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PMG Chapter 1793: Gathering Around The Battle Stage

PMG Chapter 1793: Gathering Around The Battle Stage
Ten days later, the battle between Tiantai and Ji Chang’s Club would take place. The news that it was supposed to be a battle to death spread quickly within Champion University. The battle attracted lots of people, including medium-level emperors.
Many things were going on in Champion University. Ji Chang’s Club was declining. In Ji Chang’s Club, only Yu Wen Jing and Ji Wuyou could oppress other people, but back then even Yu Wen Jing had lost against Hou Qing Lin. Therefore, they were probably going to try and choose rules which would help them win.
When Ji Chang’s Club’s had gone to Tiantai, Tiantai’s members had looked at them mockingly. They had allowed Ji Chang’s Club determine the rules, Tiantai was very self-confident. Yu Wen Hou kept being humiliated, and he didn’t let them determine the rules, which meant that he knew he was at a disadvantage and could lose.
Therefore, during those ten days, Yu Wen Hou and the other cultivators of the Star Group started being proactive within Champion University. At that moment, Yu Wen Hou was in Jing Shou’s courtyard, they were sitting and facing each other.
“I’m not interested in Ji Chang’s Club,” said Jing Shou, after understanding why Yu Wen Hou had come to him. He narrowed his eyes and shook his head. His hands were still in his sleeves, as if he took them out only to kill people.
“I know that you’re not interested, but I hope that you can temporarily join Ji Chang’s Club, and after the battle, you can leave the group. We won’t bother you about it,” said Yu Wen Hou in a calmly. Jing Shou was the second student, just above Lin Feng. If he agreed to help, then Tiantai would fall in the rankings and the Star Group would rise up again.
But Jing Shou wasn’t interested, he shook his head and said, “Your Excellency, please find other people.”
“Jing Shou, it’s only a battle for you. Besides, Ji Chang’s Club promised you that we wouldn’t bother you. You better think about it,” Yu Wen Hou insisted to Jing Shou.
Jing Shou smiled indifferently, “The Star Group seemingly didn’t learn anything from the lessons Tiantai taught them.”
Yu Wen Hou was threatening him! “You better think about it”? Help Ji Chang’s Club?
Yu Wen Hou frowned, bit his lips, he was going to continue, but Jing Shou said, “Your Excellency, please leave.”
Yu Wen Hou didn’t need to stay. He looked angry, stood up, and rolled up his sleeves. Jing Shou wasn’t the only strong cultivator in Champion University…

After leaving Jing Shou’s residence, Yu Wen Hou and the other members of the Star Group continued looking for other people. Many people couldn’t wait to watch the battle because Tiantai kept humiliating the Star Group. If they lost, the Star Group would definitely lose their reputation, especially Yu Wen Hou, as the leader of the group.
Yu Wen Jing was rushed now. Ji Wuyou and Yu Wen Jing were worried too. They were both in the celestial mountain of Ancestor Zhu Tian, studying hard. Ji Wuyou could now take five more steps.
At that moment, Ancestor Zhu Tian slowly came out. When Yu Wen Jing saw Ancestor Zhu Tian come out, she bowed and greeted him humbly, “Ancestor!”
“Yes, I’ve heard that Lin Feng challenged Ji Wuyou,” said Ancestor Zhu Tian to Yu Wen Jing. He remembered Lin Feng. That little boy, half a year before, during the ceremony, had shown that he had a strange body.
“Ancestor, Tiantai’s people challenged us, Lin Feng is the strongest cultivator of Tiantai, he should fight against Wuyou,” said Yu Wen Jing.
“Indeed, Ji Wuyou is really strong. He’s one of the strongest low-level emperors of the university. He’s arrogant and that’s perfectly normal, I can’t wait for you to win,” said Ancestor Zhu Tian before leaving. For him, such a battle was a small thing, and he wasn’t really interested. If Ji Chang fought against another monstrously strong cultivator, then he would have been interested.
Yu Wen Jing saw Ancestor Zhu Tian off and then looked at Ji Wuyou. Ancestor Zhu Tian was right, Ji Wuyou was arrogant, but really strong. Lin Feng was also really strong, so he had to practice even more. He had to defeat Lin Feng!

