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PMG Chapter 1771: Explosive Attacks

PMG Chapter 1771: Explosive Attacks
Lin Feng was very quick. They were running towards the exit, towards the wilderness.
“Lin Feng, I’m surprised, you are willing to die for Qin Wu?” Puyang asked, slowing down and smiling as if he had been talking to a friend. He was happy, Lin Feng was going to die!
“I’m surprised as well. You’re a university student, you’re a member of Ji Chang’s Club, you’re in the top ten, and surprisingly, you’re a bastard. It seems like you reached a dead end on the path of cultivation.” replied Lin Feng coldly. His eyes were pitch-black.
“Empty words. You’re funny for someone who’s going to die!” Puyang retorted aggressively. He was terribly pissed off. For everything Lin Feng had done to him, he deserved to die a hundred times. They couldn’t kill him on the territory of the university, only outside it. But all in all, as long as Lin Feng died, that was fine!

After leaving the city, Puyang took Lin Feng far away from the university. After all, they were doing something that was against the rules of the university. Nobody would see them in this remote place. They wanted to do a clean job  that nobody would know about it. Even though Lin Feng was already the third student, he still wasn’t a valuable asset for the university. Nobody would care if he died.
Finally, Puyang and the others arrived in the middle of some mountains which reached the clouds. In the distance, on a mountain, Qin Wu was seated. His Qi was very weak and his face was deathly pale. He looked furious.
“Qin Wu.” Lin Feng’s facial expression changed drastically. Qin Wu was surrounded by three guards. They were all students of Champion University, members of Ji Chang’s Club. They were very strong people who were ranked. With so many people surrounding him, he couldn’t do anything.
In the distance, at the top of another mountain, there was someone in black clothes. His eyes were closed as if all of that had nothing to do with him. Yu Wen Hou had invited him to come. His name was Feng Hei Sha, and he was a strong cultivator from the higher list.
At that moment, Feng Hei Sha opened his eyes and looked at Lin Feng indifferently. He was a bit unhappy. Five members of Ji Chang’s Club for a new student who was on the ranking list? Wasn’t that enough? Why did he need to come? He was annoyed, but since Yu Wen Hou was willing to compensate him, he came anyway. Of course, if nobody had asked him to come, it would have been better.
Qin Wu opened his eyes, finally looking scared. He said to Lin Feng, “I wouldn’t have thought that Ji Chang’s Club would do such a thing. Lin Feng, you should not have come! They were waiting for you!”
“Ridiculous, it’s the law of the jungle! Qin Wu, when Lin Feng had just become a student, you kept helping him, and you confronted Ji Chang’s Club even though we’ve never offended you. We’ve always given you face. You don’t know how to differentiate good from bad and decided to make friends with Lin Feng. Since it’s that way, you can only blame yourself,” shouted Puyang furiously.
Lin Feng was furious. Ji Chang’s Club had kidnapped Qin Wu because he was friends with Lin Feng.
“I’m here now. Will you let him go?” Lin Feng asked coldly.
“Someone look at him,” said Puyang coldly. The two others, as well as Puyang and Leng Xia, surrounded Lin Feng.
“Four people for a new students who is on the list of potential Champions? I don’t care, you can’t use precious treasures, you have to use your strength,” Feng Hei Sha said coldly to Puyang and the others. What were they doing? Especially Puyang and Leng Xia! They were both in the top at university and now they were four people around Lin Feng.!
Boom boom boom! A terrifying Qi invaded the air and cosmic energies started whistling.
Puyang condensed thunders, throwing them straight towards Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng remained motionless, as placid as water. He let the thunder cosmic energies bombard him.
“His physical body is even more powerful than before!” Puyang pulled a long face. Using the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky to fight against Lin Feng was useless. He could only use cosmic energy spells to fight against him!
Lin Feng’s physical body was too strong. Lin Feng had been cleansed by the Deva-Mara Kalpa strength a fifth time, and his physical strength had improved again. His physical body was now level nine of the low Huang Qi layer. It meant that he could almost resist any level nine cosmic energy.
“Let’s attack him together and kill him!” Puyang said coldly. Then, he charged ahead, quickly releasing thunder energies, turning the air purple. At the same time, empty space energies also appeared.
