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PMG Chapter 1781: Great Emperor’s Powers

PMG Chapter 1781: Great Emperor’s Powers
Only the celestial beings of the Moon Palace and Lin Feng’s group had managed to enter the palace.
When Lin Feng entered the palace, there was a layer of terrifying golden energy which kept transforming and turning into an oppressive strength.
“Eh?” Lin Feng was surprised. He raised his head and looked at the golden energies undulating in the air. What was going on?
“My cultivation…” At that moment, the only medium-level emperor, Yun Qing Yan, looked startled. Lin Feng turned his head and looked at her. Her expression had changed drastically.
“What’s wrong?” Lin Feng asked her.
Yun Qing Yan raised her head, her beautiful eyes were sharp as she said, “The energy is suppressing my cultivation.”
“Suppressing your cultivation?” Lin Feng frowned and looked at Yun Qing Yan strangely. Yun Qing Yan released cosmic energies, she now had the strength of the top low Huang Qi layer. Her cultivation level was restrained!
“Indeed. My cultivation level is restrained. I am a low-level emperor here, not a medium-level emperor!” protested Yun Qing Yan. She looked very disorientated. Her cosmic energies were really restrained, but she didn’t feel oppressed.
“That ancient palace can restrain people’s cultivation.” Lin Feng’s eyes were gleaming. At that moment, apart from the suppressive deployment spell, there was a golden path. It looked like the one in the outside world but was even stranger. It was gigantic and impossible to see where it led.
“There are people in front of us,” whispered Hou Qing Lin. In the palace, in the distance, there was a bridge with people on it.
“Let’s go and see!” said Lin Feng as he sped up. After a short time, he arrived in front of the bridge, counting eighteen people on it. They looked strange, like ancient emperors, all of them motionless. On each side of the bridge, there was a golden river with golden energies emerging from it. It seemed that that water could freeze people.
“Are they dead or alive?” whispered Tantai. Those eighteen people were as motionless as if they were dead.
“I’ll see!,” said Lin Feng, studying those eighteen people as he walked onto the bridge. When he stepped onto the bridge, a real light moved charged towards him. Lin Feng jumped back, and the bridge became normal again.
“What’s going on? There’s nothing.” When Lin Feng went back to where he was, the atmosphere calmed down again.
“Lin Feng, what did you see?” asked Yun Qing Yan.
“As soon as I stepped on the bridge, I was attacked. A gigantic hand which looked real attacked me, but I couldn’t see it clearly!” Lin Feng explained. He was startled about how dangerous that place was!
“Willpower attack!” judged Qing Feng. They hadn’t seen the attack, but Lin Feng couldn’t possibly lie. There was only one possibility: a willpower attack. The eighteen strong cultivators were filled with willpower strength, and attacked people who stepped onto the bridge.
“Willpower attack?” Lin Feng frowned. “Even if it’s willpower, why does it look blurry, and why do you sense it only if you get onto the bridge? Why couldn’t you all see it?”
“Because the eighteen emperors are great emperors made of will,” explained Qing Feng. “Great Emperors’ determination can fuse together with the earth and the sky. They have an enigmatic power, their attacks only look fake. Their will can be used to carry out strange and mysterious attacks. They can also carry out attacks which look real!”
Yun Qing Yan nodded as she listened to Qing Feng. “I’ve also heard that. My parents told me something similar. It’s the difference between cultivation emperors and great emperors. When you become a great emperor, your mind fuses together with the earth and the sky, the earth and the sky cleanse your body, every single strength you have fuses together with the earth and the sky. You can condense the strength of the earth and the sky in your hands and destroy mountains and rivers in the blink of an eye, and even using your mind, you can also create mountains and rivers.”
“You can destroy or create mountains and rivers in the blink of an eye…” whispered Lin Feng. Not only could such strong cultivators destroy mountains and rivers, but they could also create them! Lin Feng had seen great emperors fight. Even though their battles were incredible, they also looked quite simple. He had also seen two great emperors get killed in the blink of an eye. Back then, he hadn’t understood what had happened. How could great emperors look that weak? It was as if they weren’t much stronger than normal cultivation emperors…
He didn’t know the difference between the different great emperors, however. For example, there was a huge difference between normal great emperors and holy great emperors. He didn’t know what powers great emperors had,  either, or what kind of strength they controlled. He also didn’t know what holy great emperors could do. He had never really talked to a great emperor about those things.
“How can they create things?” asked Lin Feng. He was curious.
