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PMG Chapter 1772: Transformation

PMG Chapter 1772: Transformation
Lin Feng turned around and looked at the one guard who was still next to Qin Wu. He said, “You can go, I won’t kill you. But if you touch him, I’ll kill you.”
Then, Lin Feng released death energies through his eyes. That guard shivered and glanced at Feng Hei Sha.
At that moment, Feng Hei Sha was watching Lin Feng. His eyes were twinkling. Lin Feng was so strong. He controlled several types of cosmic energies, his sword techniques and deployment spells were incredible. He had killed three ranked cultivators in the blink of an eye. To him, those three ranked people were pieces of trash.
Lin Feng looked at Puyang again and said coldly, “You want to bring about your own destruction!”
Then, Lin Feng threw his sun disc. Suddenly, a gigantic sun appeared and streaked across the sky like a shooting star. A beautiful fire trail appeared behind, streaking towards Puyang.
Puyang pulled a long face. The weapon he had taken out was a thunder weapon, he threw it in the air and it collided with the sun disc. Explosions spread out and immediately after that, a furious sword charged at him like lightning, deadly energies preceding it. Puyang released empty space strength while golden lights surrounded the Tian Ji Sword.
Kacha!  The Tian Ji Sword spat out thunder energies which slammed into Puyang’s body and propelled him backwards. At the same time, the dazzling sun disc arrived again, blinding him.
“Explode!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Puyang gave a horrible shriek as the Tian Ji Sword continued whistling and pierced through his head.
“He’s dead!” The guard next to Qin Wu was dumbstruck. Lin Feng slowly turned around and asked coldly, “You’re not leaving?”
That guard grimaced, but he couldn’t move away from Lin Feng’s stare. He could see the Source of the Nine Netherworlds in Lin Feng’s eyes. Gradually, his will was corroded. Demonic will flew throughout his brain.
The Nine Netherworlds Source bombarded his thoughts. He couldn’t think clearly. Then, he heard a demonic song, and he couldn’t get away from it.
“Oh no!” The guard was terrified. Lin Feng took out a long spear. Lin Feng hadn’t even arrived in front of him, but the spear disappeared and when it reappeared, it had pierced through his third eye. The spear contained illusion strength., and since his will had been corroded by the demonic energies, he hadn’t been able to react.
Lin Feng jumped and landed next to Qin Wu. He crouched and released life cosmic energy, healing Qin Wu.
“Lin Feng, it seems like everybody underestimated you,” smiled said Qin Wu. That guy was incredible. He controlled death AND life cosmic energies. That was amazing!
Feng Hei Sha stood up and headed towards Lin Feng.
“You’re quite strong! Unfortunately, you’re going to die, I already promised someone you’d die so I have to kill you! What a pity!”  said Feng Hei Sha. His Qi was monumental!
“Lin Feng, that guy is from the higher list, that’s Feng Hei Sha. He controls wind and demonic cosmic energies. He’s very dangerous and enigmatic. Some people who were much stronger died against him. He’s too dangerous. His rank is sixty-something in the higher ranking list. You can’t fight against him.” Qin Wu told Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded. Champion University’s medium-level emperors were terrifying indeed. That guy’s rank was sixty-something, someone had planned everything to make sure that Lin Feng would die.
“You are talented, I’ll let you choose how to battle. We can use weapons or strength, as you wish,” Feng Hei Sha said calmly. There were strange pitch-black lights under his feet. What was that black thing? Was it black cosmic energy? In case it was, what was it used for?
Feng Hei Sha was very self-confident. He was certain Lin Feng was going to die, as if he couldn’t escape at all.
“Do I have to teach people from the higher list that you can’t use weapons against another student?” said Lin Feng mockingly. Lin Feng took Qin Wu away, he didn’t want him to get even more injured.
At that moment, Lin Feng had already put his Tian Ji Sword and sun disc away. Even though he was convinced that he’d have the advantage using weapons, he needed to fight properly to become stronger.
“Can you tell me who asked you to come here?” said Lin Feng to Feng Hei Sha to indifferently.
