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PMG Chapter 1782: Insane battle

PMG Chapter 1782: Insane battle
After Lin Feng, Hou Qing Lin and the others stepped on the bridge. Some people used strength, some people endured the great emperors’ attacks, but they all used Lin Feng’s empty space deployment spell.
“Lin Feng, without your empty space deployment spell, I couldn’t have crossed the bridge!” admitted Qin Wu. He was mortified. Those eighteen great emperors’ attacks were scary. Most low-level emperors couldn’t stand such attacks, and thus couldn’t cross the bridge. Even Qin Wu, who was very strong, found it difficult!
But thanks to Lin Feng’s deployment spell, Qin Wu, Huang Fu Long, and the others could follow him.
“As long as you could all cross, that was the main thing. We’ll face many dangers here. It’s the same for the other paths. Besides, we came in after the Moon Palace’s cultivators, the others will come in even later than us. Let’s not waste time, let’s continue on and see.”
The Tiantai members continued on. The path seemed endless. After some time, they finally arrived in front of a sculpture which obstructed the way. It blocked the end of that room.
The sculpture contained a terrifying Will and attacked Lin Feng after just a glance. It looked like a demon king, and the energies looked like demonic figures attacking him.
Dong! Lin Feng suddenly jumped up, his Purple Tank rolled in the air and collided with the demonic attacks. The air was shattering even as the terrifying Will continued attacking Lin Feng and piercing through his eyes. Lin Feng started feeling dizzy. His willpower was being affected!
Lin Feng’s mind started shaking, he tried to use his godly awareness to protect his consciousness. The demonicic will kept bombarding his brain. Behind Lin Feng, the Source of the Nine Netherworlds appeared and flowed throughout his brain. The demonicic will was attacking his strength!
“That willpower is terrifying. There are two sorts, one is shapeless and the other has a shape.” Lin Feng’s Qi rolled in waves as he continued walking forwards. He said to the others, “Brothers, Wu, let’s lead the way. The others, be careful, especially when your will is attacked, the attacks can destroy our willpower! We have to be very cautious!”
Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, and Wu closely followed Lin Feng. The others stayed behind. Lin Feng and the three others released Qi in volleys, attacking the demonic king’s Will.
What a powerful Will!, the others thought urgently. Lin Feng released a dazzling sword energy and cut apart the demonic attacks in front of him. Hou Qing Lin used his Asura Reincarnation attack to attack the will, at the same time, protecting himself with his godly awareness. The Will was terrifying!
The others stayed behind. They had to remain vigilant, they felt oppressed. They didn’t need to face the demonic Will directly since they were being shielded, but they still felt very nervous. The attacks were frightening and ceaseless. That demonic king was really strong!
“CUT!” Lin Feng shouted furiously. Sword lights illuminated the atmosphere and bombarded the demonic king’s body, gashes appeared.
Tian Chi released a terrifying golden hand at the same time. The air rumbled, and the demonic king’s statue finally exploded. A door appeared beyond it.
“Let’s go!” shouted Lin Feng, running forwards, and the others followed. In front of them, another path appeared. It was a vast road, hundreds of meters in width. However, the path was obstructed, there was an infinite number of statues obstructing the way.
It’s going to be tough, thought Lin Feng, shaking at the sight. How many emperors did the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan have back then? And how many great emperors? In order to leave such a terrifying Will, they had to be incredibly strong.
If Lin Feng had been alone, he wouldn’t have been worried. After all, those threads of willpower were from dead people. It was just a test, the goal wasn’t to prevent everyone from passing. If he were alone, he would have been able to pass the tests easily. The problem was all his Tiantai friends were there, and he had to go slowly and wait for them.
“Wu, you and me, we stay in the front, you two, defend on the left, Suan and Tantai protect on the right, Qing Feng and Qing Yan, stay at the back, and the others, stay in the middle. We’ll take care of those great emperors’ wills,” said Lin Feng. Everybody nodded agreement, that was a good formation to use.
Powerful energy moved towards Lin Feng. Dazzling sword lights invaded the atmosphere, nine stars appeared and attacked him.
Lin Feng released a powerful sword meaning, it looked like a lofty mountain. Lin Feng was surrounded by sword lights which dashed to the skies, and clashed against the attacking sword lights. The attacks were unceasing and overwhelming. A sun sword appeared. Lin Feng used a wind attack which contained two sorts of determination meaning. The sun and the wind energies, fused together explosively, thunder shook the air as a statue exploded.
At the same time, Lin Feng took two steps forwards as Wu fought against a shadow. His physical body was incredible, blinding sun lights appeared, and his claws were almost indestructible. Lin Feng and Wu moved forwards with an indomitable will.
The band continued walking forwards. The will attacks twisted the air. The scene looked like a great war.
Lin Feng created some armor and released Willpower Kalpa strength, as well as other techniques,  endlessly attacking the strong cultivators’ Wills. It was a difficult test. Dazzling sword lights, sun energies, clouds, water, the attacks were coming  from all sides endlessly. It was a big bang of cosmic energies.
Wu was fierce and ferocious, moving swiftly, he looked like a hero.
However, as they moved forwards, Lin Feng realized that the willpower attacks were surprisingly turning into deployment spells, or more precisely, they were fused together with deployment spells. Those attacks forced the group to separate. After a short time, they were separated from one another and had to fight alone.
Someone groaned with pain. Lin Feng glanced around; Qin Wu had been struck by an attack and was propelled backwards and was bleeding. A cauldron had smashed into him and now a silhouette was moving towards him at full speed.
Lin Feng moved like the wind and landed in front of Qin Wu. He released Deva-Mara Kalpa strength, looking like a beast as the attack charged towards him.
“Die!” Lin Feng jumped forwards, terrifying sword energies whistled out and destroyed the attack.
“Are you alright?” Lin Feng asked Qin Wu.
“I’m alright. In this damn place, even the strength of precious treasures is restrained! It’s better to use your own strength!” said Qin Wu, taking a deep breath in annoyance.
“Damn place, I wonder when we’ll reach the end!” said Huang Fu Long. He was furious.
Lin Feng moved like the wind and punched a shadow which was attacking Huang Fu Long. Lin Feng said, “Enjoy the battles. You don’t have opportunities to battle like this everyday. Let’s enjoy it. We can learn many things here!”
“Lin Feng is right. It’s a rare opportunity that we have here!” said Hou Qing Lin. Those willpower attacks had the strength of low-level emperors. It was a great challenge for them!
“Hehe!” Tantai grinned. He shouted furiously and an infinity of lions appeared, bestial Qi rising up. Tantai’s attacks were explosive. Tantai was different from other people, he was quickly becoming stronger.
And so they continued. Apart from Lin Feng and a few others, the others were struggling and unhappy. But Lin Feng was helping them and protecting them, which made things easier for them. In the worst cases, they had a few wounds. They were extremely motivated, however!

