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PMG Chapter 1774: Will You Fight Or Not?

PMG Chapter 1774: Will You Fight Or Not?
“Lin Feng.” Tantai and the others rose up into the air, grinning broadly.
Lin Feng jumped over to them, Qin Wu following. Lin Feng glanced at Yu Wen Hou coldly and said, “Ji Chang’s Club’s Star Group consists in a bunch of stupid bastards worse than dogs. They’re just shameless.”
The members of Ji Chang’s Club were furious when they heard Lin Feng. How arrogant! Nobody dared offend Ji Chang’s Club, but Lin Feng did and he kept humiliating them all the time.
“Empty words,” said Ji Wuyou, coldly glancing at Lin Feng. He was a member of Ji Chang’s Club’s Star Group. He also felt humiliated.
“The Star Group sent five people to kidnap my friend Qin Wu and threatened to kill him unless I went there, then they wanted to kill me. They’re worse than cowards, little worthless dogs! You’re a disgrace to the university!” shouted Lin Feng aggressively. He didn’t give Ji Chang’s Club any face at all.
People around gradually turned to them. Qin Wu was injured, so the crowd believed that Ji Chang’s Club had done that to him. Ji Chang had founded Ji Chang’s Club and was extremely strong, so in recent years they had become more and more arrogant. They dared do anything for power. Lin Feng had humiliated them so many times, Ji Chang’s Club wanting to get their revenge was absolutely possible.
Few people dare humiliate Ji Chang’s Club and now Lin Feng keeps humiliating them over and over again. They even sent five people to kill him!, thought the crowd. They were wondering who the five cultivators were. After the ceremony, they’d go and see the ranking list. If those five people weren’t on the ranking list anymore, it would mean that Lin Feng had killed them. Lin Feng was really strong, so it was possible.
What they didn’t know was that the cultivators Lin Feng had killed weren’t only on the normal ranking list, he had also killed a cultivator who was on the higher ranking list. Only Yu Wen Hou knew that such a cultivator was there to deal with Lin Feng. What he didn’t understand was, where was Feng Hei Sha, and why hadn’t he tried to kill Lin Feng?
“Lin Feng!” shouted Ji Wuyou furiously. The air suddenly became calm. Ji Wuyou glared at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes and said coldly, “Do you want to die?!”
“After the ceremony, Tiantai’s people will fight against the members of the Star Group on the champion stage, and this time we’ll sign a contract for a battle to death! Do you accept?” Lin Feng shot back, looking proud and aggressive. Even though Tiantai only had one medium-level emperor, the low-level emperors they had were terrifyingly strong: Lin Feng, Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, Wu, Qing Feng, Suan,Tantai and Huang Fu Long. And now that Lin Feng had already killed five strong cultivators from the Star Group, maybe that they couldn’t compete with them anymore. Ji Wuyou and Yu Wen Jing could compete with them, but the rest couldn’t.
“Indeed, a bunch of worthless bitches. They dare call themselves the best group of Champion University? They are the only ones who think that way. They think they are famous because Ji Chang is famous, but they’re so pathetic. Tiantai, which has just been created, can already destroy the Star Group,”  Tantai declared aggressively. It was difficult for him to control himself.
Yu Wen Hou and Ji Wuyou, the leaders of the Star Group, were furious. The Star Group had never been that humiliated before!
However, Tiantai’s low-level emperors were indeed terrifying, especially Lin Feng, Hou Qing Lin, and Tian Chi. They were in the top ten of the university.
Lin Feng glared at Yu Wen Hou, he didn’t talk much but he was the leader of the Star Group and the other despicable cultivators of the group were close to him, or, in other words, they obeyed his orders.
Lin Feng asked Yu Wen Hou scornfully, “Yu Wen Hou, do you accept the challenge or not?”
Yu Wen Hou narrowed his eyes and looked back at Lin Feng coldly. Nobody had ever asked him if he would accept a challenge, Lin Feng was the first ever!
“You’re acting recklessly! I alone can destroy you guys!” answered Ji Wuyou, arrogantly releasing energies.
“How shameless!” said Tantai.
“You don’t need to fight against so many people. As long as you fight, one of us is enough to  destroy you, don’t worry,” said Lin Feng demeaningly. Their Qi kept colliding in the air, creating a stifling pressure.

