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PMG Chapter 1797: Several Opponents To Tire Him Out

PMG Chapter 1797: Several Opponents To Tire Him Out
Lin Feng looked at Ji Wuyou, he looked so proud and arrogant. Lin Feng smiled indifferently and mockingly. He wanted to fight against Tiantai alone?
“Since the first student Ji Wuyou wants to display his strength, it would be impolite to decline. Brothers, let’s all fight against the first student of the university,” said Lin Feng calmly. Tiantai’s members looked at him oddly. They were going to fight against him, one after another?
“Brothers, I’ll determine the order, don’t stop. Tantai, you start,” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently. He used telepathy to communicate with Tiantai’s members at that moment, “Today, we don’t need to defeat Ji Wuyou, we just need to show Champion University how strong we are. Therefore, let’s fight one after the other, no need to be polite. Fight as hard as you can.”
“Alright!” nodded Tantai nodding before he jumped onto the battle stage.
Lin Feng’s voice was still resonating in his brain. “Use your full strength, no need to be polite!”
“Alright!” Tantai smiled. He released his lion spirit and at the same time, he released all his strength which exploded into the air. His energies rose to the skies.
“You want to die!” shouted Ji Wuyou. His Cyan Dragon Totem rose up in the air. More dragons emerged from his fists. He was powerful and dangerous.
“Roar!” A gigantic tower crushed down from the sky. Tantai’s lions roared furiously and blotted out the sun and the sky.
Ji Wuyou was surprised, Tantai dared go for a collision? The dragons which emerged out of his arms roared furiously, colliding with the lions and destroying them.
Tantai punched out with his fists. A million lions appeared in the sky. Ji Wuyou’s eyes twinkled with cold lights. He rose up in the air, cyan rays shrouding everything. He waved his arms and more dragons appeared, they seemed like they could rend the heavens and earth. The dragons chanted and made the air shake. powerful explosive energies surged out. The crowd thought that Tantai was insane. He was attacking with an indomitable will, and didn’t even flinch.
Tantai was pounded by Ji Wuyou’s attacks. Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled and he said, “Next battle, Suan, go!”
Suan understood, he immediately jumped onto the stage, Tantai retreated instantly. The members of Ji Chang’s Club were furious and said to Yu Wen Hou, “The battle isn’t over?”
“Isn’t it over now?” asked Lin Feng calmly. Tantai had jumped off the battle stage, “Since Ji Wuyou wants to fight against everyone, we accept.”
“Wait and you’ll see!” said Yu Wen Hou icily. At that moment, Suan turned into a gigantic legendary beast. Just like Tantai, he immediately attacked Ji Wuyou, the earth and the sky shook violently. However, even though Suan’s physical body was extremely powerful, he still couldn’t compete with Ji Wuyou. After a few clashes he had clearly lost.
“Yi Ji, Xi Men, Qiu Ming, get ready to fight.” said Lin Feng calmly. Yi Ji jumped onto the stage, he didn’t give Ji Wuyou any time to breathe. He immediately started battling against him like a madman. Ji Wuyou could only release his energies again.
However, Ji Wuyou was very strong. Even after having fought against two people, his Qi was still very powerful. His blood was boiling, his dragons kept chanting, and his Cyan Dragon Totem was dazzling.
Thus, the third , fourth and  fifth battles passed by. Even though Yi Ji, Xi Men, and Qiu Ming were extremely strong, they couldn’t compete with Ji Wuyou, and in the end they were defeated. However, the battles were getting longer for Ji Wuyou. After so many battles against so many strong cultivators, it was getting difficult, he was getting tired.
“Qing Feng, the sixth one is yours, go and practice on him,” said Lin Feng, nodding at Qing Feng. Qing Feng moved in a blur, and suddenly, eight sorts of cosmic energies appeared, astonishing the crowd.
Qing Feng is a genius from the Animal Clan in the Vast Celestial Ancient City. She’s almost always with Lin Feng, and she controls eight sorts of cosmic energies!, thought the crowd in amazement. Lin Feng was stupefied too. Qing Feng could control eight sorts of cosmic energies now? Her cosmic energies exploded in the air and crackled through the sky. Qing Feng was powerful!
Qing Feng’s evolution power is fearsome. As expected, her cosmic energies are evolved versions. They’re even more powerful than normal ones!, thought Lin Feng. The crowd gulped as they watched. Lin Feng was making Tiantai’s people practice against Ji Wuyou. All of them were extremely strong, none of them were weak. The crowd wondered how the ranking list had changed.
“Brother, you’re next!” Lin Feng smiled at Tian Chi. Ji Wuyou wanted to prove how strong he was, no problem! They were happy to take advantage of it!
Tian Chi looked at Lin Feng and smiled deeply After a short time, Qing Feng lost, but she had amazed everybody. Tian Chi jumped onto the battle stage, using his Sentient Beings Buddhist Enlightenment again, and chanted mantras in a clear, melodious, pure, deep, and far-reaching Brahma voice. Palm strikes kept raining down on Ji Wiyou, mantras pierced through his eardrums. His facial expression changed drastically, under the assault, truly furious now.
