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PMG Chapter 1787: Cruel

PMG Chapter 1787: Cruel
The leader had said that if anyone didn’t attack at the same time, they’d kill them. Therefore, everybody had attacked, they didn’t dare go against him. However, they couldn’t imagine that a whole group of people wouldn’t obey them
And worse, they couldn’t imagine that those people would attack them by surprise. They all had the same cultivation level in there so it was even worse, thunder shook the air as their heads exploded, blood gushed everywhere. Many people didn’t even have time to give out shriek as they died.
Lin Feng released wind cosmic energies and punched someone faster than an eyeblink. That person was possibly a high-level emperor, but his cultivation level was restrained in there, so his head was blown apart
“Argh!!!” Lin Feng raised his head and saw two silhouettes floating in the air. Those two strong cultivators souls had left their bodies. One of them was an animal spirit, a mighty demonic ox. The other one was half-tree, half-human.
“Why?” asked the tree in a detached way. He was the one who had given the order to attack the wall. He looked calm, and not even upset. Even though he had died, he wanted to understand. Even souls were restrained in there, and without a physical body, he was very weak. He knew that he was going to die, but he wanted to know why.
“Because you should not have come here,” Lin Feng answered coldly. Suddenly, he rose up in the air and released Deva-Mara Kalpa strength to surround the tree.
“Rule!” shouted Lin Feng grimly. In a flash, the Deva-Mara Kalpa strength Rule destroyed the tree’s soul and then he destroyed the other one beside it. Lin Feng and his friends were the last ones there. They had killed everyone else.
Lin Feng glanced around and said, “Those people were strong cultivators, take their treasures.”
Lin Feng then gazed into the distance and said, “What do I do now?”
“I’ll guide you!” Yan Di’s voice replied telepathically. Lin Feng sensed a godly awareness fuse together with his own and guide him along. The illusion became transparent, he could see everything. The area was vast and occluded by fog. There were many people there, but for them the fog looked like palaces.
With Yan Di guiding Lin Feng, the illusion disappeared, what Lin Feng saw was real.
Lin Feng also saw Yan Di. At that moment, Lin Feng was standing in a golden palace. The palace looked like the one he was in a moment before, majestic and domineering. There were carved balustrades and marbled steps. There was no cauldron, however. There was a golden chair with marks on it. At that moment,Yan Di was seated on it with his eyes closed. His powerful godly awareness was surrounding him with powerful, ever-changing lights.
Yan Di wasn’t alone, there were some people with him, wearing golden robes and seated cross-legged. They looked very learned. At that moment, their eyes were closed and they seemed to be practicing cultivation.
“Celestial Evolution Holy Clan’s people!” Lin Feng was startled. No wonder Yan Di had asked him for help. The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan had to avoid being destroyed, were those people strong cultivators from the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan? They had reached a crucial moment in their cultivation.
“Lin Feng, you saw everything, it’s difficult for me to hold on!” said Yan Di. Lin Feng nodded. He glanced at the illusions and at the people inside it. If they managed to break the deployment spells, then Yan Di and the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan’s people would be in great danger.
“Everybody follow me, close your eyes and follow me. We’ll do the same thing again. Kill everyone in the illusions!” said Lin Feng to his team. Everybody closed their eyes and relaxed. At that moment, they immediately landed in another palace.
Suddenly, a powerful Qi surrounded them. The people in that illusion looked at them coldly and said, “How did you get in?”
“He’s the guy who understands deployment spells. He was the second one to get in!” spoke up someone else, staring at Lin Feng coldly.
Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled as he said, “I understand deployment spells a little bit. We’re in an illusion, the illusions don’t exist. If you think it exists, then it exists. If you think it doesn’t, then it disappears. A moment ago, my friends and I forgot about everything and when we opened our eyes, we were here. I think that if we keep doing that, we’ll manage to leave the illusion.”
People’s eyes lit up. What Lin Feng said didn’t seem illogical. It seemed simple enough, but appropriate too. And Lin Feng had ended up in their palace, after all!
“Try again!” ordered that person, staring at Lin Feng.
“That’s exactly what I mean. Wait for me. I’ll try!” said Lin Feng to Hou Qing Lin and the others. Then, he closed his eyes and took two steps forwards… and disappeared from the people’s field of vision.
It really worked!, thought the crowd excitedly. After a moment, Lin Feng reappeared!
“Everybody, it works, if we forget everything, we can get out. We must continue!” said Lin Feng with a smile Then, his silhouette flickered, he landed in front of the crowd and said, “Everybody, let’s continue together, we’ll be stronger and stronger, if we face danger when we leave, then we can join hands.”
Everybody remained silent and then nodded, “That’s a good idea. Tell us the details, what do we do?”
“You have to be in a deep meditative state of mind and forget about everything. Then, the illusion disappears. I’ve tried many times already,” replied Lin Feng. Everybody walked up to the edge of the palace.
“We have to support each other, if someone succeeds, maybe that they can take someone with them, we have to be in symbiosis,” said Lin Feng, nodding at everybody. Then, he closed his eyes again and relaxed. There was absolutely no Qi around him.
“Alright, let’s relax together and forget about everything. When I say go, we’ll go together.” said Lin Feng to the crowd. Everybody closed their eyes and relaxed. Lin Feng had succeeded in front of them, so he wasn’t lying.
“When I say go, everybody attack at the same time!” Lin Feng said to his people telepathically. Everybody agreed motionlessly. One group was completely relaxed and the other one was getting ready to attack.
“Everybody, let’s go!” said Lin Feng. They slowly walked forwards and at the same time, a terrifyingly cold Qi invaded the atmosphere, Lin Feng turned into a sharp sword and crossed the room at full speed. His attack was even more terrifying than the first time. A sonic boom spread in the air as  he started moving. Ten people ended up like insects and died in the blink of an eye.
How could they know that it was an ambush?
But two people dodged the attack, they had paid attention. However, it was useless, after the others died, Lin Feng and the others landed next to them.
“That’s how you get out of the illusion?” asked one of them to Lin Feng.
However Lin Feng shook his head and said, “I’m the only one who can take people out. You can’t leave alone.”
“Because the illusion doesn’t exist for me,” said Lin Feng. At the same time, everybody attacked, and even though those two cultivators were strong, they couldn’t do much against them.
After that, Lin Feng went to another palace and continued. However, this time, there was a very, very strong cultivator among them, a great emperor. His willpower was terrifying, and his cosmic energies blocked Lin Feng and his friends’ attacks. Even though they eventually managed to kill him in the end,  five of them were injured. Lin Feng understood that even though their strength was restrained, they couldn’t take too many risks.
At that moment, Lin Feng looked at another illusion and said, “Ji Chang and Yu Wen Hou won’t trust us. We need to attack them directly.”

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