had injured him with his sword. If he had bent down an inch, Lin Feng’s sword would have penetrated directly into his heart. That was an extraordinary humiliation for him.

He was walking very fast. At that moment, Hei Mo really looked like a demon. He wanted to brutally slaughter Lin Feng.

But at that moment, an extremely cold and powerful force emerged. It was so freezing cold that it made Hei Mo stop. The crowd was also stupefied. They looked behind Lin Feng. Not far from him, there was a pure and holy silhouette. She was walking slowly towards Lin Feng.

“It’s her again.” The crowd was astonished. It seemed like she was ready to attack. In the end, Lin Feng couldn’t compete with Hei Mo, but nobody would make fun of Lin Feng. Hei Mo’s strength was too incredible. Lin Feng had already achieved something great and had nearly killed Hei Mo. Lin Feng could be proud of himself. Everybody would remember that.

But what stupefied the crowd is that Lin Feng, who was kneeling on the ground, raised his hand and said to the silhouette behind him: “Let me do it myself.”

Meng Qing looked at him with a strange expression. She wanted to shake her head. How was she supposed to watch Lin Feng die and not help him?

At that moment, Lin Feng stood up. He looked like a proud and lonely man. He was firm and tenacious.

“Men, cherish a fight. If I die today, I will die happy and proud.” said Lin Feng calmly, which astonished the crowd. Cherish a fight?

Lin Feng was fighting to win or die.

He closed his eyes. His brain could analyze everything that was happening around him. It was as if everything was moving in slow motion.

“Celestial Spirit.” Lin Feng called out in his heart. Lin Feng could sense that his perception of the world surrounding him grew even more. At that moment, his body seemed to be moving at an incredible speed compared to the rest of the world. He was also looking at the Celestial Book. He hadn’t released the book spirit, but for some reason, he could still clearly see it. He started reading the first page slowly.

On the first page, there was a sword in suspension. It was a divine deadly sword.

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