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PMG Chapter 1798: Definitely Winning

PMG Chapter 1798: Definitely Winning
Lin Feng looked proud and arrogant. The members of Ji Chang’s Club all had long faces. The first cultivator they had sent up hadn’t managed to do anything to Lin Feng. Exactly how strong was he?
Pieces of trash? Lin Feng kept humiliating the members of Ji Chang’s Club and calling them trash. He kept cutting them down with his words.
A moment before, Ji Wuyou had said that he wanted to fight against all the members of Tiantai, and now Lin Feng was fighting against all the members of Ji Chang’s Club in the same circumstances.
“When Ji Wuyou said he wanted to fight against everyone, you didn’t mind, so since you want to fight against everyone, why not?” said Yu Wen Hou calmly. Then, he looked at his group. Instantly, they all rose up into the air.
The crowd was stupefied. Ji Chang’s Club was insane, maybe that Lin Feng had just said that without paying attention. Did he really want to fight against everybody at the same time?
“Ok, five people first. We’ll see how strong you are!” said Yu Wen Hou indifferently. He nodded at five of them. Lin Feng was strong. Back then, he had sent so many people, Leng Xia and the others, to fight against Lin Feng, and none of them had come back. So first, he could try and see how strong Lin Feng really was facing five opponents.
“Go about things steadily and surely, no need to rush. When you see you have an opportunity, go ahead and strike!” advised Yu Wen Hou telepathically. An infinity of Qi rose to the skies and moved towards Lin Feng.
Lin Feng looked at the cultivators and rose up. Lights rays burst out and moved in all directions.
“Deployment!”The crowd looked at the lights, astonished. Holy marks, Lin Feng controlled deployment spells! He used deployment spells to fight against the group!
In the air, two ancient cauldrons appeared, the Nine Cauldrons Qi attack. Two people had studied that attack, pressuring Lin Feng.
However, at that moment, dragons chanted, and behind Lin Feng, a dragon totem appeared. It wasn’t a cyan dragon though, it was a pitch-black, it looked ferocious and bloodthirsty. A demon dragon! It was powerful, as if it had come from Hell.
“Demon Dragon Totem!” The crowd was stupefied. It wasn’t Ji Wuyou’s Cyan Dragon Totem? It looked the same, but it was a Demon Dragon Totem!
Lin Feng punched out with both fists, energies gathered and crashed against the cauldrons, shattering them instantly. Then, Lin Feng jumped high up in the air, his blows moved towards two of the people, two dragons appearing instead of his fists.
The two cultivators’ expressions changed drastically as they released Qi to destroy the dragons.
“Purple Lake Battle Tank!” Lin Feng waved his right hand ten times, Purple Tanks rained down one after another. Explosions covered everything. A Tank smashed down onto one of the cultivators, blood splashed and the cultivator was hurled away.
The Purple Lake Tank skill seems alive in his hands and contains a powerful strength!, thought the crowd, dumbstruck when they saw the cultivator getting pounded by Lin Feng’s attack. The demon dragon totem was the same attack as Ji Wuyou’s, it was amazing. Lin Feng couldn’t have Ji Wuyou’s skill, so the crowd thought of one possibility: the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures!
Evolution attacks were powerful!
If Lin Feng had only used the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, his dragon totem attack would have been rudimentary. But Lin Feng had dragon blood, and even had a baby dragon  and a demon dragon in his blood. His blood was filled with dragon energies, and coupled with the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, his Dragon Totem was even more powerful. His dragons looked real.
Ji Wuyou was fixedly staring at Lin Feng and pulling a long face. That was his attack and Lin Feng was using it to fight against the other members of Ji Chang’s Club. What a humiliation, once again!
The other four cultivators attacked Lin Feng at the same time. Lin Feng smiled, and a dazzling sun sword appeared in the sky. Brilliant lights blinded the four. That sword looked incredible, as if it could cut the skies. The cultivators retreated quickly.
Lin Feng surrounded his body with wind energy. He suddenly appeared in front of one of the opponents, he didn’t use any special attack, he just punched out in his direction. However, the sheer force of his fist shook the air. A powerful Qi rolled out and smashed into the man. Blood splashed everywhere and the enemy was hurled away.
Lin Feng had been cleansed by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength twice in Vast Celestial Ancient City. His physical strength had become even more incredible. He now had the physical strength of a medium-level emperor. When Lin Feng used a simple punch, his attacks were more powerful and explosive than medium-level emperors’ cosmic energies.
Lin Feng attacked two more cultivators, never stopping. Sword energies streaked across the skies, wind whistled and made the earth and sky shake. He also released immortal energies, which were carried by the wind and sword energies. He attacked the three other cultivators at the same time, and they were driven back.
