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PMG Chapter 1775: Display Your Strength

PMG Chapter 1775: Display Your Strength
The battles for the Celestial Champion Ranking List were over. There were only a hundred cultivators in that list. If someone wanted to fight against people who were in the Celestial Champion Ranking List, they could challenge them after the ceremony.
Ancestor Zhu Tian, the two old men and all the elders looked at the crowd, Ancestor Zhu Tian smiled and said, “No wonder those who are in the Celestial Champion Ranking List are considered as heroes. You’re all astonishingly strong. Someday, you’ll amaze the whole world.”
“Thank you very much, Ancestor!” said all the cultivators of the Celestial Champion Ranking List, bowing before Ancestor Zhu Tian. In the future, they wouldn’t necessarily become as strong as Ancestor Zhu Tian, he was way too strong. Actually, such cultivators were already almost at the very top of cultivation.
“When I see you, you remind me of myself when I was your age,” Ancestor Zhu Tian beamed. Then, he looked at the new cultivators and gave them an encouraging smile, “You all became students in the last ten years. You’re all very motivated and you’re starting to progress in your dream to become extremely strong cultivators. Today, I’d like to see how strong you are. I want to see how strong the new geniuses we have are.
“Of course, if the staff members have noticed someone abnormally strong, they can make some recommendations and I’d be glad to see them display their strength. Young people like to push the limits,” he continued warmly. Nobody would have thought the old man was a terrifying cultivator when seeing him, he seemed too nice.
“Young people, if you are very strong, maybe that the ancestor will assign teachers to you,” spoke up the old man next to Ancestor Zhu Tian cheerfully. The students were excited, as that was what they were all hoping for!
“Come and display your strength. Those who want to try can rise up into the air and show us!” Ancestor Zhu Tian told them.
One person said, “Me!” before rising up into the air and releasing several sorts of cosmic energies.
The crowd frowned, five sorts of cosmic energies was impressive.
Then, he carried out an attack. Gigantic waves of energies gathered in the air. The wind was so strong that dust rose to the skies when he set it off.
“Not bad. The students of my Champion University are all heroes!” Ancestor Zhu Tian nodded. Five sorts of cosmic energies, that wasn’t bad and he could also use them to carry out attacks.
Some people were immediately dispirited. They initially wanted to display their strength, but after that, they realized they weren’t as strong as that guy so they felt reluctantly.
As expected, a second student rose up into the air. He was a sword cultivator and knew three sorts of cosmic energies, which he could condense into his sword attacks. Surprisingly, cosmic meaning appeared, and made his sword attacks were terrifying.
“Brilliant!” exclaimed Ancestor Zhu Tian, smiling and nodding his approval. At that moment, a few silhouettes rose up into the air. At the same time, they released Qi. One of them had several sorts of cosmic energies, another one controlled terrifying techniques, and the last had a special body. They were all extraordinary.
The crowd on the ground gasped in  amazement. Lin Feng sighed, those people were indeed really strong.
“I’ll go and try too!” Tantai smiled. Then, he rose up into the air, a lion roared, the earth and the sky started shaking violently, and a gigantic and terrifying lion appeared behind him. Energies rolled out in waves of power. Tantai looked like a brutal and bloodthirsty monster.
Tantai has become really strong really quickly, thought Lin Feng. No wonder he was considered a really strong cultivator in his tribe.
“What an explosive power. How come I have the feeling that I’ve seen that guy somewhere?” whispered an elder, looking at Tantai.
The person next to him frowned, his eyes were twinkling. “He looks like Ling Tian.”
“Absolutely, he looks like Ling Tian, but his attacks aren’t quite as powerful. Ling Tian used to use dragon elephant strength, his attacks were even more explosive. His punches could destroy heaven and earth,” said the other elder. He remembered Ling Tian nostalgically. Surprisingly, he had fallen. Back then, at Champion University, Ji Chang wasn’t nearly as famous as Ling Tian.
The elders were wondering when they’d see a new Ling Tian at Champion University. Back then, all the students felt dispirited and weak next to Ling Tian. He was a real genius.
Suddenly, next to Lin Feng, whistling sounds spread in the air. Energies rolled in waves. A terrifying sun illuminated the air.
