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PMG Chapter 1792: Humiliating Ji Chang’s Club

PMG Chapter 1792: Humiliating Ji Chang’s Club

Many people from the Holy City had returned to the Vast Celestial Ancient City, but they hadn’t obtained anything. They had gone back to the Holy City only with the news that the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan had come back to life, the crown prince Yan Di was there, and he was returning the elders of the clan back to life thanks to the Rebirth Scriptures.
They also heard that Lin Feng from Champion University was the only one who had obtained something. He was very lucky, he had even spent some time with the crown prince in the ancient palace and had obtained the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures.
Nobody knew who had said that initially, but now, everybody knew that everywhere. Even though many students from other universities were interested in the Scriptures, they didn’t take it to heart too much. The pavilion closest to the water enjoyed moonlight first. In other words, special advantages fell to people in a favorable position, Champion University’s students would be the first ones to see Lin Feng, so they would attack him first. Of course, Lin Feng first had to come back to the Holy City. Maybe Lin Feng was hiding! Otherwise, too many students would be after him.
After all, the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures weren’t ordinary Ancient Holy Scriptures. At Champion University, there were many geniuses who knew Ancient Holy Scriptures, they usually inherited them from their clans and were suitable for their cultivation. The Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures were different though, they could make ordinary cultivators stronger and more intelligent. If strong cultivators studied them, then they would become even more powerful.
Of course, in the Holy City, Lin Feng wasn’t the only one who had the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. Another person had them. Many people knew that, but Lin Feng wasn’t known to be extremely strong, so getting them from him was easiest.
So, in Champion University, many people were waiting for Lin Feng to come back, including the members of Ji Chang’s Club.
But time passed and many people were disappointed. Was Lin Feng going to come back someday?

Today Champion University had a lively atmosphere. At the entrance of Champion University, a group of people arrived. They glanced at the crowd aloofly. They all had an imposing appearance. Even though their cultivation levels weren’t high, they looked like heroes.
“Lin Feng!” At that moment, many people looked at the young man in white clothes icily. It was Lin Feng, he had dared to come back. Many people were waiting for him at Champion University.
“Yun Qing Yan, Lin Feng, those are Tiantai’s people.” Many people noticed them and left to spread the news.
In the Star Group, Yu Wen Hou heard that Lin Feng had come back and he immediately called a meeting of people from the Star Group. They had to discuss how to deal with Lin Feng. In Champion University, there were rules. The last time, they had tried to kill Lin Feng outside, they couldn’t kill fellow students within the university. They had to challenge people and all the parties had to agree to battle. A medium-level emperor couldn’t possibly challenge Lin Feng to a battle to the death though, otherwise the reputation of Ji Chang’s Club would be tarnished.

