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PMG Chapter 1794: Ji Chang’s Club’s Rules

PMG Chapter 1794: Ji Chang’s Club’s Rules
Lin Feng glanced at Ji Wuyou and then at Yu Wen Hou, saying indifferently, “Yu Wen Hou, what are the rules? Ji Chang’s Club can determine the rules. Everyone is here now, so go ahead.”
Yu Wen Hou’s eyes twinkled as he said, “Alright, the rules are very simple, one-on-ones, Ji Chang’s Club chooses one person, Tiantai chooses one person, if someone doesn’t lose. They can battle several times. After winning, they can rest or continue battling. The battles end when Tiantai or Ji Chang’s Club’s cultivators have all lost.”
Many people frowned, as expected, Yu Wen Hou had chosen rules which were good for Ji Chang’s Club. Those rules were for Ji Wuyou. If he won, he could continue fighting.
The rules aren’t so good for Tiantai. If nobody can defeat Ji Wuyou, then Ji Wuyou will win on his own, he can defeat them all!,  thought many people. Lin Feng smiled, Yu Wen Hou was a good schemer. Besides, Ji Chang’s Club also had more people.
“So do the cultivators jump onto the stage at the same time, or will you choose your fighters after having seen our fighter?” asked one of Tiantai’s cultivators mockingly. Everybody looked at Yu Wen Hou for his answer.
“It’s a battle, it has to be fair! We can agree on terms, we choose first, and then during the second round, Tiantai will choose first,” Yu Wen Hou answered calmly.
“Battles to the death?” Lin Feng prompted coldly. That was the most important thing for Lin Feng. Yu Wen Hou had determined the rules, if they agreed on battles to death, then it would be very dangerous for Tiantai, unless Lin Feng kept fighting the whole time. Otherwise, if anyone else fought against Ji Wuyou, then they’d probably die.
“The fighters can discuss this together. If they agree, then why not? If someone doesn’t want to then no. Also, if someone leaves the battle stage, then it’s a defeat,” replied Yu Wen Hou calmly. Lin Feng didn’t want Tiantai’s members to die. Of course, Yu Wen Hou couldn’t let his people die stupidly either. The fighters could discuss the terms. Lin Feng would probably agree with that.
Lin Feng glanced at the members of Ji Chang’s Club. Of course, Lin Feng couldn’t force Ji Chang’s Club to accept battles to death. At least the core disciples of Tiantai would have great battles.
“I agree!” Lin Feng nodded.
“Since you agree, you can start, choose someone,” said Yu Wen Hou.
“How shameless!” said Huang Fu Long. The rules weren’t good for him. The crowd could see that Ji Chang’s Club had the advantage with such rules.
“I’m weak. I’ll fight first.” said Huang Fu Long, jumping onto the stage.
Yu Wen Hou looked at Huang Fu Long and smiled coldly. How many members of Tiantai would lose their battles?
Bzzz! Yu Wen Jing landed onto the stage and looked at Huang Fu Long, she said coldly, “You dared come onto stage? You’re humiliating yourself. Battle to death, what do you think?”
“Don’t!” said Lin Feng to Huang Fu Long using telepathy. He was so worried for Huang Fu Long. Yu Wen Jing was very strong, Huang Fu Long couldn’t possibly win against her.
“So much bullshit, let’s fight!” said Huang Fu Long, his Qi rose, dragon chants spread in the air. Dazzling lights invaded the atmosphere, he punched out in her direction, a dragon appeared and charged at her.
Yu Wen Jing released a Four Seasons sword, it contained the strength of the four seasons. Even though she hadn’t mastered her attack that well, it was still powerful, and it should be enough to defeat Huang Fu Long.
“Sword coupled with cosmic energies, cosmic meaning.” Lin Feng was surprised. Yu Wen Jing hadn’t wasted time since the ceremony, she had become even stronger.
Spring, summer, fall and winter energies were intertwining, the four seasons meaning surrounded the brutal dragon, the spring energies cause rain, the summer energies were scorching hot, the fall energies raised a whistling strong wind, and the winter energies froze the atmosphere. There was a big different between Huang Fu Long and Yu Wen Jing’s strength. Yu Wen Jing was truly powerful.
As expected, the Four Seasons sword surrounded the brutal dragon.Huang Fu Long shouted furiously, looking like a brutal dragon, Yu Wen Jing’s silhouette turned into an illusion and she reappeared above Huang Fu Long’s head. Her sword descended from the sky at full speed. The ten thousand things of creation looked pale next to that attack.
“Get down off the battle stage!” shouted Lin Feng telepathically. Even though Huang Fu Long hadn’t accepted a battle to death, Huang Fu Long would get badly injured if the attack reached him.