“Nine Cauldron Celestial attack, die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously at that moment. In a flash, a terrifying cauldron appeared, apart from heavy earth and wind energies The marks of the cauldron also contained Deva-Mara Kalpa strength, thunder shook the air, and a statue immediately exploded.
More Deva-Mara Kalpa strength descended from the sky. The crowd frowned and looked at Lin Feng.
“Kalpa?” The others were staring at Lin Feng. That guy was fighting, how come there was Kalpa strength?
“His skills are improving!” Qing Feng knew that Lin Feng’s skills required Deva-Mara Kalpa strength. This guy was improving quickly!.
However, the Kalpa strength didn’t condense. The golden marks suppressed everything there. Lin Feng’s eyes gleamed. If he wanted to truly advance, he had to leave this place!
Finally, Lin Feng and the others arrived on the other side. There were no statues anymore.
“Argh!” Huang Fu Long shouted furiously, dragon chants spreading in the air, he looked like he still wanted to battle, he was enjoying the fight, but his enemies had disappeared.
Finally, once they the group was done destroying all the statues, they arrived at another door.
“How awesome!” Tantai even had blood on his face, everybody burst into laughter when they looked at him.
“That battle was a long one. My muscles are sore. Lin Feng, I wonder where you find all that energy, and on top of that you still managed to help us. Without you, we wouldn’t have made it,” Qin Wu smiled gratefully at Lin Feng. That battle had been fun but difficult. They all had the feeling  that they couldn’t keep up with Lin Feng. They were already exhausted even though after having been cleansed by the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky, their energies were unlimited since they could borrow them from the planet.
“Everybody, have a rest. We don’t know what there is behind that door,” said Lin Feng. Everybody nodded and had sat down to recover. Maybe that the battles ahead were going to be even worse beyond that door.

An hour later, Lin Feng opened his eyes, everybody else had probably recovered already too. He ordered, “Alright, let’s go!”
As Lin Feng walked up to the door, the air gradually changed around him. A vast palace appeared, thousands of meters wide.
“Is someone else there?”
At that moment, they noticed other people. They crossed the door and finally, the intersection of the paths had appeared.

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