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PMG Chapter 1780: Entering The Ancient Palace

PMG Chapter 1780: Entering The Ancient Palace
What a strange golden path, thought Lin Feng, slowly walking forwards. He could sense the strength of the deployment spells. There were millions and millions of marks on the paths. The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan’s deployment spells were indeed awesome.
At that moment, many people suddenly ran towards Lin Feng and watched him closely Each time Lin Feng made a step, the marks changed. They had to break the deployment spells to move forward, step by step.
This student from Champion University knows about deployment spells, thought the students of Yunxiao University, staring at Lin Feng. Since Lin Feng’s friends were following him, it meant that other people could follow him.
Yu Wen Hou, Ji Wuyou, and the others were also fixedly staring at Lin Feng. Surprisingly, that guy could walk on the golden path.
“Come with me.” Silhouettes flickered. The students of Yunxiao University landed behind Lin Feng and the others. The golden paths were mysterious. After breaking the deployment spells, they could reappear, so they wanted to benefit from Lin Feng’s knowledge. If he could break the deployment spells, why not follow him?
Yunxiao University’s students weren’t the only ones to think that way, Yu Wen Hou and the others followed him too. Lin Feng could break deployment spells. so they didn’t need to worry about anything with him in the lead.
While Lin Feng was breaking the deployment spells, he frowned. He turned around and looked at the crowd. If he broke the deployment spells, not only would these people force the entry into the palace, but they would also attack him by surprise and steal some treasures from him.
When they saw that Lin Feng had stopped, they looked at him coldly. Lin Feng said, “Leave the path or I won’t continue.”
“Eh?” The crowd frowned and looked angry.
“Little bastard, you’re breaking the deployment spell and we’re not disturbing you, what’s the problem?” said someone from Yunxiao University coldly.
“Do you want to die now?” Ji Wuyou demanded coldly. His eyes were filled with murder.
“Piss off!” said Lin Feng coldly. Ji Wuyou grimaced. Dazzling dragon lights appeared around him and he released a powerful Qi.
“How arrogant!” shouted the strong cultivator from Yunxiao University. He jumped forwards and immediately attacked in the direction of Lin Feng’s friends. He wanted to teach them a good lesson.
Lin Feng suddenly jumped up, and lights appeared,. The golden path abruptly became dazzlingly bright, and a terrifying strength emerged.
Boom boom! That strong cultivator’s attack immediately disappeared. The golden path was still shining as golden blades descended from the sky.
The student from Yunxiao University was stupefied. How could Lin Feng use the deployment spells of the path that easily? He retreated at full speed. Lin Feng laughed furiously. In a flash, the golden lights turned into a cage and imprisoned the cultivator. People’s facial expressions changed drastically.
“Cut!”Lin Feng shouted  furiously. The golden lights became blinding and turned into deadly energies which invaded the cage. The crowd retreated quickly as the air started exploding. The strong cultivator who was inside the cage turned into a bloody cloud, and the cosmic energies dispersed.
The crowd was astonished. That guy was at the top of the low Huang Qi layer, and the deployment spell had crushed him.
That golden road is strange, thought the crowd, staring at it. As it moved further along, the deployment spells were getting more and more dangerous, yet Lin Feng moved on it freely. It seemed easy for him to use them, or destroy them. They were only at the beginning of the path, but the energies were already terrifying.
“Piss off!” Lin Feng shouted at Ji Wuyou and the others coldly.
“Arrogant little boy!” The crowd looked at him with murder in their eyes, especially Ji Wuyou. Lin Feng glanced back at him disdainfully.
A dragon suddenly started chanting. Ji Wuyou waved his hand and a cyan-scaled dragon appeared as a light beam moved towards Lin Feng and the others. That gigantic dragon could injure or even kill Lin Feng and his friends.
Lin Feng jumped up, and on the golden path, a gigantic and terrifying web appeared, and surrounded the gigantic cyan dragon. Dazzling lights appeared, and the cyan dragon exploded. Blood splashed everywhere.
The Ji Clan’s Cyan Dragon Totem is incredible, it is made of flesh like a real dragon!, thought the crowd with a sigh. However, the deployment spells of the path were even more terrifying. The dragon had been crushed in the blink of an eye.
The golden lights dashed to the skies. Ji Wuyou and the others rose up into the air and retreated. At the same time, Ji Wuyou bombarded the air with another dragon attack. The air was shaking. The dazzling lights of the golden path were a bit oppressed.
Lin Feng kept jumping. The lights of the path twinkled, they now seemed indestructible. The strong cultivators in the air were startled, and immediately jumped away from the path. They were now all staring at Lin Feng coldly.
Lin Feng glanced at them, and then he turned around and continued breaking the deployment spells on the golden path and walking forwards.
The deployment spells of the golden path are getting more and more powerful. Lin Feng can use that deployment strength, so as he moves forwards, his attacks become more powerful. We can’t get close to him…, thought Yu Wen Hou and the others. They were standing outside of the golden path and glaring at Lin Feng. If Lin Feng could break the deployment spells all the way to the end, they would only have a short time to run to the gate.
Lin Feng kept moving forwards. Many people were watching Lin Feng, especially those incredibly strong deployment spell casters. They were all surprised. At the beginning, the women of the Moon Palace had started breaking the deployment spells. The deployment spells of the paths had then changed, but they had realized that only after stepping onto the paths. Now, what they needed to do was observe what Lin Feng was doing, and then do the same.
Surprisingly, he can destroy the deployment spells!, thought the crowd. Lin Feng was already quite far along the golden path. If he continued, he would soon reach the end and would be able to get into the palace.
“Let’s get ready.” Yu Wen Hou and the others were staring at Lin Feng and condensing their Qi, getting ready to follow him.

After a short time, Lin Feng finally arrived at the end of the path, a vast Qi rolled in the air. Lin Feng smiled coldly and jumped forwards, the golden path lit up again. Terrifying energies rose to the skies as the crowd frowned.
“Let’s go!”The strong cultivators charged towards Lin Feng, but then some terrifying and deadly energies surrounded the path, and more rumbling sounds rose up. The door opened itself, Lin Feng and the others got inside.
“Stay open!” A gigantic hand reached for the door. Some people who were in front of the door were struck by the attack.
“Piss off!” The person who wanted to go in saw someone attack them again. They couldn’t miss that opportunity, and the competition was scary. The air wobbled and shifted, and the golden lights on the path changed again.
“Oh no! Move back!” shouted someone furiously. The crowd retreated at full speed. However, some people didn’t have time to escape, the lights reached them and they died messily.
“Bastard!!!” The crowd was furious. Lin Feng and his friends had disappeared inside the palace, but the door closed itself again. They were all stuck outside.
“The golden paths keep changing, we need to find the same path as they did!” said a deployment spell caster. They needed to do the same as the celestial women of the Moon Palace and Lin Feng. Lin Feng had understood what to do, that’s why he and his friends were the second batch of people who had managed to get inside.
“Indeed. We need to do the same as them, and we’ll have a chance to find the entrance,” said an old man. He had been staring at Lin Feng the whole time, so he released his godly awareness.

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    Thanks a bunch!

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    Why is the crowd pissy when Lin Feng got in but not at the moon palace that got there first?

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      Because even without the other Great Emperors they control just Empress Xi and the Nine Netherworlds Emperor by themselves would be enough to rip the entire crowd new arseholes.

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