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PMG Chapter 1784: Kill Them All!

PMG Chapter 1784: Kill Them All!
Yunxiao University was a university in one of the main cities. These people were extraordinary. Lin Feng could imagine what would happen in the outside world if they met, they would kill him!
“Die!” said Lin Feng coldly. Hou Qing Lin and the others attacked at the same time. None of them were merciful.
Lin Feng jumped towards the leader of the group. That guy was a strong medium-level emperor, even though his cultivation was restrained inside the tomb, his willpower was very powerful. Cursing strength was useless against him, Lin Feng had to use powerful techniques to attack him.
Immortal energy invaded the atmosphere explosively. Sword lights illuminated everything.
That person groaned and jumped away. In a flash, a terrifying light curtain appeared. Ancient imprints appeared under his feet and exploded.
“Die!” That person’s eyes turned golden and lights emerged out of them to pierce through Lin Feng’s will. Lin Feng just frowned.
Millions of golden lights charged towards Lin Feng. The cultivator shouted furiously and released his spirit, a golden eagle, sharp Qi invading the atmosphere. It looked real, and its eyes pierced the soul.
When you’re a medium-level emperor, your soul strength and godly awareness become much more powerful. Many things in the palace attack people’s soul and godly awareness!, thought Lin Feng. The first emperor he had killed in the great world had an incredible soul. During Ying Cheng’s champion ceremony, Ji Chang had shown how powerful his soul and willpower were. He could kill people from a great distance.
The golden eagle whistled and charged at Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s soul started shaking. Those two eyes hurt his eyes and his godly awareness.
His enemy didn’t stop there though, a sharp golden sword appeared in his hand and thrust at Lin Feng.
“Godly Awareness Palace!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Dazzling lights emerged from his third eye, and a palace appeared above his head, millions of threads surrounding his body. He was now inside the nigh-indestructible palace, looking like the ten thousand things of creation couldn’t break it. His godly awareness protected him!
The terrifying golden eagle continued flying towards him and struck the Godly Awareness Palace, which shook but didn’t break. Lin Feng jumped up and a bright light shone At the same time, a punch was hurled out. Lin Feng’s physical strength was already similar to a medium-level emperor’s, and coupled with his Deva-Mara Kalpa strength, in this place where people’s cultivation was restrained, Lin Feng was almost invincible.
“Imprison!” shouted Lin Feng. In a flash, a prison appeared and surrounded his opponent. At the same time, Lin Feng turned into an illusion and charged him. Terrifying wind and thunder energies whistled.
His opponent’s face changed drastically as he shouted  desperately. The golden eagle turned illusory and pierced through the cage, moving towards Lin Feng.
Lin Feng did a knife-hand strike with his left hand and struck the golden eagle. However, the spirit merely became indistinct. However, Lin Feng didn’t care, aiming at his opponent’s head as the cage disappeared. The air rumbled, terrifying strength attacked the other cultivator’s head, and at the same time, the eagle spirit crashed into the Godly Awareness Palace. Lin Feng’s soul shook from the impact.
Terrifying shrieks sounded out. The golden eagle went insane and kept attacking Lin Feng’s Godly Awareness Palace, which shook violently.
His soul is completely out of his body and he’s attacking me!, thought Lin Feng furiously. When the soul was completely out of a cultivator’s body, their attacks seemed less powerful.
“Kalpa!” shouted Lin Feng. Deva-Mara Kalpa strength surrounded the golden eagle, which shrieked furiously. The golden eagle turned into the cultivator!
“You killed people from Yunxiao University, Champion University, don’t forget that!” said the soul, then thunder cracked and the soul dispersed.
“That was a jade talisman?” Lin Feng frowned. When the cultivator died, a jade talisman exploded. Lin Feng frowned. What did that cultivator’s last words mean? Did he mean that Yunxiao University would fight against Champion University for that? Could two universities from two main cities fight against each other? Would Yunxiao University go to Champion University to declare a war?