“When you’re a great emperor, every strength you have become real. The spells we learn have often been created by great emperors, so we imitate their attacks, but they’re not real. For example, Ji Wuyou’s cyan dragon attack looks like a real dragon. If a great emperor used the same attack, the dragon would be real. When a great emperor controls water strength and does a knifehand strike, a river appears. When a great emperor controls fire strength, they do a knifehand strike and can create Hell itself!” Yun Qing Yan explained to Lin Feng. Her explanation was very clear and precise. Lin Feng was so strange, he knew nothing about great emperors. Her parents were great emperors, however. She perfectly understood what great emperors could do. She also knew a lot about holy emperors!
“So this the will of eighteen great emperors, and they attack us for real as soon as we get on the bridge,” clarified Qin Wu for everyone.
Yun Qing Yan nodded and said, “Indeed, but that’s just a test. If we pass it, we can cross the bridge.”
“Let’s try and destroy them!” Tantai yelled enthusiastically. Lions appeared and roared. They immediately attacked the eighteen statues with explosive power.
Boom, boom, boom!
The lions attacked the statues. They didn’t move at all, the attack was useless.
“In the palace, people’s cultivation levels are restrained. A person’s strength can’t exceed the low Huang Qi layer. Even if great emperors come inside, their strength will be restrained also. The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan has prepared for this. Direct attacks won’t work. We need to walk across.
“Willpower attacks, Chu Chun Qiu has studied the Sky Absorbing Holy Scriptures, he can absorb people’s willpower. He has a terrifying  strength of will. He can kill people with pure will. It’s as if he had the same power of great emperors, but at a much lower level!” muttered Lin Feng. Maybe that it had something to do with his cultivation speed.
“I’ll go and try first. If that’s a test, maybe the nine paths lead to different places with different tests. Many people are probably going to die during those exams,” he said.
He walked up to the bridge once again. This time, he was ready, he released wind cosmic energy and moved in a blur of motion.
A powerful energy once again charged towards Lin Feng. The eighteen statues’ wills were as fast as lightning!
Lin Feng put his hands together, and a Purple Tank as big as an ocean moved straight towards the attack of will.
However, the attack consisted of millions of threads, different attacks. and like a sharp sword cut apart everything, including the Purple Tank. At the same time, an iceberg appeared and froze the earth and the sky, and then a terrifying ancient cauldron appeared, containing an explosive power as it hurtled at Lin Feng.
The air rumbled, and Lin Feng retreated quickly. and went back to where he was standing originally. He looked furious.
“Everybody, be very careful. Those threads of will are organized in such a way that their power has maximum intensity. Don’t rush!” Lin Feng called out after having inspected the energies. His eyes went pitch-black.
This time, Lin Feng didn’t move quickly. He released several sorts of cosmic energies. In reply, a terrifying energy seemed like it was going to swallow his eyes and crush his mind.
Lin Feng’s eyes contained the source of the nine netherworlds. They could corrode the ten thousand things of creation. He continued moving forwards.
A gigantic hand moved towards Lin Feng and blotted out the sky. There was nowhere to escape!
Dong! Lin Feng jumped, and under his feet, lights twinkled. At the same time, his Purple Tank moved again, containing enough strength to destroy the hand. Lin Feng continued moving forwards steadily, step by step.
Sword lights twinkled. There were energies all around Lin Feng, he couldn’t escape. He did a knifehand strike, and his own sword energies whistled and rose to the skies, cutting apart the sword energies in front of him. The lights under his feet continued moving as a dazzling deployment spell appeared. The people behind him frowned. Surprisingly, Lin Feng was in the middle of the attack of will and didn’t continue moving.
They couldn’t see the determination attacks clearly, they only saw them when Lin Feng’s attacks collided with them, but they knew that the great emperors’ attacks only had the strength of the low Huang Qi layer. Of course, it was only the first bridge. Only a few people would fail here.
At that moment, bright golden lights shone under Lin Feng’s feet, his silhouette turned into an illusion, and he suddenly disappeared. Instantly, he reappeared on the other side of the bridge.
“Empty space deployment spell!” Qin Wu was astonished. Lin Feng could cast empty space deployment spells and teleport!
“Those determination attacks can’t block empty space deployment spells, but they can still have an effect on your movements, use your own powers to walk on the bridge. If it doesn’t work, just walk to the center and then attract the strength of my marks and you can cross!” Lin Feng called out. He didn’t cast a deployment spell on the other side of the bridge, as he didn’t want to waste any strength, even if the strength was suppressed!

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