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PMG Chapter 1779: Meeting Yi Ren Again

PMG Chapter 1779: Meeting Yi Ren Again
“Palace, ancient golden road, deployment spell.” Lin Feng glanced around. The grave looked like a palace, it was gigantic and magnificent. The deployment spells around it were frightening. People couldn’t break it relying on brute strength. The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan was very famous back then because they were incredibly strong, it wasn’t an undeserved reputation.
Back then, the leader of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan was terrifying. He was as strong as many other great emperors. The clan was quite famous, notably for their deployment spells, which could destroy heaven and earth.
Since the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan’s grave had appeared here, it meant that they wanted people to find it, but it probably wasn’t easy to get in.
They had prepared. But the only way to get into the palace seemed to be via the ancient golden road they had in front of them.
The ancient golden road led to the palace, and was divided into several small roads. They all had marks on them of deployment spells. At that moment, many deployment spell casters were there and studying the deployment spells. They wanted to understand how they worked so they could get inside.
There are nine paths, each of them has a deployment spell, and the deployment spells are all different, thought Lin Feng. The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan’s deployment spells were incredibly powerful. The Everlasting Celestial Emperor was famous for his deployment spells in Si Xiang City, but maybe that he had learned them from the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. Yan Di was the prince of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, no wonder he had chased the Everlasting Celestial Emperor back then.
“If you walk on those paths, the deployment spells get more and more dangerous as you go forwards. There are thousands of deadly deployment spells. Getting inside will be extremely difficult,” said a deployment spell caster at that moment. The crowd was shocked… thousands of deployment spells on those paths? How deadly!
“At the end of each path, there’s an entrance, but is there the same thing behind each entrance?” asked Tian Chi at that moment.
“Possibly not,” said Hou Qing Lin, staring at the paths. They were different, so they probably led to different places.
“I don’t know which deployment spell we can break, so first let’s wait and observe,” said Lin Feng. Then, the group of friends moved away and stopped in the distance. The nine paths contained mighty deployment spells. Getting in wouldn’t be easy, and they didn’t even know which path was the right one.
Lin Feng and the others weren’t the only ones who did that. Many other strong cultivators decided to stay far away and observe first. It could be dangerous.

Time passed. More and more strong cultivators showed up. People from the four universities of the Holy City were there already, including more people from Champion University.
“Such beautiful women!” Tantai exclaimed. Nine beautiful women had arrived. They looked like celestial beings. Even the university students were impressed.
“Those must be the women of the Moon Palace. They’re so beautiful, like celestial beings,” said Qing Lin. Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi were surprised, they recognized one of them.
“Yi Ren Lei!”murmured Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi. That was Yi Ren Lei from the Heavens of Desire’s Palace! Surprisingly, she had become one of the celestial beings of the Moon Palace.
Qing Feng looked at Lin Feng. On that night, she had heard Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei’s dialogue. Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi were Lin Feng’s friends, they knew Yi Ren Lei too. They seemingly knew each other from before.
Yi Ren Lei heard her name and turned her head. She saw Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, and Lin Feng.
When she saw Lin Feng, she shivered. Her beautiful eyes twinkled. She couldn’t remain indifferent to him.
Lin Feng looked enigmatic, unfathomable, calm, and serene, as if nothing could affect him.
“Lin Feng,” whispered Yi Ren Lei.
However, Lin Feng just calmly nodded back at her, “Yi Ren the celestial girl.”
“Yi Ren the celestial girl…” Yi Ren the celestial girl felt so sad, but she still smiled at Lin Feng. Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi also nodded at her and then turned to the other celestial women. They were all extremely beautiful.
Yun Qing Yan looked at Yi Ren Lei, and then smiled at Lin Feng knowingly. “She likes you?”
Lin Feng frowned,. He didn’t look at Yun Qing Yan, but shook his head, “Don’t talk nonsense.”
“I’m a woman, I understand women. She likes you. You hurt her?” Yun Qing Yan smiled mischievously, but Lin Feng ignored her.
“Yi Ren Lei is a celestial being from the Moon Palace, she understands deployment spells.” Tian Chi saw Yi Ren Lei and the other celestial women start investigating the deployment spells.
“They must be really good at deployment spells, but maybe that they also studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, which allow cultivators to modify strength. If I’m not mistaken, those women are pillars of the Moon Palace,” whispered Lin Feng.
In the Moon Palace, there were many books, terrifying great imperial skills and techniques, and ancient holy scriptures. If the Moon Palace wanted, they could raise terrifying geniuses. The celestial women of the Moon Palace were all talented and extraordinary.
“It seems that we people from the small world, will all have bright future,” Hou Qing Lin said under his breath. Where were the others, though?
The nine women chose a path and started walking forwards, easily avoiding the deployment spells.
They’re using a group spell. How strong, thought Yun Qing Yan. The nine women were using a group spell. They really did understand deployment spells!
At that moment, many people looked at the path they had chosen. Were the celestial women really going to use that path?
Actually, the deployment spells of that path weren’t that easy to solve. Each step was difficult. Even for the celestial women of the Moon Palace, it was getting more and more difficult.