Lin Feng moved like the wind and helped his friends kill the other students of Yunxiao University. Among them, two people were medium-level emperors. Even though their strength was suppressed, it was still difficult to fight against them. Lin Feng and Hou Qing Lin were fighting on two sides, but the other ones were joining hands.
The battle was intense. Finally, the last students of Yunxiao University were killed. Lin Feng collected their items.
Lin Feng looked at those people’s corpses and said, “Even though those people’s strength were restrained here, they were still very strong. If we encounter even stronger people, then we might be in trouble, especially great emperors. Even if they only have the strength of a low-level emperor, they know more things which they can use against us.”
“Even if a great emperor’s cultivation is restrained in here, they can easily condense terrifying cosmic energies and pose a threat to us, indeed.” said Yun Qing Yan. The crowd nodded, they had to be careful. After all, there were probably great emperors in there.
Many people were looking frightened when they saw these Champion University students. They had killed Yunxiao University’s students, after all!
“There are still many statues which we can study. Let’s not miss that opportunity. Our cultivation levels are low, those things are good for us!” Lin Feng told them, glancing at the intact statues.
Tantai smiled and nodded, “Indeed, as people become stronger, their cosmic energies also become more powerful, and so does their willpower. Besides, those statues are worthless for great emperors, but we’re different, we’re weak. Those statues are precious treasures for us!”
They had noticed that some people had ignored the statues and had continued walking along on the main path. Those people were probably very strong, those statues had no value to them.
But Lin Feng and the others were different. Their cultivation level was low, they couldn’t miss such an opportunity. Spending some time there was definitely worth it!
As they thought about that, the group dispersed and quickly looked for statues which were suitable for them.
Some people who had entered the palace after them arrived and noticed that some people were studying the statues. However, there weren’t that many statues left, so many people decided to continue too.
Ji Chang’s Club and Yu Wen Jing arrived. The group of people from Ji Chang’s Club was big initially, but at that moment, it wasn’t that large anymore, there were only six people left: Yu Wen Jing, Yu Wen Hou, Ji Wuyou, and three medium-level emperors.
“It’s them!” Yu Wen Jing glanced at Lin Feng and the others coldly. Those bastards had left them outside and had entered the palace alone. The Ji Chang’s Club people had only managed to come in a long time after them.
“Surprisingly, they’re still here,” said Ji Wuyou coldly. Lin Feng, Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, Yun Qing Yan, Wu and many other people from Tiantai, they were all there, none were missing, unlike the group from Ji Chang’s Club, they had lost many people because they had hurried along. Now, they were only six of them.
“Kill them!” said Ji Wuyou, releasing his energies. He probably had a way to kill them.
“No rush,” said Yu Wen Hou shaking his head, “We’ll kill them sooner or later. It wasn’t easy to get in the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan’s palace. Let’s continue and see what we find.”
In Yu Wen Hou’s eyes, Lin Feng and many other people were there. They were only six, and in the palace, everybody only had the strength of low-level emperors at most. He was convinced they could suppress the others, but he didn’t want to gamble. If they lost more people against Tiantai’s team, they would be in danger. Risking their lives to kill Lin Feng and the others wasn’t worth it.
“Indeed, we’ll take care of them when we get out,” said another student. Ji Wuyou recalled his Qi and continued moving along.
When Lin Feng saw Ji Wuyou and the others, he released a thread of godly awareness to protect himself, as he had been attacked by surprise a moment before. When he saw them leave, he looked relieved continued studying the statue. Lin Feng kept absorbing will. Now a dragon chant was sounding around him.
Lin Feng’s spirit had nine dragon heads to swallow strength. When he had broken through to the Zun Qi layer, he had used it to absorb abstruse energies, and then stopped using it. Now he understood cosmic energies, and the statue he was facing contained absorbing cosmic energy!

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