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PMG Chapter 1788: Studying the Rebirth Scriptures Together

PMG Chapter 1788: Studying the Rebirth Scriptures Together

Lin Feng continued hunting.He didn’t want to attack Empress Xi and the Netherworld Emperor yet, Yu Wen Hou and the others would also be difficult to deal with, as they didn’t trust Lin Feng. If they met, they would immediately start battling.
Some other people were extremely strong and were difficult to defeat. Just now, a great emperor had almost killed some of them. Five people were injured. If they encountered such a cultivator again, they’d be in trouble. Great Emperors were still very strong even if their cultivation levels were restrained in here.
Lin Feng could only attack them by surprise. He had to fool people. Lin Feng’s team was surprised and cautious; if anyone learned about what they had done, the consequences would be terrifying! They had already killed so many people from the Vast Celestial Ancient City and the universities, it was dangerous. Lin Feng was definitely fearless!
Lin Feng had no choice. His friend Yan Di was in danger, and he couldn’t let him die.
“Lin Feng, where are we going now?” At that moment, Lin Feng and his team were hidden within an illusion, they all smelled like blood.
“Let me see.” Lin Feng inspected the area. There were only six illusions left with people inside, the others were empty. The remaining ones were the most difficult ones, however.
At that moment, the sound of Yan Di groaning in pain was audible.
The illusions quickly turned to dust and disappeared. Suddenly, everybody appeared in the golden palace, the deployment spell was already destroyed.
Those who hadn’t dared to enter appeared and quickly came over there. A bunch of people were seated and had Qi around them. Other people gradually appeared. In the back of the palace, there was a golden chair, where Yan Di suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the crowd.
Yan Di wasn’t wearing Taoist clothes anymore, he was wearing a golden robe and had a golden helmet on. He looked domineering and majestic, an aristocrat, proud and arrogant.
Yan Di was the crown prince of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan!
“Empress Xi and the others have come to my Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, how may I help you?” asked Yan Di, smiling indifferently. Then, he slowly stood up and walked forwards smiling. He looked perfectly normal, as if nothing had happened.
At that moment, Empress Xi didn’t look at Yan Di. She looked at the cultivators who were seated there. Her eyes were filled with sharp lights.
“Rebirth intent, you helped these dead people come back to life.” Empress Xi looked at Yan Di. Surprisingly, Yan Di wanted to bring those people back to life.
“Indeed, rebirth. Let bygones be bygones.” said Yan Di smiling. Nobody knew what he was thinking. When the crowd heard the two of them, they looked at the cultivators who were seated. Where they practicing Rebirth Scriptures?
That’s the real Yan Di, thought Lin Feng. The strong cultivators of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan were recovering. They had reached a crucial point in their cultivation. If Empress Xi attacked them, Yan Di and the others might die.
“Yan Di is back, everybody has come from very far away and wants to see your treasures. Everything is in your hands now,” Empress Xi said to a deployment spell caster next to her. Everybody’s eyes twinkled. Indeed, Yan Di had come back before them, now they had to kidnap him.
“Everybody, if you want treasures, no problem, the only problem is that the strong cultivators of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan have reached a crucial point in their cultivation, please be patient. They have the legacy of the clan with them. We initially wanted to choose people to transmit the legacy of the clan to, but since I came back first, I decided to let the elders of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan study the Rebirth Scriptures. As before, those who want to obtain the legacy of our clan will have their wish fulfilled, as long as they wholeheartedly vow to join the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan!” said Yan Di.
Everybody looked skeptical. If they waited for those people to come back to life, they’d be in danger. It wouldn’t be easy to obtain the treasures of the clan. They had seen the terrifying Wills which had protected the palace. Yan Di wanted those people to come back to life, they were probably extremely strong.
“Since the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan’s crown prince is back in the ancient palace and the others want to obtain the legacy of the clan, there’s only one solution, the crown prince must die. If we wait, we won’t have a chance anymore,” someone else spoke up coldly. The crowd started walking forwards. Even though Yan Di looked calm, on the inside, he was very nervous.
“If you all decide to attack the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, you will never receive the legacy of the clan. And you may not leave alive, either,” Yan Di smiled. In front of him, a golden picture appeared and brilliant lights spread out. Everybody narrowed their pupils, and many people who were moving  towards him stopped.
Many people had gone into the illusions, but when the illusions had disappeared, many people had disappeared. Many people thought that Yan Di had killed them with powerful deployment spells, and were wary. Those golden lights could be a terrifying deployment spell.
“Everybody, relax, that’s not a deployment spell,” said a deployment spell caster.
“Since it’s not a deployment spell, come and have a try!” said Yan Di, smiling at that deployment spell caster. Everybody looked at him, immediate putting him under pressure.
That deployment spell caster walked forwards, explosions erupted in the air. The cultivator used an agility technique, marks appeared and moved towards the cultivators who were seated and practicing cultivation.
Yan Di looked quite calm, remaining motionless as thunder boomed around him. Marks bombarded one of them. Lights twinkled and marks broke apart.
“Deployment spell!” The watchers were astonished, there were deployment spells everywhere in there, the cultivators who were practicing cultivation were protected by deployment spells.
“You dared disturb the elders of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan while they’re practicing cultivation? You’re acting recklessly. If anyone kills him, they’ll receive the teachings of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan,” said Yan Di. Then, he said to Lin Feng using telepathy, “Little bastard, take that guy out.”
“Eh!” Lin Feng rolled his eyes. Yan Di was wasting time on purpose so Lin Feng would have time to intervene.
Lin Feng slowly walked forwards and said to the deployment spell caster, “I’m sure the crown prince is honest. Come here!”
That person looked at Lin Feng coldly. Empress Xi frowned. Other people maybe didn’t know that that guy and Yan Di were friends, but the Nine netherworlds Emperor and Empress Xi knew that they were close. She just looked at him though.
In the crowd, there were great emperors too, but their cultivation was restrained so they preferred being vigilant. If they didn’t understand something and died carelessly, that would just be too tragic!
“Let’s see how a little boy can kill me,” said the deployment spell caster. Under his feet, marks appeared and charged at Lin Feng. Since their cultivation was restrained, people who understood deployment spells had an advantage here.
Dong! Lin Feng walked forwards too. Lights twinkled. The deployment spell caster was startled, and jumped back as more marks moved towards Lin Feng.
Boom, boom!
Lin Feng accelerated, marks intertwined, the two fighters were not fighting with strength, but with deployment spells. They kept colliding and intertwining. Very quickly, a pattern appeared on the ground, both of them in the middle.
“Die!” shouted the deployment spell caster furiously. He continued carving marks on the ground. His robe was fluttering. However, surprisingly, the lights slowed down, the deployment spell caster frowned, his deployment spell was… broken!
“Imprison!” shouted Lin Feng. The picture surrounded him.“Destroy!”
Destructive energies bfilled the air, the deployment spell caster wanted to escape, but the lights surrounded him and he exploded!

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