Some time passed, a few days went by. Lin Feng was staring at the women. Gradually, people started trying to solve the mysteries of the nine golden paths using their godly awareness.
During those days, more and more people also arrived. Many people from Champion University were there, including people from Ji Chang’s Club.
When the members of Ji Chang’s Club saw Lin Feng and his friends, they landed on another mountain.
“Those morons are everywhere,” said a member of the Star Group scathingly Lin Feng and the others ignored them.
“They’re acting recklessly. They want to die here!” someone else shouted out. The members of the Star Group were proud and arrogant. However, being oppressed by Tiantai made them furious. Now that they had made an alliance with the Yue Clan, would Tiantai continue acting arrogantly?
“There are dogs everywhere, including at Champion University!” retorted Tantai coldly.
“A deployment spell is almost broken,” someone else interrupted at that moment. The crowd looked to the celestial women. The nine girls had joined hands with some deployment spell casters and they had almost reached the end of the path. Would they be able to break the deployment spell at the end?
Bzzz! At that moment, silhouettes flickered and solidified, and more people from the Moon Palace arrived. Empress Xi and the Nine Netherworlds Emperor were still together.
At the same time, a dazzling light appeared. A golden door at the end of a path opened itself, dazzling golden lights illuminated the path. The deployment spells turned into illusions. Many people rushed over there, as the Moon Place people went inside.
The crowd was going insane and running towards the gate. However, the marks suddenly changed again, the sky rumbled, the gate closed itself, and a terrifying energy exploded out, killing some people instantly.
The path is closed again, the deployment spells are reappearing!, thought the crowd, unhappy at the news. Many people retreated as fast as they could.
“Lin Feng, how did you know?” Qin Wu asked Lin Feng. A moment before, Lin Feng had prevented them from going in.
“I didn’t know, but if the door opens itself again, we’ll need to be cautious before going in,” whispered Lin Feng. Qin Wu and the others’ eyes twinkled. Cautious, right!
“Everybody, let’s join hands,” said someone at that moment. Some deployment spell casters were getting ready to join hands since that’s what the celestial women of the Moon Palace and some other people had done.
The deployment spell casters started discussing the issue and were getting ready to break the deployment spells of the other paths. At the same time, some people walked to the path on which the celestial beings had broken the deployment spells. They wanted to benefit from their knowledge.
“The deployment spells changed!” said some people on the path. The deployment spells on that golden path had already shifted.
“Come with me!” Lin Feng said, and started forward, jumping onto the path which had been opened by the celestial women of the Moon Palace. Suddenly, dazzling lights invaded the air and the deadly deployment spells dispersed again. Lin Feng had taken nine steps.
The deployment spells were changing. Lin Feng noticed that people couldn’t necessarily walk on the same paths as before!

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