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PMG Chapter 1786: Attacking by Surprise

PMG Chapter 1786: Attacking by Surprise

The deployment spells changed. Lin Feng and the the others realized that they were back in the palace again. The palace was gigantic, with golden stones everywhere. There were carvings on the walls, including supernatural birds. There was a gigantic cauldron containing a yellow Qi, it looked like a precious treasure.
Some whistling sounds arose and suddenly someone threw themselves at the cauldron. A hand grabbed it, and the cauldron disappeared.
Everybody frowned and looked at that person coldly. The strong cultivator who took the cauldron frowned and looked strange.
Lin Feng and the others were near the crowd a moment before, so they had been teleported as well. Tantai wanted to walk forwards, but Lin Feng prevented him from doing so, saying, “Wait.”
“That cauldron is a precious treasure!” protested Tantai.
However, Lin Feng remained silent for a few seconds and said, “It’s an illusion. Everything can change anytime.”
Yan Di wouldn’t leave precious treasures in there.
Actually, the others knew that it was an illusion as well. The cauldron was probably fake, but it was worth trying.
“Take that cauldron out. Let me see what it is,”someone demanded. The one who had just taken the cauldron pulled a long face and said, “That cauldron was fake. There’s nothing in it. It disappeared when I touched it. I didn’t take it.”
“Show me your ring and prove it then!” said that person coldly. Even though he sort of believed that person, he still wanted to make sure.
“Yan Di wants us to separate!” The one who had taken the cauldron pulled a long face, he understood what Yan Di was trying to do.
“Even if Yan Di wanted to separate us, you were greedy, you were the first one to jump onto that precious item. You made a mistake, so now show your ring or we’ll join hands to kill you,” someone else threatened him. People started surrounding the man. That person’s face turned deathly pale. For cultivators, a ring was something extremely personal and very important. It contained precious treasures and secret pieces of information. Nobody ever agreed to show their ring to other people, it was a humiliation and disaster.
“You’re going too far!” said the one who had ‘stolen’ the cauldron. If he showed his ring to them, they’d steal his ring and the treasures inside.
Gloom invaded the atmosphere.
Lin Feng looked at that person emotionlessly. He understood Yan Di, he knew that the cauldron was fake.
In the vast palace, apart from Lin Feng and his friends, there were many other people. One of them walked to one side  and attacked the palace.
That person released brilliant lights. A golden blade appeared in the air and started attacking the palace, but no sound resulted, the attack just crossed the wall as if going through nothing. The palace seemed to be an illusion!
At the same time, people started fighting because of the cauldron. In the end, the cultivator threw his rings away, but he still died, the people stole his rings and killed him. However, after they killed him and stole his rings, people started battling again! This time, they fought over his rings.
“Yan Di is amazing. There must be other illusions,” whispered Lin Feng. The strong cultivator who had walked aside said, “Think of a solution to get out of here. Stop fighting. Dying here is worthless!”
Those people were surprised. They knew that getting out was a priority. However, nobody wanted to give up treasures, and therefore, the battle continued until two more people died.
“When you attack the illusion, it’s as if you were attacking the air. How do you break it?” said one of the cultivators, staring at the wall. The palace looked so real…
“If it’s a deployment spell, it can be broken. If it’s not, then we must rely on strength. But our cultivation is restrained here, one person can’t break it. Maybe if we join hands, we can break it,” replied that strong cultivator. The others nodded and walked over to one side.
“You look quite detached, do you have a solution?” that person asked Lin Feng directly.
“We can only try what you just said,” Lin Feng replied calmly.
“Lin Feng!” a voice spoke in his brain.
“Yan Di!” Lin Feng frowned. Yan Di was talking to him using telepathy. Yan Di was the master of the deployment spells.
“Lin Feng, I need your help,” Yan Di said  to Lin Feng.
Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled, “How can I help you?”
“Kill everyone in the illusion! Everyone!” Yan Di said icily.
Lin Feng was stunned How cruel!
“I can’t hold on for too long. They will manage to break the deployment spell. When they do, the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan will be wiped off the map of the Continent of the Nine Clouds forever. Little bastard, this time, you must help me,” Yan Di said gravely. He had never talked to Lin Feng that way.
“Even if I kill everyone in here, what about the other illusions? Won’t people manage to break them?” asked Lin Feng.
“Yes. Therefore, use your people to help me. Kill everyone,” said Yan Di. The people who had managed to come were all incredible cultivators. Killing all of them was cruel. Besides, if people learned about it in the outside world, the consequences would be tragic.
“Don’t worry. You have many people with you. If they listen to you, you can kill everyone in one strike. Those people are not prepared, they won’t have time to react. They would never expect you to attack them. Therefore, nobody will know about it.” said Yan Di, “Lin Feng, I’m alone and I won’t resist much longer. My life is in your hands, you want them to die or me?”
“You bastard!” said Lin Feng. How could he attack those people by surprise and kill them all?
“Bastard, I’ve killed so many people for you. I’ve never asked you for anything. Now, the fate of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan is in your hands. Just do as you wish,” said Yan Di.
Lin Feng was speechless. Indeed, Yan Di had helped him a lot. He had killed many people to protect Lin Feng.
If Lin Feng didn’t help Yan Di, then he would contribute to killing him. He would regret it forever.
Lin Feng’s eyes were suddenly filled with ice. Since those people had come to steal treasures, they were going to pay the price for it. Everybody knew that they could die when doing such things. He had to protect Yan Di!
“Don’t be surprised, but keep calm no matter what,” Lin Feng said to his friends using telepathy. They looked surprised, but only for an eyeblink before recovering their calm.
“The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan’s crown prince controls the deployment spells, he’s also my friend, like a brother to me. Therefore, I’m going to attack, but I’m not going to attack the illusion, I’m going to attack those people and you will help me, we must kill them. We must kill them in one attack, they don’t expect us to attack so they won’t have time to defend themselves.” said Lin Feng. When they heard Lin Feng, his friends were stunned, but tried to look calm.
“Remember, if you kill someone, you get their treasures. You must kill them in one attack though!” said Lin Feng. Everybody’s cultivation level was restrained in there. If the others didn’t protect themselves, they wouldn’t withstand a single attack. There should be no problem.
At that moment, Lin Feng and the others were already together, and they heard the leader of the other group say, “Everybody gather together and attack. If anyone doesn’t attack, we’ll kill them.”
Then, he released Qi.
“When I say “attack”, everybody attack at the same time!”
Everybody condensed strength. Lin Feng and his friends were next to the crowd. A mighty Deva-Mara Rule strength rose up in the air with his cosmic energies.
When everybody was done condensing energies, the lead cultivator shouted, “Attack!”
Everybody else attacked the walls… and Lin Feng and his friends immediately attacked them. Only after they realized that energies were moving towards them, did they belatedly realize what was going on.

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