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PMG Chapter 1778: University Gathering

PMG Chapter 1778: University Gathering
When the young geniuses of the Vast Celestial Ancient City had gone to the Holy City, the Vast Celestial Ancient City was left rather quiet.
But now, more and more people were coming back because of the historical remains of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. People from the entire Region of the Dark Night wanted to go and see it.
However, it wasn’t easy to get there. It wasn’t where the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan was located before. It was quite far away in a desolate place. Nobody had thought the place would be that far away. The palace which had appeared in the past had just been a way to trick people.
Many people remembered the Taoist monk though who had stolen a statue which probably contained precious treasures. Some people even said that they had seen him at the grave, but nobody had been able to check whether it was true or not. In any case, few people could go into the grave.
It was because outside of the grave, there were terrifying deployment spells. Many deployment spell casters were going there now. They wanted to see if they could get in!
The gigantic tomb had appeared in a wild and unpopulated area. It was massive in size. However, people stayed far away because of the deployment spells.
In the distance, on a mountain range, there were many people watching. Even though they looked indifferent, on the inside, they couldn’t keep calm. The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan’s grave might contain incredible treasures. If someone managed to get in, they’d obtain them.
Unfortunately, the entrance was completely blocked. Nobody could get in.
At the top of another mountain, there were two people, a beautiful woman, and a demonic-looking man in black clothes. Those two people were Empress Xi and the Netherworld Demon Emperor.
“I wouldn’t have thought that the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan had time to hide things in this grave back then. You said you saw Yan Di in Xue Yue back then?” Empress Xi asked the Netherworld Demon Emperor.
The demon emperor nodded. He had seen Lin Feng and Yan Di.
“It means that Yan Di didn’t really die, then. He came back to life. The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan’s grave probably contains treasures for him. I think that the one who showed up in the Moon Palace last time was Yan Di!” Empress Xi said calmly.
The Netherworld Demon Emperor looked emotionless. He just evenly replied, “Indeed. Maybe that it was Yan Di. Considering his strength back then, now that he came back to life, he’s probably going to become extremely strong again.”
“So what? We have so many strong cultivators under our control. Yan Di can’t do anything,” said Empress Xi, her eyes twinkling. The Netherworld Demon Emperor and Empress Xi had died once as well. They were very determined and persistent. Cultivation was the only thing that mattered to them, they had to become peerless cultivators.
“Let’s go back. The deployment spells are too difficult to break,” said Empress Xi before turning to leave. The Netherworld Demon Emperor followed her and both disappeared into the horizon.

Outside of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan grave, the wilds were vast. Apart from the deployment spells, some people also found some treasures. Back then, when the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan had created that place, they had broken the ground and inside were many outer palaces in which there were treasures.
In the distance, some people appeared, a group of young adults. They were wearing uniforms and looked both strong and determined.
How strong. Those young people are only emperors, but they seem so strong. I wonder where they’re from?, thought the crowd.
“People from Tian Yuan! I saw that uniform a long time ago. That’s the uniform of the Yunxiao University in Tian Yuan!” said someone. They were surprised. Surprisingly, people from Yunxiao University were there.  They came from one of the three main cities of the region.
Many people looked at them. Universities, in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, were holy places. The three main cities of the region had universities, and many extremely strong cultivators. Often, their students became terrifying cultivators who amazed whole cities, regions, and sometimes the whole world. Everybody respected them.
Yunxiao University’s students were enthusiastic. People got excited as well when seeing them, as if it were contagious.
“I wouldn’t have thought that they’d come, at least not so fast. They come from so far away. But I’ve heard that their news system is quite good. It seems that it’s true.” thought the crowd.
More people are coming!, thought the crowd, gazing into the distance. There was a group of young men again, also looking incredible. They didn’t wear uniforms though, so they didn’t look as strict.
“People from Yunxiao are so fast!” said someone in the crowd. People from Yunxiao University were in the crowd too! They looked at the people who were coming: Goblin Spirit University.
“Goblin Spirit University, they’re fast too,” said someone from Yunxiao University. People looked at one another with flames in their eyes. In total, in the three main cities, there were ten universities. When students from different universities met, they were in competition. They all wanted to prove their university was the best.
“Goblin Spirit University.” The crowd was shocked. According to legends, the strong cultivators of Goblin Spirit University all had a bestial soul. The university was very special, they only accepted people with an animal soul. Their students were incredibly strong.
The crowd hadn’t thought that so many people would come because of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan’s grave. People from all universities were arriving The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan was quite famous. Everybody knew about the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. Unfortunately, they had been destroyed a long time ago, and now some people were going to steal their treasures.
There were more and more people. The air was becoming more and more lively. An ocean of people was gradually appearing.

At that moment, a few hundreds of kilometers away, there was a group of people on a boat. They were flying at  great speed above the clouds. As they approached, the clouds disappeared and they saw the grave. They were all amazed, wondering what was inside.
“Lin Feng, your boat was so fast, maybe that we’re the first ones from the Holy City!”Tantai exclaimed happily. Lin Feng’s boat was very fast, and extremely useful.
“Let’s go and see,” said Lin Feng with a smile. The boat descended from the sky. Many people noticed them arriving.
Another group of extraordinary-looking young people, people easily guessed that these people were also from a university.
“That’s Lin Feng!” said someone at that moment. In the Vast Celestial Ancient City, many people knew Lin Feng. Surprisingly, Lin Feng was there again. The young man who had been abandoned by the gods by the Ice Moon Lake was back.
Many people from the Vast Celestial Ancient City recognized Lin Feng, as he had done many things there. At that moment, the crowd looked at Lin Feng strangely… was Lin Feng a university student?
“I wonder which university they belong to! Surprisingly, Lin Feng is also a student now, and he’s back in the Vast Celestial Ancient City!”
“Not only Lin Feng, Qing Feng, Wu, Suan, they’re all here. Those are strong cultivators from the Vast Celestial Ancient City, the people murmured when they saw Wu, Qing Feng and the others.
“What university are you from?” Everybody was staring at Lin Feng and the others. They looked like heroes!
“You’re not from the Holy City. Which university?” asked Qin Wu of some students who were there already.
“You’re impolite, I asked you first. Why not reply?” the other retorted. University students were competitors above all.
Tantai frowned and said coldly, “We’re just asking, what’s the problem with that? You just want to fight, don’t you?”
“Hmph!” that person smiled in a cold way and said, “So what?”
“You…” Tantai was furious already.
Qin Wu intervened. “From your clothes, you must be from Yunxiao University.”
“You’re smart,” said that person sarcastically.
“We didn’t come to fight verbally,” Hou Qing Lin said, barely glancing at those people. Then he looked at the grave. He didn’t care about these people.

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