Leng Xia also used his Deadly Imperial Punch, which contained death energy. The others weren’t any weaker. One of them released a gigantic golden hand, and the other used the Nine Cauldrons Celestial Qi Skill, the same skill as Qin Wu.
The four cultivators released deadly energies at the same time. The air was distorted and whistling sounds were cutting it. All the energies moved towards Lin Feng at full speed and at the same time.
Lin Feng was protecting himself with two heavy armors, he jumped and suddenly lights moved in every direction, containing empty space and earth cosmic energies. The field became completely flat; trees grass, and so on disappeared as Lin Feng continued moving.
Bzzz! Lin Feng moved like the wind to the right, and at the same time, he didn’t forget to punch out and release his Purple Tank towards an enemy, preventing one from attacking, and continued running while condensing more earth energy. Lights also continued moving in every direction. The air became dark.
Lin Feng started the first phase of his Setting Sun Meteorite, his sword contained infinite earth strength. Using the incredible physical strength of his arms, the attack descended from the sky at full speed. It was an extremely heavy sword and it fell down onto that man’s body. The golden hand and the heavy sword collided. The enemy had the impression he had just punched a gigantic mountain.
Boom! After the first phase, it was as if heaven and earth had started collapsing. The pressure was terrifying. The cultivator’s arm was jangling with pain, as if he had been paralyzed. Lin Feng’s sword attack was too terrifying!
He raised his head, but Lin Feng didn’t wait. A sun sword appeared, dazzling to the eyes. He was staring at the sun.
Lin Feng’s speed was terrifying. He used wind and empty space energies to move faster. His sword descended from the sky at full speed and crashed onto that cultivator. Blood splashed all around. That cultivator’s body had been bisected. He hadn’t been able to resist Lin Feng’s second sword phase and had died.
After killing one person, Lin Feng suddenly turned around. In his left head, Deva-Mara Rule strength suddenly appeared and rolled out in waves, shredding everything.
“Imprison!” Lin Feng started running quickly. Suddenly, empty space and earth energies condensed to form a cage, and the three other enemies were immediately imprisoned.
“Deployment!” The fighters were stunned. That was deployment spell strength!
Boom! Lin Feng accelerated and ran towards the man who used the Nine Cauldrons Celestial Qi Skill. He was just running with his fist raised, filled with destructive Deva-Mara Kalpa strength.
That person’s face turned deathly pale. Suddenly, lights emerged as he took out a precious item. However, Lin Feng’s eyes were pitch-black and he shouted, “Die!”
His voice penetrated into the man’s brain through his eyes, he started shaking as Lin Feng arrived in front of him. Lin Feng threw out a punch which pierced through the cage and violently crashed onto the other’s face, and his head exploded. Cosmic energies dispersed and he collapsed, his ancient cauldron still in hand.
“Break!” Puyang and Leng Xia violently bombarded the cage as they grimaced. In such a short time, Lin Feng had killed two people, and two of them were still imprisoned! They were at the same level as him, but they seemed so weak, even though they were also ranked. They were geniuses too! What was going on?
Lin Feng then headed towards Leng Xia. Leng Xia was still bombarding the cage, rumbling sounds spread out, and the cage finally broke open. He threw his Deadly Imperial Punch instantly!
“Chasing Wind Sword!” Lin Feng moved like the wind and suddenly released even more wind energies. Wind meaning surrounded Leng Xia, as well as death sword energies. The deadly punch broke apart. Finally, some death wind whistled and Leng Xia retreated. He saw the death sword pass just next to his throat. He was dumbstruck and terrified… and then his head fell off his body.
Boom boom! Puyang also attacked the cage in which he was. His face was deathly pale. He was furious and terrified. Lin Feng had killed three ranked people!
Those three ranked people had died so quickly. They hadn’t even been able to withstand a single attack and had died instantly!
Dazzling lights invaded the air. Puyang had no time to run to Feng Hei Sha. He took out a treasure and thunder energies rolled in the air.
Lin Feng took out his Tian Ji Sword , releasing it to float in the air. At the same time, a sun disc appeared in his hand, it was dazzling like the sun.
“If you attack me, I’ll kill Qin Wu!” shouted Puyang, fleeing rapidly. His face was deathly pale. He didn’t want to fight anymore!

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