“Chaotic Sky Punch!” Lin Feng condensed more wind cosmic energy, and at the same time used his Chaotic Sky Punch. Thunder rumbled, and the earth and the sky kept shaking violently. Immortal energies were carried by the wind. He pounded another cultivator who was hurled back. Blood kept dripping from the sky.
“Fight together!” shouted Yu Wen Hou at that moment. A dozen cultivators released Qi and bombarded Lin Feng. He jumped away, lights moved in every direction. A deployment spell pattern appeared.
“Come, all of you!” said Lin Feng to the Ji Chang Club cultivators with a cold smile.
“Stop!” said someone at that moment. The cultivators stopped and gazed into the distance. It was Ji Wuyou.
“Yu Wen Hou, you’re shameless, but Ji Chang’s Club isn’t,” said Ji Wuyou icily. He looked furious. Many people were stupefied and looked at him strangely. Ji Wuyou couldn’t stand it anymore.
Even though Lin Feng didn’t mind fighting against everyone, the fact that Yu Wen Hou had ordered everyone to suddenly fight at the same time. No matter how strong Lin Feng was, he was a new student, and they were members of the Star Group, a subgroup of Ji Chang’s Club. The members of Ji Chang’s Club were all fighting against Lin Feng at the same time mercilessly, and on the champion battle stage no less, that was a horrible humiliation.
Everyone was going to say that no member of Ji Chang’s Club could compete with Lin Feng. It was no wonder that Ji Wuyou was furious.
Yu Wen Hou was stupefied. He knew that he was shameless. But if they didn’t fight together, they could only watch Lin Feng crush them one after another, that was even more humiliating.
Tiantai’s people had fought against Ji Wuyou one after another without giving him any second to take a breather. But he was the first student, everybody considered him a genius, and all the members of Tiantai had jumped off the battle stage when they lost. None of them had been humiliated. No matter what, Tiantai was going to rise from this day forward.
Yu Wen Hou remained silent. He had nothing to say.
“Lin Feng, get ready to lose one battle at least!” proclaimed Ji Wuyou, releasing boiling waves of Qi. His Qi surrounded the battle stage, a dazzling Cyan Dragon Totem appeared, and bestial Qi descended on everything.
Lin Feng waved and removed his deployment spell. He slowly rose up in the air and said coldly, “As you wish!”
“The most important battle is this one today. Nobody will remember the loser!” said Ji Wuyou. He was sure he was going to win. Ji Chang’s Club had been humiliated too many times, but this battle was going to determine the future of their respective groups. If Ji Wuyou didn’t lose, then the Star Group would never lose its reputation.
“I told Yu Wen Hou to tell you that today, the first student of the low ranking list was going to change,” said Lin Feng indifferently. Then, he shook his hands and a gigantic word appeared in the sky. Incredibly, the word said, “CONTRACT”!
A contract for a battle to the death. Lin Feng was challenging Ji Wuyou to a death battle. They both looked arrogant, proud, and self-confident. They were both sure they were going to win the battle, and therefore, Ji Wuyou couldn’t refuse.
He waved his hand, the two contracts collided and fused together. This was now a battle to the death!
Lin Feng is insane!, thought the crowd. Ji Wuyou was Ji Chang’s brother, a descendent of the Ji Clan! Even if Lin Feng won, even if he was an incredible cultivator from the Animal Clan, he wouldn’t get away with it. They were in the Holy City!
In any case, even if Lin Feng could win, could he kill Ji Wuyou?
Even if they had agreed on a battle to the death, if Ji Wuyou got killed by Lin Feng, what would be the consequences?
And the members of the Moon Group and the Sun Group hadn’t shown up, if they showed up, they’d deal with Lin Feng, and what would happen?
If Lin Feng went to town, the members of the Ji Clan would also deal with him. In case of a normal battle, whether Ji Wuyou lost or won, it didn’t matter, the elders of the Ji Clan wouldn’t care, but if Lin Feng killed Ji Wuyou, then it would be different!

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    Thanks a bunch!

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    I thought Lin Feng was cleansed like 18 times or something by deva mara kalpa strength in the previous chapters.

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    Chapter 191:
    “One more step!” The level nine Deva-Mara Kalpa strength continued descending from the sky. One more step! His physical body almost had the strength of a medium-level emperor. He had been cleansed by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength eighteen times. His physical body had changed again!

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    ha…ha…ha “If it was a normal battle and Ji Wuyou lost the elders wouldn’t care”-how hilariously naive-no, they would still care and would still try to assassinate Lin Feng even publicly

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