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PMG Chapter 1776: Calm and Serene

PMG Chapter 1776: Calm and Serene
Ancestor Zhu Tian looked at Lin Feng. He had a body which allowed him to understand ten different sorts of abstruse energies and did control them. So why did have the strength of the Zun Qi layer? Ancestor Zhu Tian had never seen such a thing.
“What’s wrong with your cultivation?” asked Ancestor Zhu Tian to Lin Feng.
“Master, when the cosmic energies of the sky and the earth were about to cleanse my body, suddenly, they stopped, and some people said I was an Imperial Kalpa. I was furious because I wanted to break through to the Huang Qi layer, and in the end I managed to use seven sorts of cosmic energies. After that, I also made three other abstruse energies turn into cosmic energies and learned how to use ten sorts of cosmic energies. However, as before, I can’t break through to the Huang Qi layer,” said Lin Feng to Ancestor Zhu Tian calmly. He didn’t dare say he had a restriction body.
“Imperial Kalpa, abandoned by the gods.” Ancestor Zhu Tian was surprised. He could sense Lin Feng’s cultivation level, he was really a Zun cultivator, but he controlled ten sorts of cosmic energies!
Such people exist?, thought the crowd.
“Ancestor, if he managed to break free from that malediction, his future would be incredible,” said Mr. Yun, glancing at Lin Feng. What Lin Feng had said to Ancestor Zhu Tian was different from what he had told Mr. Yun the previous time. Even though he didn’t know why, he still hoped that Ancestor Zhu Tian would become Lin Feng’s teacher. That way, Lin Feng would become extremely strong.
“He has been abandoned by the gods, there’s nothing you can teach him. He’s just a weirdo,” interrupted Ji Wuyou coldly. He looked at Ancestor Zhu Tian and said, “Ancestor, Yu Wen Jing only knows four types of cosmic energies, but she has potential, she’s very talented. She’s more talented than a weirdo who’s been abandoned by the gods.”
Ancestor Zhu Tian was serene, he nodded and said, “You should practice cultivation harder. When you break through to the Huang Qi layer, I’ll help you, maybe.”
When the crowd heard that, they were astonished, the old man didn’t intend to help Lin Feng? In normal circumstances, the old man would have been overjoyed, he would have done his best to help Lin Feng. But because Ji Wuyou was there, he didn’t want to be nice to Lin Feng. After all, Ji Wuyou was really talented, Lin Feng was just an Imperial Kalpa. The decision was easy.
“Ancestor,” said Mr. Yun at that moment, “Lin Feng is an Imperial Kalpa and understands ten sorts of cosmic energies, if he breaks through to the Huang Qi layer, with his talent, he’ll become terrifyingly strong.”
“That’s enough,” said Ancestor Zhu Tian, he understood. “I get your point. That’s why I said Lin Feng should practice cultivation really hard and break free from that malediction.”
“Thank you very much, Ancestor,” Lin Feng replied, and bowed politely before descending from the sky. Mr. Yun was startled and glanced at Lin Feng. At that moment, Lin Feng nodded at him, so Mr. Yun stopped talking. Lin Feng wasn’t offended.
The crowd looked pensive, especially those who knew about Lin Feng’s past. They hadn’t thought that Lin Feng was such in a difficult situation. Ji Wuyou and Lin Feng were enemies, and if Ancestor Zhu Tian supported Lin Feng and Ji Wuyou, the situation looked bad for Lin Feng.
“Many people haven’t displayed their strength yet. Why hide? If you’re not determined, how can you progress in the world of cultivation?” said Ancestor Zhu Tian. Many people rose up into the air and showed how strong they were.
Lin Feng looked at the geniuses, his heart as calm as a winter lake. The path of cultivation wasn’t easy, even for those who had a special body. Life wasn’t easy in general.
“Lin Feng!” At that moment, Hou Qing Lin came over to Lin Feng.
“Brother,” said Lin Feng raising his head and smiling, “Brother, why are you not going? Your reincarnation strength is incredible. You’ll amaze everybody.”
Hou Qing Lin shook his head and said, “Lin Feng, what other people think is not important. We just need to be determined.”
“I understand!” Lin Feng nodded. He actually didn’t care about what other people thought, including Ancestor Zhu Tian. If he prefered Ji Wuyou, that was his choice. It had nothing to do with Lin Feng. As long as they were determined, everything was fine.
The ceremony was going well, but Lin Feng didn’t care anymore. He was absent-minded and didn’t pay attention to the ceremony anymore.
“Lin Feng.” At that moment, Hou Qing Lin saw that Lin Feng was just standing there as if the outside world had nothing to do with him.
“Eh?” Lin Feng raised his head, Hou Qing Lin was staring at him.
“The ceremony is over.” said Hou Qing Lin with a smile. Lin Feng glanced around and realized all the old men were gone, as well as Ji Wuyou and Yu Wen Jing. They had seen how strong the students were, that was enough.
“Let’s go back!” said Lin Feng, and the friends left. However, at that moment, Lin Feng sensed some energies, he frowned and gazed into the distance. He noticed Yu Wen Hou and the others. Next to Yu Wen Hou, there was a strong cultivator. His facial expression were ice-cold, emotionless.
“Medium-level emperor?” Lin Feng was surprised. That guy was extremely strong. He was stronger than Yu Wen Hou. Lin Feng guessed his identity: Shang Jun, Shang Yu’s older brother.
“Yu Wen Hou, you told me he was dead already?” said Shang Jun, staring unhappily at Lin Feng.
Yu Wen Hou frowned, but didn’t reply. Shang Jun looked at Lin Feng and said, “Shang Yu was weak and immature, but his murderer must die too!”
Then, he rolled up his sleeves and walked forwards.
Yu Wen Hou was fixedly staring at Lin Feng and groaned aloud. He turned around and left too.
Lin Feng shouted out, looking at Yu Wen Hou’s back, “Don’t forget what I said!. We, Tiantai, challenged the Star Group, everyone!”
Yu Wen Hou shivered with rage, but  he continued walking, his expression furious.

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