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PMG Chapter 1783: Becoming Stronger

PMG Chapter 1783: Becoming Stronger
The vast palace was majestic. There were many statues in the palace, and they all contained Wills like before. Lin Feng frowned. Why were there so many statues?
Some of the statues were broken. There was an entrance in front of them, it seemed that those sculptures were easy to destroy…?
They’re not from the Moon Palace, they must be from the other universities?, wondered Lin Feng, glancing at the crowd around them. A few people were seated in front of the statues as if they were studying.
“Maybe we wasted time because we were inside before many other people. More things awaited us?” hazarded Suan. The others nodded. They had been fighting against the statues for a long time in the previous room. If they had relied on Lin Feng’s strength, they could have progressed much faster, but because Lin Feng had wanted everyone to practice, they had wasted time.
Lin Feng understood that if the Moon Palace’s cultivators had been able to go in, some other deployment spell casters would also be able to get in. After having coming into the palace, some strong deployment spell casters had probably been able to go through all the rooms very quickly. Besides, the strongest cultivators didn’t stay with their friends, groups were rare. People moved on alone.
“Those statues can be studied. They don’t attack,” said Hou Qing Lin at that moment. Lin Feng and the others frowned. Studied? Lin Feng remembered the demonic Shrine, he had also studied statues there, he had learned about immortal strength and other types of strength there.
Lin Feng walked forwards and stopped  in front of a statue. Suddenly, willpower emerge, However, that Will didn’t attack, but it was still very powerful.
Lin Feng shivered and looked elsewhere, he said to everybody, “Indeed, these statues can be studied. You can find a statue which contains a Will suitable for you. We can improve our own willpower!”
Understanding willpower was very difficult. Lin Feng understood that other people weren’t as intelligent as he was. Therefore, they had to choose a Will suitable for themselves.
At that moment, a statue suddenly exploded. Lin Feng turned around and looked at the person in front of it. That person’s eyes were dazzling and golden. That person had seemingly absorbed that statue’s Will, and the statue had broken apart!
It seems that when you study one statue and absorb its Will, it disappears because it’s made of willpower. So if you take it out, the statue explodes!, thought Lin Feng. He then walked away as he looked for an appropriate statue.
“Immortal, immortal strength.” At that moment, Lin Feng frowned. He looked at a statue which was different from the others. This one contained immortal meaning!
Lin Feng walked closer and studied it. The immortal intent penetrated into his eyes. Immortal energy started flowing throughout his body. Lin Feng was surrounded by immortal intent, and he started absorbing it, it was as if he had was turning into an immortal statue too!
Lin Feng controlled abstruse immortal strength, one more step and his immortal energy would turn into cosmic energy!
Immortal energy kept moving towards Lin Feng and surrounding him. His immortal intent was becoming stronger!
This Will is powerful. It belonged to a high-level emperor!, thought Lin Feng. With his strength, Lin Feng could already easily absorb the determination of an ordinary emperor. What he didn’t understand was why the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan had done all this: nine golden paths, tests…? Apart from eliminating ordinary cultivators or making people stronger, what was the point? Besides, why was people’s cultivation restrained in here? What would they find in the end? And where were the Moon Palace cultivators?
A mighty immortal meaning rose to the skies. Lin Feng sensed that his body was surrounded by immortal energies. He understood immortal energy more and more clearly. Immortal energy was condensing around his body!
Kacha! The statue in front of Lin Feng broke apart, the immortal meaning now belonged to Lin Feng!
“His energy turned into cosmic energy?” Many people looked at Lin Feng. What an incredible guy! One of his energies had turned into cosmic energy so quickly. He was so smart!
Improving an energy type wasn’t easy at all. Actually, Lin Feng’s immortal abstruse energy had reached the top, and he already understood several sorts of cosmic energies, so making abstruse energies turn into cosmic energies wasn’t difficult for him anymore, it was part of his talents. Therefore, Lin Feng had quickly understood immortal cosmic energy.
After that, Lin Feng quickly and searched for another statue. Very quickly, he found a demonic statue which contained demonic will. That statue looked extremely conceited, and contained a mighty demonic Will, its eyes particularly frightening.
He quickly understood its will.
After that, he found a death statue, it looked like a dead person.
“Death!” Someone arrived next to Lin Feng while he was studying. He frowned and dark lights glittered in his eyes while looking at Lin Feng.
He took a step forwards and death cosmic energy surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng was studying death energy and he was being attacked by surprise by someone who used death energy, too. He had the sensation he was going to die. His heart started racing madly.
Suddenly, life Qi appeared, Lin Feng dodged the death energies, a grey death hand was reaching for him. Such an attack could be deadly.
Lin Feng released death energy too. Then, he suddenly turned around and released an immortal sword attack. The sword attack collided with the death hand. Even though he hadn’t used too much energy, with immortal energy it didn’t disperse.
“Peeling!” Lin Feng said coldly. Suddenly, life cosmic energy and cursing cosmic energy fused together and peeled off the skin of the death hand.
Lin Feng’s attacker was still emotionless, another gigantic death hand appeared.
“You want to die!” Lin Feng spat furiously. He punched out. In there, everybody’s cultivation level was restrained, they had the strength of at most a low-level emperor. Lin Feng didn’t fear anyone there, his physical strength was also incredible. demonic Kalpa strength slammed into the death hand.
“Die!” shouted the enemy furiously. The hand contained death cosmic energy. He wanted to kill Lin Feng, but Lin Feng’s attack was too powerful.
At that moment, the face of Lin Feng’s enemy changed drastically. Lin Feng had just understood immortal cosmic energy, and he had the strength of the Zun Qi layer, how come he was so scary?
That person opened his mouth and spat out death energies, which shot towards Lin Feng’s head.
Lin Feng charged at him, avoiding the attack as thunder shook the air. He punched the ambusher’s head violently, and it exploded like a melon, killing him instantly.
“Tian Yue!” Some people shouted at the same time and ran over there, surrounding Lin Feng and staring at the corpse. They were furious.
“You know where he’s from?” said someone, staring coldly at Lin Feng.
“Yunxiao University, replied Lin Feng indifferently.
“And you dared kill him?!”
“He had to die,” said Lin Feng evenly. Hou Qing Lin and the others rushed over to support him, and surrounded those people, releasing their own energies.
The students of Yunxiao University were furious. There were a few things they didn’t understand. Some of their people hadn’t managed to make it into the palace. Besides, their cultivation level was restrained in here. Initially, they had a few medium-level emperors,l but in here, they were all low-level emperors.
“Very good.” said one of them coldly. Then, they started walking away.
“Where are you going?” asked Lin Feng coldly. They had surrounded him with ill intent, and now they wanted to leave?
The leader of the group had pitch-black eye, he asked coldly, “What do you want to do about it?”
Lin Feng looked at him and said grimly, “Don’t imagine that you’ll get your revenge in the outside world. Since you’re here, you’re all going to die.”

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