“Ji Wuyou is getting angry! He can’t control himself anymore!” said the people watching Tian Chi and Ji Wuyou’s battle. Tian Chi had become extremely strong. Even though his Buddha shadows were being destroyed one after another, his Buddha hands still crashed onto Ji Wuyou’s body.
In the end, Ji Wuyou defeated Tian Chi. However, Hou Qing Lin immediately jumped onto the stage, releasing reincarnation energies which surrounded Ji Wuyou’s body, and Ji Wuyou felt the danger.
His Cyan Dragon Totem didn’t look as dazzling, his Qi had become weak. He wasn’t standing as steadily as before, and Hou Qing Lin was using his Asoka Reincarnation strength. The cyan dragons roared, they attacked the reincarnation energies, but Hou Qing Lin’s reincarnation sword energies were still there.
Through it all, Hou Qing Lin looked calm and serene.
Suddenly, dazzling lights appeared and Hou Qing Lin turned into a million light beams, like Tian Chi’s Sentient Beings Buddhist Enlightenment attack.
“Evolution!” Lin Feng and the others who had studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures were astonished. Hou Qing Lin had surprisingly already mastered a rudimentary version of the Sentient Beings Buddhist Enlightenment. He could turn into Buddha shadows!
Millions of Asoka Reincarnation Sword lights appeared, Ji Wuyou was staring at them and grimaced.
“Stop!” shouted Yu Wen Hou furiously. The lights instantly disappeared. Hou Qing Lin was standing in the air, looking at Yu Wen Hou as he recalled his energies.
“Your people are taking turns in fighting Ji Wuyou to tire him out, is that a fair way of battling?” demanded Yu Wen Hou icily.
“Ridiculous!” said Lin Feng mockingly, “He’s the first student and he said he wanted to fight against everyone. Now that he can’t fight anymore, you think that shouting is enough to stop the duels?”
“He’s weak and lost, and now you got involved, how ridiculous!” taunted Tantai. The crowd studied the strong cultivators from Tiantai, especially the core members. They were all incredibly strong.
“Brother, come back,” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently. Hou Qing Lin went back to his friends and left Ji Wuyou alone. Ji Wuyou could only stare at them.
At that moment, Lin Feng jumped up and landed on the battle stage. The crowd was stunned. Lin Feng wanted to fight now? Ji Wuyou couldn’t win in such circumstances…
Lin Feng rose up in the air and looked at Ji Wuyou from above, he said indifferently, “Go back and have a rest. I don’t want to bully a weakling.”
“Just wait here for a short while!” retorted Ji Wuyou icily. He really needed to rest for a short while. That way, he’d be sure to win!
“Many members of Ji Chang’s Club haven’t fought yet, won’t they fight? Go down and let them fight. I’ll fight against all of them, even if you use the same tactic as I did, one after another without any pause, even altogether at the same time, I don’t mind. We don’t talk shit in Tiantai. Of course, nobody will shout to stop the battles, either!” said Lin Feng indifferently, mockingly glancing at Yu Wen Hou.
Lin Feng could do what Ji Wuyou hadn’t managed to do. He could defeat all the members of Ji Chang’s Club without any pause, even all at one time.
Ji Wuyou clenched his fists. Crackling sounds spread in the air. He had said that he could defeat all the members of Tiantai and in the end, he had failed. Tiantai even accepted letting Ji Wiyou rest, and now Lin Feng wanted to fight against everyone at the same time. What a humiliation again! Everybody was staring at Ji Wuyou, they thought Lin Feng was stronger.
“Alright!” agreed Yu Wen Hou icily. “Ji Wuyou, come down.”
“If you’re lucky and win, I’ll let you rest,” said Ji Wuyou icily, before jumping off the battle stage, Yu Wen Hou looked at the members of Ji Chang’s Club and started talking to them using telepathy. He wanted to use the same tactic Lin Feng had used against Ji Wuyou.
Suddenly, someone jumped onto the battle stage and quickly threw themselves at Lin Feng, using wind cosmic energies.
Lin Feng created an armor using two sorts of cosmic energies. Rumbling sounds spread in the air and his opponent attacked him. The armor broke, but when his enemy’s fist struck Lin Feng’s body, it was worse than punching armor, an atrocious pain invaded his hand. He raised his head and looked at Lin Feng, Lin Feng was smiling.
Lin Feng then kicked him violently and smashed him high into the sky. Lin Feng’s physical strength was powerful!
“I’m sick of pieces of trash. Come, altogether, it’ll be faster that way!” said Lin Feng indifferently. Nobody moved, they were too weak. Lin Feng could attack them as he wished. Those people were Champion University’s geniuses? In front of Lin Feng, they were just like trash!

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