“Boundless Azure Dragon destroying Heaven and Earth!” shouted Huang Fu Long. He jumped, and as he did, a dragon appeared under his feet and rose up in the air. Roaring furiously, the dragon dashed to the skies and destroyed the sword energies.
How strong!, thought the amazed Lin Feng. He underestimated Huang Fu Long. It was as if millions of Azure Dragons had appeared.
“Good, Huang Fu Long’s Boundless Azure Dragon is impressive. The Azure Dragons look like real ones!” Tantai was pleasantly surprised. Sword energies plunged down from the sky. Huang Fu Long kept moving backwards, fighting and retreating at the same time. Finally, he jumped off the battle stage, his clothes completely torn apart.
Lin Feng was already quite satisfied though.
That was Huang Fu Long. He doesn’t stand out, but he could resist Yu Wen Jing, not bad. Tiantai has some strong cultivators!, thought the crowd. Even though Huang Fu Long had lost, he had proven he was strong. Yu Wen Jing was, after all, in the top ten!
“Second battle, it’s Ji Chang’s Club’s turn to send a fighter,” shouted Tantai to Yu Wen Hou. Yu Wen Hou looked at someone and that person landed on the battle stage.
“It’s a new member of Ji Chang’s Club.” thought the crowd frowning. They understood what Yu Wen Hou had done. He had recruited some people to help. He wanted to defeat Tiantai no matter what. Everybody understood what they were doing though.
“I’m going.” said Tantai jumping onto the stage and shouting furiously. In a flash, cracking and shattering were heard as he grew to gigantic size, looking like a powerful god.
Tantai jumped, the battle stage shook violently, he looked like a powerful lion, majestic and mighty. He threw himself at his enemy.
That person frowned and fixedly stared at the gigantic silhouette. With that powerful pressure. Tantai looked indestructible.
Tantai roared furiously. A gigantic lion appeared at his back, terrible and ferocious. The lion immediately threw itself at his enemy’s head.
Powerful energies rose to the skies. Tantai appeared in front of his opponent and rained down blows. It was as if millions of roaring lions were attacking.
That cultivator groaned and condensed a powerful strength. A hundreds fists appeared in the air, but the lions destroyed them all. Tantai came barreling down from the sky. Thunder boomed as that cultivator threw himself at Tantai like an arrow. Blood splashed everywhere and he was hurled off the stage. A member of Ji Chang’s Club caught him.
“Pfew!” Tantai swallowed and glanced at the crowd icily. Then, he said to Yu Wen Hou, “Are all the cultivators of Ji Chang’s Club pieces of trash? Even if you don’t dare send your own fighters, at least don’t send cannon fodder. How pathetic. The strongest group of Champion University? Ridiculous.”
Then, he turned around and jumped off the battle stage. If they sent another cannon fodder, he’d fight again.
“Ji Chang’s Club!” The crowd laughed. Yu Wen Hou was ridiculous. He didn’t care about Ji Chang’s Club’s reputation anymore. Surprisingly, he dared do such things to fight against Tiantai.
“I think you should act arrogantly only after winning,” Yu Wen Hou said icily. He knew that what he was doing was bad for the reputation of Ji Chang’s Club. He had no choice, he really wanted to win. And he was sure that Ji Chang’s Club was going to win.
“Next one!” shouted Yu Wen Hou loudly. He was furious, flames of fury were burning in his eyes. He had to destroy Tiantai. The Star Group’s reputation depended on the result of these battles. Ji Chang’s Club was under great pressure. However, he was convinced he could defeat all the members of Tiantai!

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  1. Nemesis July 21, 2018 at 1:11 pm - Reply

    So many useless rampant words without any reasonable explanation..Just to explain humiliation, the whole 5 chapters looked like it was actually not worth reading so I skipped so many words..

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      You didn’t miss much. Only the first chapter and maybe this one were actual content-first because the other people from Tiantai got the evolution scriptures, and this one for there being actual fighting. The rest was just sh!t talking back and forth

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    I wonder if Lin Feng had insisted upon ALL battles be to the death just how many of Ji Chang Club’s temps would’ve stayed? Missed opportunity methinks…

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