Lin Feng was at Tiantai’s headquarters. The atmosphere was very lively, many people came over and gathered in the courtyard. Tiantai’s people had finally come back from their journey.
Someone risen up outside. The crowd was surprised, was someone spying on them?
“What do you want?”a member of Tiantai asked  the strong cultivator. Tiantai’s territory had become quite large, as only the core members of Tiantai had been to the Vast Celestial Ancient City. Some people had also been traveling with Hou Qing Lin to gather experience, and he had chosen three more people to become core members.
“I came to greet the people who have come back from the ancient city,”  replied the strong cultivator indifferently.
“I’m sorry. They are busy  practicing cultivation. Come back another day, sorry for the inconvenience,” the member of Tiantai replied with equal indifference. The people outside were surprised, was Lin Feng hiding? That had to be an excuse…
“Lin Feng as well?” asked the strong cultivator.
“All of them,” replied the member of Tiantai. That person groaned icily and left. He couldn’t force the issue.
“The members of Ji Chang’s Club are here!” said some people in the crowd. They had seen some people from Ji Chang’s Club in the distance.
Those people arrived at full speed and looked angry. Ji Wuyou shouted icily, “Lin Feng, get the hell out here!”
Lin Feng, get the hell out here…” His voice echoed far away in the distance, and resonated for a long time. People sighed, Ji Chang’s Club was too aggressive and arrogant. Ji Chang’s Club protected him, his brother was Ji Chang, so he dared do anything! Also, he was from a rich family in the Holy City, that was the main reason why he dared act like this…
“They are not available, they are practicing cultivation!” said the member of Tiantai extremely loudly. However, Ji Wuyou just snarled icily and waved his hand, a cyan dragon appeared and roared, before it attacked Tiantai’s buildings and blew them apart.
“Meditating in seclusion? Ridiculous, get the hell out here!” shouted Ji Wuyou furiously, “Ten seconds, if you don’t get the hell out of here, I’ll destroy all the buildings, I’m warning you!”
At that moment, many people rose up in the air, they were all external members of Tiantai. Even though they weren’t core members, they were extraordinary too, they looked at the members of Ji Chang’s Club sharply. One of them looked at Ji Chang’s Club icily and said, “Lin Feng and Hou Qing Lin are meditating in seclusion. They told us that if you, the members of Ji Chang’s Club came and caused trouble, you could meet them in ten days on the champion battle stage. Our core members challenge all the low-level emperors of Ji Chang’s Club to a battle, everyone. You can choose; on that day, it will be a battle to death or you can go home.”
The voice of the Tiantai’s disciple was extremely loud and it echoed far away into the distance. Everybody frowned. The members of Ji Chang’s Club also looked angry.
Ten days from now, a battle to death, Tiantai against Ji Chang’s Club.
Yu Wen Hou looked petrified. In Ji Chang’s Club’s Star Group, among the low-level emperors, apart from Ji Wiyou and a few people, the others weren’t that strong. On Tiantai’s side, the low-level emperors were really strong: Lin Feng, Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi and many others. Even those who had joined later on were really strong. Among them were Xi Men and Yi Ji, both at the top of the ranking list. In a battle, Ji Chang’s Club would be in great danger!
“What’s wrong? Ji Chang’s Club is so strong, are you afraid to fighter?” asked Tiantai’s spokesman icily.
“You don’t dare battle but you come here and bark? You only dare come with people who have a high cultivation level to threaten new students? If Ji Chang’s Club doesn’t dare fight, forget about it. And staying here is useless!” said another one mockingly. Those people were arrogant and aggressive, especially Ji Wiyou, he had immediately destroyed some buildings! Now, Tiantai wanted to fight against them, and on top of that, a battle to death, so Tiantai’s people were excited, they hoped Ji Chang’s Club would accept the battle. But would they dare?
Nobody had thought that Tiantai would challenge them to such a battle. If Ji Chang’s Club refused, they would lose face, they were always so arrogant and aggressive.
“We’ll fight!” shouted Ji Wuyou furiously. They had no choice anymore and anyway, with his strength, he didn’t fear them.
Yu Wen Hou frowned and said icily, “Ji Chang’s Club decides the rules.”
When the member of Tiantai heard Yu Wen Hou, he smiled indifferently and said, “Lin Feng knew that you would say that. Before he started meditating in seclusion, he told us to ignore the members of Ji Chang’s Club, he said you are all extremely arrogant but that you were actually weaklings. He said that if you accepted our challenge, you’d want to determine the rules. Even though Tiantai is a new group, we have no problem letting you determine the rules, what do you want to do?”
“Haha, indeed, Lin Feng said that! Yu Wen Hou, you really said exactly what Lin Feng had predicted. Ridiculous, you keep saying Ji Chang’s Club is the strongest club of the university, but Tiantai is a new group and you dare say you want to determine the rules. No problem, we don’t mind.”
The members of Tiantai all laughed loudly. Yu Wen Hou looked furious. They were arrogant and proud, but kept being humiliated. Many people would have laughed if they had known that.
Ji Wuyou was furious and his Qi rolled out in waves all around him. A member of Tiantai glanced at Ji Wuyou and said, “Brother Lin Feng said something else, Ji Wuyou, in ten days, the first student of the ranking list will be different!”
“I’m waiting!” snarled Ji Wuyou in impotent fury. Qi whistled and dragon chants spread in the air, the atmosphere shook. In ten days, Lin Feng would pay for this humiliation to him!

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    ok these nameless external Tiantai members are pretty cool, I hope they stay on

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    Those guys are such jokers! Going over all loud and agressive, what were they hoping for? For Tiantai to somehow completely change personalities into cowards? They’re not as strong as them collectively yet they still go and destroy their buildings… That old adage about courting death really comes to mind! Tiantai already challenged them to a death match time ago but they chickened out and now again they’ve been challenged. I thought cultivators are meant to have excellent memories? Mind boggling!

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      Excellent ‘SELECTIVE’ memories
      My friend

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