At the top of the stairs, Ancestor Zhu Tian watched Lin Feng and Ji Wuyou. He whispered to the person next to him, “That must be Ji Wuyou, Ji Chang’s younger brother. I’ve heard that he was the first student in the lower list, right?”
“Ancestor Zhu Tian, indeed, that’s Ji Wuyou. He’s talented, definitely as talented as his brother. He’s a rare genius,” smiled the person next to him.
Ancestor Zhu Tian nodded and said, “Do you know who that boy is? The one who’s challenging him. And why does he only have the strength of the Zun Qi layer?”
“Indeed, he’s strange. He seems to be a Zun cultivator,” remarked the two old men next to him. They looked surprised. Even if Lin Feng had practiced a technique to hide his cultivation level, it wouldn’t have worked on them.
“Ancestor Zhu Tian,” Mr. Yun spoke up at that moment. He smiled and said, “I know him. His name is Lin Feng, he’s a friend of our daughter. He’s extremely talented, he controls several sorts of cosmic energies and has a strange body. If you’re interested, I can take him to the celestial mountain to introduce him to you.”
“I see.” Ancestor Zhu Tian nodded. He understood what Mr. Yun meant. He was recommending Lin Feng, “Let’s first see how the ceremony goes.”
After that, the elders stood up and walked to the battlefields. Everything calmed down. Lin Feng, Ji Wuyou, and the others stopped arguing. Everybody also landed on the ground and looked to the elders at the top of the bleachers.
“It’s the ceremony of Champion University, it takes place every decade. For us old men, ten years are nothing, but for Champion University, it’s a long time, especially for young geniuses who progress very quickly. It’s also a very important moment in their lives. Therefore, we want to see how strong you have become.”
Ancestor Zhu Tian looked at the crowd and said, “Alright, we’re just watching, the real protagonists are the students, you. Let’s see how strong the geniuses of the lower ranking have become. Maybe that the lists will change today!”
When the crowd heard Ancestor Zhu Tian, they looked at the battlefields in the middle. There were 99 strong cultivators, one person was missing: the founder of Ji Chang’s Club, the Champion of the university, Ji Chang!
But nobody said anything. At Champion University, nobody could replace him. Ji Chang’s goal was to become the real Champion of all schools. Champion University didn’t get involved.
“I’ll go first!” said a strong cultivator as he jumped out. He pointed at a strong cultivator and said, “Fang Yun Shi, come and fight!”
Fang Yun Shi is the 53rd cultivator of the highest list. The challenger’s name is Qing Yang, he is the 62nd of the list. They are both extraordinary cultivators, thought the crowd. The highest list couldn’t change as much as the lower lists, as new students weren’t that strong.
The highest list, which people also called the Celestial Champion Ranking List, rarely changed. And now the challenger had challenged someone who was nine positions higher than him in the list, he was very self-confident.
The battle didn’t disappoint the crowd. Most fighters of the Celestial Champion Ranking List were high-level emperors. Their cosmic energies were terrifying, the earth and the sky changed each time they used cosmic energies. They also controlled their cosmic energies extremely well. The strong cultivators around the battlefield had to help to destroy the energies which spilled over.
“Soul.” At that moment, Lin Feng looked at the two fighters. Their cultivation souls had already fused together with their human souls. They could leave their physical bodies and still be extremely strong, because their souls were closely connected to the strength of their godly awareness. It was very difficult to destroy their godly awareness.
Finally, Qing Yang lost the battle, he didn’t succeed in his challenge, but the battle was amazing. He wasn’t sad though, he just wanted to become stronger and he’d continue rising in the ranking list.
After that, many people fought. They were all terrifying. Lin Feng was amazed. The students were all geniuses. The students who were in the Celestial Champion Ranking List were the most powerful cultivators, the hundred strongest cultivators of Champion University. In the outside world, they could easily destroy ordinary high-level emperors. Lin Feng still had lots of work to do to become as strong as those people.
“What do you think?” asked Ancestor Zhu Tian to the old men on his side. He seemed excited.
“If they are strong, why not. But someone who could really become a Champion is difficult to find,” said one of the old men sighed.
“Indeed, once every few hundreds of years you can find one. Unfortunately, back then, if Ling Tian hadn’t died, he could have become a Champion, just like Ji Chang. We would have had two Champions before Ying Cheng became one,” the other old man said indifferently. They also knew a few things about what had happened back then. Ling Tian, Ying Cheng, and Ji Chang were incredible cultivators of their generation.

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