Then, the crowd saw a sun supernatural bird, a three-legged golden crow.
Wu is so obstinate and unruly. He wants to compete against all those geniuses, thought Lin Feng, grinning as he watched Golden Crow.
Behind Wu, Suan rose up into the air too. He turned into a legendary beast and roared loud enough to make the air shake.
All the young people rose up into the air one after the other. They all wanted to show how strong they were. Ancestor Zhu Tian looked delighted and kept nodding, but he didn’t say anything.
It’s going to be difficult to impress the ancestor, thought Lin Feng. Ancestor Zhu Tian was a mighty cultivator who had seen so many incredible geniuses in his life. Even though all these people were geniuses, not many could impress the ancestor.
“Master Ancestor,”proclaimed Ji Wuyou, rising up into the air. He bowed before Ancestor Zhu Tian and said, “I’d like to recommend someone, she’s a direct descendent of the Yu Wen Clan. She knows four types of cosmic energies and knows the Four Seasons Sword Technique. Soon, she’ll know how to use form and determination attacks. I hope you can teach her some things.”
Then, Ji Wuyou looked at Yu Wen Jing. Yu Wen Jing slowly rose up into the air as she released energies. They seethed, as if they could explode anytime. She wanted to impress Ancestor Zhu Tian.
“You’re quite talented. You and Wuyou can come to the celestial mountain when you have time. I can teach you a few things. Ji Wuyou knows where I live,” said Ancestor Zhu Tian nodding at Yu Wen Jing. Yu Wen Jing was quite talented. Of course, she didn’t impress the old man, Ji Wiyou impressed him. He was very strong and talented, and his brother was Ji Chang. He was Ji Chang’s younger brother so the old man wanted to give Ji Chang face.
“Thank you very much, Master!” said Yu Wen Jing. She was delighted as she bowed before the old man. Being able to go to the old man’s celestial mountain was an honor, a dream even. Even the students of the Celestial Champion Ranking List didn’t necessarily have the opportunity!
“Thank you very much, Master. We’ll come and visit you. You’re like a father to us,” Ji Wuyou answered, then Yu Wen Jing and Ji Wuyou moved straight behind the ancestor. They seemed polite, but once they were behind him, they looked at the crowd disdainfully.
Having an older brother is always useful, thought many people jealously. Everybody knew about Ji Chang. Many of the ancient elders wanted to have him as a student. Ji Wuyou’s brother was Ji Chang, and on top of that, he was also talented and very strong. Because he was in a relationship with Yu Wen Jing, she could also benefit from that. However, there were some people who were much stronger than her, but who were not invited to go to Ancestor Zhu Tian’s house.
Of course, the crowd realized all this.
“Hmph!” Yun Qing Yan groaned coldly, disgusted at the sight. How come she was invited to go to Ancestor Zhu Tian’s house?
“Lin Feng, come on, go and show your strength!” said Yun Qing Yan, rolling her eyes. Why was that guy so discreet now?
Lin Feng hesitated. Ancestor Zhu Tian and Ji Chang seemed to have cordial relations and Lin Feng had many secrets. He didn’t know Ancestor Zhu Tian. Therefore, he didn’t know if he could possibly get close to the elder, and didn’t know what to do.
“Masters, I also want to introduce someone.” said Yun Qing Yan’s father, smiling at the three old men, “Ancestors, the one I just told you about, the one who challenged Ji Wuyou, he’s extremely talented, he has a special body and controls several sorts of cosmic energies.”
Yun Qing Yan’s father then looked at Lin Feng and nodded. Lin Feng rose up into the air.
“Lin Feng, show your cosmic energies!” said Mr. Yun. Lin Feng released ten of his cosmic energies. The crowd was astonished. He had a body which allowed him to understand ten different sorts of energies?
Having a body which allowed him to understand ten different sorts of cosmic energies was one thing, but actually being able to control ten different sorts of energies was another. Surprisingly, a Zun cultivator could control ten sorts of cosmic energies, that was very strange.
“Hmph!” Ji Wuyou groaned coldly and said, “He just knows ten sorts of cosmic energies, nothing exceptional. Ancestor, that’s nothing exceptional.”

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