Ten days was nothing for Champion University’s students. Tiantai was rising, many people couldn’t wait to see them fight. They had humiliated Ji Chang’s Club many times. Before, Ji Chang’s Club used to humiliate other people, not the opposite. Since Lin Feng and his two friends had joined the university, they kept humiliating them the Club and then they had created a new club of their own. Their group was quite strong now!
Lin Feng had told Ji Wuyou the first student would change soon. He was extremely arrogant. He dared compare himself with Ji Wuyou! The crowd was wondering whether Ji Wuyou kept thinking about the battle or not.

The ten days passed. Near the battle stage, there was an ocean of people. It was rare to see so many people there. After all, those people were all geniuses. They had things to do, they needed to practice cultivation, they traveled a lot. Ordinary battles were not interesting. However, this fight attracted many people.
“The members of Ji Chang’s Club are here.”People were talking in the crowd and noticed that in the distance, a group of people arrived. The leader of the group was the leader of the Star Group, Yu Wen Hou.
Ji Wuyou isn’t here?, wondered the crowd. They were surprised. After all, Ji Wuyou was supposed to be a protagonist in this fight.
“That’s Ren Xuan, when did he join Ji Chang’s Club?” thought the crowd. Near Yu Wen Hou, there was a cultivator called Ren Xuan. He used to be the fifth student in the ranking list but because of Lin Feng and his friends, the ranking list had completely changed. Ren Xuan was already behind in the list. He hadn’t shown up the whole time, and now he was there with Ji Chang’s Club.
Not just Ren Xuan, there are many other students who are in the top twenty with Yu Wen Hou…, thought the crowd, frowning at the sight. They started understanding what was going on. Because of the battle, Yu Wen Hou had disappeared for awhile, he had been recruiting people. The people he had recruited had fallen in the rankings, would they rise back up this time?
Everybody understood that after this battle, the top twenty of the ranking list would change completely.
“Ji Chang’s Club’s group is powerful, but Tiantai is not weak either! Lin Feng, Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi are extremely strong. And some strong cultivators have joined Tiantai, too. There is also Wu, Qing Lin, and Suan, they’re extremely strong cultivators from the Animal Clan in Vast Celestial Ancient City. Wu is a three-legged golden crow, a supernatural bird. Ji Chang’s Club won’t win easily!” was the consensus of the crowd. The two groups were really strong. Tiantai was rising and among the low-level emperors, they had incredible cultivators.
“They’re here! Tiantai’s people are here!” called out someone in the crowd, in the distance, there was a group of heroic-looking people. The crowd was very excited, great changes were going to happen in Champion University.
Tiantai’s people directly landed on bleachers next to the battle stage. Ji Chang’s Club’s people were facing them across the stage. They looked at them icily. The crowd could sense the pressure.
“You dared come. Where is Ji Wuyou?” asked Lin Feng indifferently. The crowd frowned. Lin Feng sounded self-confident and arrogant, he didn’t fear Ji Wuyou.
“You really want to die!” a voice rose, dragon chants spread in the air and Qi rose with them. Ji Wuyou and Yu Wen Jing arrived together and landed on the edge of the battle stage.
Lin Feng smiled thinly when he sensed that Qi and said, “You look like a little buffoon. You think you look strong when you bark?”
“When people are scared, they need to cheer themselves up!” grinned Tantai. Tiantai’s cultivators burst into laughter. But they all knew that Lin Feng and Ji Wuyou’s battle was going to be dangerous. After all, nobody had fought against Ji Wuyou after he became the first student of the ranking list. Their fight would be important!

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