“You’re almost dead. Knowing it would be useless. You’re slightly weaker than me. You can attack first,” offered Feng Hei Sha. Lin Feng promptly started running towards him at full speed, condensing a sword in his hand. Feng Hei Sha could clearly sense how oppressive the energies were.
Lightning started descending from the sky at full speed. Feng Hei Sha raised his head… he didn’t have the impression that he was facing a sword, he had the impression it had started raining oppressive and heavy mountains!
“Form and determination!” Feng Hei Sha frowned in surprise. Lin Feng was really a genius. He was a low-level emperor, but he understood form and determination like this! And his cosmic energy attacks were also powerful….
But the difference between medium-level emperors and low-level emperors was important. Feng Hei Sha raised his hand, and a terrifying wind invaded the air as he condensed powerful wind energies.
The two threads of energy collided. A light beam appeared, the air exploded.
Lin Feng’s silhouette shot up into the sky, leaving a trail of energy behind him. He was starting the second phase of his sword attack. The sun blazed blindingly in the sky.
Feng Hei Sha groaned A dark cosmic energy blotted out the sky, Feng Hei Sha in the middle. Sunlight couldn’t pierce through it. The darkness surrounded Lin Feng, but Lin Feng was holding a sun sword in his hand. Wind cosmic energy surrounded him as he moved away.
The second phase of his attack wasn’t over, wind energies surrounded his sword, form and determination fused together. The energies twinkled.
“Hmph!” Feng Hei Sha smiled coldly and also condensed wind energies. His cosmic energies were more powerful than Lin Feng’s, so he was faster at it. Then, Feng Hei Sha suddenly disappeared.
Boom! A terrifying strength appeared, moving like wind and thunder. Lin Feng suddenly moved extremely fast, a sonic boom following him. Feng Hei Sha was surprised again.
He landed on the dark area, glanced around, and three of Lin Feng’s clones appeared. Each Lin Feng had a terrifying Qi. He couldn’t see which one was true.
“External Body Transformation!” Feng Hei Sha was astonished. These three Lin Feng’s weren’t identical!
Dong! The three Lin Feng’s jumped at the same time. Light beams appeared and intertwined. Feng Hei Sha sensed a strong Qi rising. Those three clones had a real strength, they weren’t pure illusion!
Dong! Deployment spell strength surrounded his darkened territory. Feng Hei Sha was more and more amazed. His darkness cosmic energy was powerful enough to coat him in darkness. He didn’t look like a cultivator anymore.
He moved like the wind, wanting to hide in the darkness. However, the three Lin Feng’s clones were closing on him. Earth and empty space energies emerged, a cage appeared and Feng Hei Sha reappeared.
“What a powerful Deployment spell!” Feng Hei Sha frowned. Lin Feng’s clones had carved marks and created a cage. He hadn’t noticed that Lin Feng had cloned himself when he was fighting against Puyang and the others. The three clones had created a powerful deployment spell, forming a cage in which Feng Hei Sha was imprisoned together with Lin Feng.
“That deployment spell is a cage. It’s the first time I used for real. Since you’re going to kill me, you don’t have to worry,” the three clones mocked Feng Hei Sha. However, Feng Hei Sha was probably going to die, not Lin Feng.
Feng Hei Sha kept glancing around. He was starting to be worried.
Dong! The three clones started casting another deployment spell, a destructive one this time.
Feng Hei Sha grimaced. Lin Feng’s deployment spells were too scary. The more time he gave to Lin Feng, the less chance he had to win the battle. He was feeling less and less confident.
The dark shadow charged towards Lin Feng. A hand suddenly moved towards Lin Feng at full speed, but a Purple Tank intervened like an indestructible shield.
At the same time, one of the other clones released death energy and jumped ahead. Lin Feng wanted to use the Four Energies Destructive Assassination. He wanted to kill him in one strike!
The last clone condensed a heavy sword with earth energy inside. Feng Hei Sha sensed the pressure from all sides. The three Lin Feng’s attacked at the same time. Feng Hei Sha had the sensation he was going insane.

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