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PMG Chapter 1770: Threat!

PMG Chapter 1770: Threat!
The ceremony which took place every ten years was an extremely important event for Champion University. All the students came back for it. Even the teachers and the elders of the celestial mountains participated.
In Champion University, even though many people were from famous families, there were also many people who came from remote places. When such people came to the Holy City, they were usually very motivated and determined. For those people, the opportunity to meet the elders of the university was incredible, and they couldn’t miss such a thing. If they stood out, the elders would notice them. Even for those children who came from rich families, the opportunity was great, as they were also happy to have the elders as teachers. They allowed many young people to become much stronger.
It was said that the first of the Champions was Ji Chang, he was terrifyingly strong. Many elders had been his teachers. There were all sorts of teachers at Champion University and sometimes, university students amazed the whole world.
Weaker students weren’t pitiful here, they could still become stronger!

Yun Qing Yan had already made Lin Feng’s residence turn into Tiantai’s headquarters. At that moment, Tiantai’s people were all there.
“The ceremony takes place every ten years. There will be many strong cultivators, it’s going to be awesome,” said Huang Fu Long. His eyes were twinkling. Seeing strong cultivators was always something great.
“You’re like Tantai, you’ll soon be on stage too. Everybody will admire you, it’ll be even more fun for you,” Lin Feng smiled at Huang Fu Long.
Huang Fu Long nodded, “You’re right. I definitely will, otherwise life wouldn’t be worth living!”
“Ten years, Lin Feng, maybe in ten years we will be standing on that stage, too,” Tian Chi wondered calmly. Ten years could be a long time, but it could also be a short time. After all, they were very young. In ten years, they could do many things, but staying at the level of a low-level emperor was still possible. However, if their cultivation speed was incredible, they could also become medium-level emperors in ten years. Anything was possible!
“Ten years is a long time. We must do our best!” murmured Lin Feng. He took a few steps and said, “Brothers, let’s go.”
“Indeed, ten years is a long time, we must practice hard,” Tian Chi agreed. He sounded patient and wise. Maybe ten years later, they would be even stronger!

At the front of the battlefields, there were bleachers and flights of stairs. The crowd understood that the elders had prepared everything for the event. Many people were standing around the fields, too. Some strong cultivators had Qi around them, some didn’t.
“Those people are Champions. Only Champions can stand in the bleachers. They rarely show up normally, they’re usually away traveling.”
Most Champions were high-level emperors. Even in the outside world, they would be considered extremely strong cultivators. That kind of cultivation level was rare. They only came back to university when they needed skills and such, or to read the news in the Edict Palace.
On the sides of the fields, there were spaces for the new students. When they joined the university, they had different levels and there were few high-level emperors. Most people were willing to go to university when they were still low-level emperors. Few high-level emperors took the university entrance exams.

When Lin Feng and the others arrived, they saw an ocean of people. They were astonished. Those people were all geniuses. Even if they came from different backgrounds, at university they were all fellow students.
“I’ve been a student for nine years, I can stay with you,” said Yun Qing Yan with a smile. Even though her parents worked at university, she had only passed the entrance exam nine years before.
Their group of people walked to the side of the fields. Many people noticed them. Lin Feng was famous at university, because a battle between new students and members of the Ji Wuyou was very unusual.
“My parents will be there. When they come, they will tell the elders about you. Do your best,” Yun Qing Yan said, smiling at Lin Feng. Lin Feng appeared undisturbed.
“He’s going to die, and he dares show up?” a voice asked coldly. Lin Feng and the others turned around and saw Puyang and Leng Xia. Those people were all in the ranking list, and they had all been students for less than ten years.
“What? A good-for-nothing dares act that arrogantly?” Tantai asked mockingly, looking scornfully at Puyang and the others.
Puyang and Tantai were furious and started shaking with anger. They glared at Lin Feng and Puyang said, “Lin Feng, you’re hiding your cultivation level, but you’re still just a low-level emperor. You’re so arrogant you think you can create a group? You overestimate yourself! We’ll see what your group will become!”
“Does it have anything to do with you?” Lin Feng sneered, glancing at him.
“It doesn’t. Even if you and your friends from Tiantai die, I don’t care! I just wanted to warn you!” said Puyang smiling coldly and glanced at Tiantai’s people. He continued, “Haven’t you noticed that someone from the first batch of people you recruited isn’t here?”
Lin Feng frowned and looked around. He looked back at Puyang icily and said, “Where’s Qin Wu?”
“Outside in the wild. If you want to go, I’ll take you there,” Puyang said with a cold smile.
“Bastard, you dared take him away!” Yun Qing Yan cursed furiously. Her expression had changed drastically.
“Yun Qing Yan, even though you’re in the higher list, you must understand the rules of the university. Here, you can only challenge people, you can’t kidnap people. Regarding Qin Wu, he followed us willingly, and he’s outside of the university because the rules don’t apply there.”
“Lead the way,” ordered Yun Qing Yan icily.
“Hmph. If you want to go, I’ll bring him alone,” said Puyang, pointing at Lin Feng.
“You can’t,” said Yun Qing Yan refusing, “You’re plotting against Lin Feng, it’s an ambush. We have to go together.”
“Then forget about it. When the ceremony starts, some people will never come back to university, some people will simply never come back,” said Puyang caustically.
“Ji Chang’s Club is full of bastards!” shouted Tantai furiously. He clenched his fists.
“It’s a personal matter. It has nothing to do with Ji Chang’s Club.”
Lin Feng said coldly, “I’m coming.”
“Lin Feng, don’t go. Those people are evil. They want to kill you!” said Yun Qing Yan.
“Don’t worry. I’ll come back safely,” said Lin Feng, then he walked up to Puyang and said, “Lead the way.”
“Let’s go,” retorted Puyang coldly. His eyes were filled with murder. He led the way and the three people left.

Behind them, a young man watched Lin Feng go sharply.
“Shang Jun, won’t you deal with him personally?” asked Yu Wen Hou.
“Shang Yu was of the same level and died. He was incompetent. He died, but it’s his fault,” said Shang Jun. He looked emotionless. Yu Wen Hou was stupefied. That guy was strong, cruel, and emotionless. He didn’t care about his younger brother!
“Why have I been chasing him, then?” asked Yu Wen Hou.
“Shang Yu was my younger brother, even if he died. Only members of the Shang Clan can kill him. And people who kill members of family have to die. So we still have to avenge his death,” Shang Jun stated, as if it were a law.
“Don’t worry. He won’t come back alive,” said Yu Wen Hou. His eyes were twinkling. Lin Feng was going to die. He wasn’t going to be allowed to participate in the ceremony!

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